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An introduction to Social Hx


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Social Hx is an in-house team at inVentiv digital+innovation dedicated to creating Social Health Experiences in partnership with our clients to help add value to all external stakeholders and truly …

Social Hx is an in-house team at inVentiv digital+innovation dedicated to creating Social Health Experiences in partnership with our clients to help add value to all external stakeholders and truly build communities of purpose

Our belief in the power of social media is taken from the theories of sociology - social change is sparked by the people who are closest to the problem and whose drive for better outcomes creates real, actionable solutions

We therefore believe that social platforms should enable communities of purpose in health, empowering people to deliver experiences of value to patients and consumers alike.

This short presentation provides an overview of our products and services that allow our clients to build communities of purpose in health.

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  • 1. Introducing Social Hx An in-house team at inVentiv digital+innovation dedicated to creating Social Health Experiences in partnership with our clients to help add value to all external stakeholders and truly build communities of purpose Our belief in the power of social media is taken from the theories of sociology social change is sparked by the people who are closest to the problem and whose drive for better outcomes creates real, actionable solutions We therefore believe that social platforms should enable communities of purpose in health, empowering people to deliver experiences of value to patients and consumers alike
  • 2. How do we create social health experiences? Digital Landscaping Understanding your online environment and how to change it Online Influencer Compass Identifying, profiling and engaging with your online influencers HotSpot: Issues Management Be prepared for issues and know how to manage them in the social space Social Surround Sound Historic, real-time, multilanguage social listening Social Leader Programme: Personal Development Hands-on learning for you and your whole team Social Leader Programme: Governance Building the confidence, infrastructure and governance framework to succeed in the social space
  • 3. SOCIAL SURROUND SOUND Clarity, confidence and the comfort to proceed We live in an age where marketing is increasingly a customer-led conversation. Our practical experience and the tools supporting our Surround Sound offering take a ‘listen first’ approach to helping you find your place and refine your role in this growing conversation. Approach: We’ve yet to find two organisations with identical team structures, customer needs and key questions to answer, so we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, our project process is always linked to specific objectives and developed through dialogue with your team. Whatever social journey you’re embarking on, the stepping stones remain the same: 1. Data analysis 2. Trend identification 3. Insight and actions reporting Benefits: With digital as a first and critical destination in the information-seeking journeys of payers, patients and providers, it’s essential to build a better understanding of your most vocal customers; the factors that drive their loyalty, the problems you might help to solve, and the practical actions which can turn indifference into advocacy. A well-designed Surround Sound programme will help you to identify key conversation drivers, to benchmark the share of your brand’s social voice, and to understand what this means in terms of the content, services and value you need to be offering. Our team has the experience to navigate common internal barriers such as reporting of potential adverse events and making a business case for listening, and we’re supported by the technology and international presence necessary to deliver actionable insight at local, regional or global levels. Whether you’re looking to take a first step into social listening activities, to commission a one-off in-depth audit to benchmark programme success, or to outsource this increasingly important function, the best next step is a conversation with us. OUR PACKAGES, YOUR OPTIONS Primer Top-line slide deck (samples available) defining the shape of your social environment: key conversation drivers and venues, platform and content analysis, ‘typical’ engager portraits and initial opportunity identification Audit True Surround Sound Programmatic monitoring, weekly reporting and monthly insights and actions Bespoke to your needs Talk to us about creating a programme tailored to your needs and capabilities In-depth analysis, insights report and strategic recommendations across your therapy area Let an understanding of conversations around your brand, company and areas of business inform a properly customer-centric approach to achieving your objectives
  • 4. ONLINE INFLUENCER COMPASS Guiding a more customer-centric journey You already understand the importance of working with key influencers and opinion leaders in the space you operate in, but have you kept up with the ways in which influence has evolved and the new opportunities available to you? Approach: For many businesses and agencies, influencer identification and management are business as usual. So much so, in fact, that you’ve probably seen the same list of influencers identified, engaged and managed in exactly the same way time and time again. If you’re wondering why these lists of influencers and their proposed roles in your programmes don’t seem to work as well as they used to, then you probably need our Online Influencer Compass to point you in the right direction. Working with a leading global influencer identification platform, we deliver you a top 50 A-List of influencers prefiltered by location, language and the nature of the audience whose views and opinions they shape through online and real-world channels. In the healthcare arena, these influencers may be