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    Eventmanagement3week Eventmanagement3week Presentation Transcript

    • Last Week Johan Lorbeer Johan Lorbeer: Fee: 5000 Euro+KDV (Verdiği fiyata 2 kişilik otel fiyatı, uçak bileti, Günlük harcamaları dahil değil.) 650 Euro+KDV Asistan ücreti Show süresi: 120 min.
    • Last Week Fee: 22.000 USD+KDV (Verdiği fiyata 3 kişilik otel fiyatı, Uçak biletleri, Günlük harcamaları dahil değil.) Julian Beever
    • Last Week Show: 25 dakika sürüyor. Fee: 3500 £+KDV (Verdiği fiyata 2 otel odası fiyatı, Uçak biletleri, Günlük harcamaları dahil değil.) Man in Coat Show
    • Intoduction Week 3
      • Event Management
      • Process:
      • Research
      • Design
      • Planning
      • Coordination
      • Evaluation
    • 1- Research
      • To determine the needs, wants, desires, and expectations of the target market.
      • Why? To reduce the risk of nonattendance
      • Market research techniques
      • Quantitative Research
      • Qualitative Research
      • SWOT analysis
              • Cost
              • Validity and Reliability (Excel, SAS, SPSS)
              • Combined Research
    • Quantitative Research
      • To determine demographic information such as gender, age, income--- Inexpensive, easy to analyze:
      • Likert Scale questions:
      • learning opinion Not Attend, Positively Attend
      • Sematic differential Scale:1—5
      • Open Ended Questions
    • Quantitative Research
    • Qualitative Research
      • The focus Group: 8-12 people similar background and experience , try to get answers, clues, 90min,
      • Participant—observer: placing the researcher in a host community, go—see—examine
      • Case Study: depth study a preexisting event
      • Expensive, More meaningful answers
    • Qualitative Research
    • SWOT Analysis Future conditions Threats: Hurricanes and tornadoes, political infighting, violence of terrorism, alcoholic consuption, site in bad place, celebrity canceling Existing Conditions Oppurtunities: civic anniversary, chamber of commerce promotion, celebrity apperance, winning elections, developing more royal employess Existing Conditions Weaknesses: weak funding, no potential for sponsors, poor trained staff, few volunteer, poor media relations, weak venue Existing Conditions Internal, External Strenghts: strong funding, good potential for sponsors, well-trained staff, many volunteers, good media relations, excellent venue
    • SWOT Example
    • 2-Design(5Ws)
      • Brain Storming and Mind Mapping
      • Event Management Needs Assesment
      • Is it Feasibele? Financial, Human Resource, Politics
      • The Approval Process
      How? What elements and resources are required to satisfy the needs? What are the best destination, location and venue? When will the event be held? Are the date and time flexible? Who the stakeholders?Who will benefit? Who will they want to attend? What is the compelling reason for this event?Why must this event be held? What? Where? When? Who? Why?
    • 3-Planning
    • Planning Time
      • Budget your time : if you value your family life, budget a period of time to be with your family each week.
      • What your time is worth hourly?
      • Make a list tasks (next day) and determine meetings if necessary.
      • When budgeting your time for a event, estimate preevent client meetings, site inspection, meeting with vendors, ongoing communications, contract preparation, actual event time (arr.-dept), postevent billable time
      • Involve 5 steps each (research, design, plan, coord, evaluate)
    • Planning Space
      • Timing and space important
      • Selecting venue (decor, older guest)
      • Ingress (entrance, guest, and other elements
      • Egress (exit)
      • Parking Space
      • Public transportation
      • Door size
    • Planning Tempo
      • Each actionis being performed at the best time
      • Maybe ...is not an acceptable
      • You must consider slow down or speed up (Timing)
      • Understanding (networking – programing which one important), the needs of quests help to establish the tempo.
    • 4-Coordination
      • Will required to make lots of decisions.
      • Be positive, see problems,
      • Consider financial implications of your decision
      • Consider the moral and ethical implication of your decision
      • Make a decision and do not look back
    • 5-Evaluation
      • Survey:
      • Immediately following to event
      • Use Monitor:
      • A monitor a trained person who will observe an element of the event and provide both written and verbal feedback to the event (check list)
      • Telephone or mail survey
      • Pre-and postevent survey
      • Be in a event, and fix problems now.