Digital media for patient recruitment


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Digital media for patient recruitment - presented by Ritesh Patel and Donna Hanson at the 5th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention in Pharma conference, Barcelona 2013.

• How the right approach to creative is key to effective recruitment
• The best tactics for initial outreach and ongoing support
• The best ways to participate in the wider patient social ecosystem

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Digital media for patient recruitment

  1. 1. Effectively Using Digital Media to RecruitDifficult Patient PopulationsRitesh Patel, Global Head, Digital/SocialDonna Hanson, Senior Global Director, Patient Recruitment, Feasibility and Site ID
  2. 2. Agenda Today • inVentiv Health Overview • Clearing the myths behind digital media • Effectively targeting patient populations through creative › Elements to effective creative › Considerations in a global trial setting • Building the Ecosystem › Examples • Summary • Questions2
  3. 3. inVentiv Health3
  5. 5. Clinical Trial Recruitment Today Patient recruitment is challenging and costly It’s reported that 29% of time is dedicated to patient recruitment/enrollment activities making it the most time-intensive activity** Typical phase-III clinical trials can cost $86 million and last from two to four years, implying that close Months to 9 months alone is attributed to patient recruitment/enrollment process Each day trial completion is delayed represents an opportunity cost of $600K- $8M+ to the sponsor **Source: PrimeResearch white paper Procter & Gamble: Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Trial Management Mark J. Cotteleer, Robert S. Huckman, Harvard Business School, 606033-PDF-ENG Source: Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment: Accelerate Enrollment, Increase Retention and Reduce Costs study; Cutting Edge Information. Durham, NC5
  6. 6. “The Myths…Busted” • Target demographic needs to be • Digital media can’t be under the age of 50 for digital to contextually or geographically be effective targeted › Can be effective for all ages › One of the most targeted types of media available • It’s expensive • Digital media only includes key › Very cost efficient given the words and banners array of options › Anything that can be done via • It can only be executed in North traditional initiatives can be America done online › The global worlds is online, • Social media can’t be used in applicable in many countries clinical trials • It’s difficult to ascertain ROI › It can be and is being done metrics effectively for many6
  7. 7. The World Around is Changing • Patients and caregivers are more informed: (Search, Communities, Blogs, Forums) • HCP’s are connected: (Tablet, Communities, Apps) • Digital is changing the way we work: (Portals, Metrics, etc.) • Sites will see a lot of tools to manage the trial (Apps, Electronic and Audio Informed Consents, Trial Adherence tools) • How we engage and educate the constituents is changing: using digital (A/R, Video)7
  8. 8. We are Social and Mobile 2014 Mobile will become the most common way of accessing the internet8
  9. 9. Effectively Targeting Patient PopulationsThrough Creative TRANSFORMING PROMISING IDEAS INTO COMMERCIAL REALITY™
  10. 10. Elements of Effective Creative • Determine the target › Protocol demographic is not the target demographic › Is there more than one target, consider geriatric and pediatric populations › Investigator and HCP engagement is a necessary stakeholder • Study name and branding › Ensure it’s not overly scientific • Verbiage must resonate with all viewing parties › Be impactful, no need to provide all the detail › Educational in nature • Design elements must be appropriate › Photos of relevant population helps patient connect10
  11. 11. Creative Considerations for Global Trials • One size doesn’t fit all › Message must be translated (patient and site/HCP facing) • Patient-facing required per local law/EC • Rule of thumb for site/HCP facing, if protocol or IDB requires translation, reference materials should be translated › Design must be culturally acceptable • Consider photos, colors, layout, etc. • Leverage local resources to assist in review • Creative footprint can be established for cost efficiency • Tips › Proactively seek feedback from sites › Consider conducting online focus group to ensure message/design resonates11
  13. 13. Digital & Trials Trial Set Up During Trial Post Trial Community Branding Trial Online Advertising Trial Portal Portal Set up Mobile App Digital Assets Web Site Video Measurement Mobile App Augmented Reality Consider all stakeholders in the trial to build the EcoSystem13
  14. 14. Outreach, Support and Engagement Tactics How does the ecosystem function? Driving the Fueling the Building Engaged Traffic Interaction Community Traditional advertising MD and Patient Education Mobile App, Text Messaging Search Ad words Web Portal and video channel Digital engagement Pharmacy outreach Facebook Page Call hotlines and video chat Social Media advertising HCP Networks MD and patient communities KOL and HCP outreach Facebook/ You Tube stories Field coordinators14
  15. 15. Examples
  16. 16. NSCLC Study: Social and Search Google adverts Offline Facebook activities adverts Website Old New Search YouTube engine optimisation16
  17. 17. NSCLC study - Results Program • Clinical study website for NSCLC patients • Educational and engaging patient- focused content about NSCLC, treatment options and clinical trial participation • Balanced information about the START study, including risks and benefits • Aims to raise study awareness and increase informed consideration of study participation • Ran Facebook Ad campaign to drive recruitment Results • In March, there was a 6474% increase in the number of visitors to the site per month compared to before the campaign began in January • Facebook ad campaign ran for 3 months and provided 64% of the visitors for these months • Overall there were 69,807 clicks in 3 months17
  18. 18. Facebook – Clinical Trial Recruiting18
  19. 19. Communities for Rare Diseases19
  20. 20. Connecting via Advocacy20
  21. 21. Online Trials21
  22. 22. Cystic Fibrosis - Building a Social EcosystemFacebook  Voice fan page: › 7,227 people “Like” page total › 527 new “Likes” in May-June; 2,149 new in 2012  Fan page: › 2,299 people “Like” page total › 62 new “Likes” in May-June; 430 new in 2012Facebook Advertising  2,272 clicks on all Facebook ads in May-June (ex. CFvoice, MyCFConnection, A&C ads) – 21,545 clicks in 2012  5.3 million impressions from Facebook ads in May-June – 53.5 million impressions in 2012MyCFConnection  Site changes implemented on June 25 to remove new profile story functionality  680 registered members total – 27 new in May-June; 118 new in 2012  179 profile stories; 24 new in 2012CFvoice YouTube  12,008 video views total – 2,493 views of Ali and Christina trailer total; 610 new views in May-June22 5
  23. 23. HCP consultation tools Pain management diagnosis sheet and side effects, condition and adherence diary Educational interactive case studies to highlight mental health in people living with HIV Augmented reality Lapband mechanism of action23
  24. 24. Raising Awareness: DRIVE4COPD Social Media Objective • Raise awareness and screen people for COPD Tactics • Integrated digital ecosystem; QR codes, text program, music widget, online songwriting competition, email outreach and CRM, and virtual Twitter race Results • PRWeek Healthcare Campaign of the Year • 1 billion+ earned PSA placements • 50 million+ social media imps • Over 2.5 million people screened for COPD • Nearly 400,000 website visits • Over 5,000 Facebook likes • Nearly 3,000 Twitter followers24
  25. 25. Summary • Don’t let the myths steer you away from digital strategies, it is: › Effective, cost efficient, targetable, and becoming the norm • Creative development is key in digital › Key to be impactful and relevant • Build the digital ecosystem to consider all study stakeholders › Drive, Fuel, and Engage25
  26. 26. Thank you QUESTIONS?26