healthcare professionals, the media, or representatives of your own business and its competitors. They also may be patients or their carers – audiences whose voices need to be reflected in your programmes. Benefits: An enhanced, high-definition picture of how relevant influence flows between your touchpoints, and the specific actions necessary to turn opportunity into action. For all your influencers – both positive and negative – we identify and prioritise the most appropriate strategies for engagement and collaboration towards mutually beneficial goals. These strategies may take the form of blogger outreach initiatives, consultation around social ambassador programmes or bringing these virtual voices together. Importantly, we also offer tracking of how your influencers may be changing over time in response to your efforts, and whether their sentiment or activities are being shaped in line with your intentions. We offer this service either live or in the form of pre- and post-campaign research. Either way, you’ll always be able to demonstrate a direct return on your engagement efforts. OUR PACKAGES, YOUR OPTIONS A-List Report An overview of your A-List of influencers – who they are, where they are, the value of their influence and who their opinions impact A-List Action Plan Full influencer profiling and persona development to define a strategic approach with which to target your A-List. How-to guides help you to define the right tone, language and engagement process for success in the influencer sphere A 360o view of influence that clearly points out the right direction to take
  • 5. DIGITAL LANDSCAPING Be present. Be relevant. Be valued. In a world where many patients are more likely to talk to Google than their GP, and where healthcare providers rely less and less on visits from field force representatives, you need to understand the online journey of your customers. For today’s empowered patients in particular, every step of their journey – from initial presentation of symptoms, through prescription, to ongoing lifestyle management – is shaped by their interactions with digital content. If you understand these journeys, the content and services you offer will be visible, relevant and welcomed by your customers. Get this wrong, and you’re just another un-clicked link buried at the end of someone’s search results. Approach: Digital Landscaping helps you understand the online environment through your customers’ eyes by analysing the content and communities they turn to for support, and the ways in which they want to communicate with each other and with yourselves. This goes beyond social, but takes it into account as a core part of the online journey. Working with our digital consultancy, our approach looks at the impact of social, the content that search engines direct your audiences to, analyses trusted sites, and looks carefully at the what the mobile landscape looks like for your audiences. Our holistic view of PR, advertising, medical education and pure-play digital, all interwoven with Social Surround Sound, allows us to create a set of blueprints that become fundamental to all of your future activities in the social space. And we don’t leave you there – we develop a 90-day plan that will take you from online naivety to online leadership. Combine this with our Online Influencer Compass and you’ll be leading the way in channel interaction, working with key influencers, and ultimately creating communities of purpose in health. Benefits: Through the development of customer journeys, we identify the moments of truth where your support is needed to supplement, complement or replace the content already available. We add to this understanding through the use of our Social Surround Sound and Online Influencer Compass services – overlaying the dynamics of community and communication over the bigger picture of content – before determining the most appropriate ways for you to take your place in this ecosystem. OUR PACKAGES, YOUR OPTIONS Digital Landscaping Report An in-depth summary of your online landscape; including qualitative outputs from focus groups, Social Surround Sound findings and navigation through your customer’s online journey. This includes an actionable strategic plan with a 90-day tactical plan Digital Landscaping Workshop 1-day workshop to further understand your Digital Landscaping Report, evaluate your current positioning and gain the knowledge to implement the 90-day tactical plan Putting your content in front of your customers
  • 6. HOTSPOT: ISSUES MANAGEMENT The confidence to play your part in a social world If it happens in social, it stays in social – right? Not in a 24/7 networked world where customers have a growing awareness of their power and can work together to take a brand’s failings from Facebook to the front page overnight. Approach: The core principles of offline issues management still hold strong in the social world: monitor for issues, react in a timely manner, be sensitive to the relevant parties, and look to minimise impact within your wider community. The new challenge is how to manage this in closer to real time than ever before. We understand that different companies have different attitudes towards risk, and this is why our offering is designed the way it is. From a reactive issues management perspective, we use our Social Surround Sound capabilities in order to identify a need for action, as determined by a set of pre-defined criteria. Through our HotSpot real-time alert system, we notify our clients when action is required and work together to determine the most appropriate approach, in the most timely manner. This can be anything from competitor activity, through to product related negative publicity: whatever is regarded as an issue for you and your business. In preparation for such issues, we also offer a more proactive approach – focused on risk assessment, internal governance definition and scenario planning; whatever it takes to provide the comfort, support and processes your individual organisation requires. Either way, we ensure your whole team joins you on this journey following these steps: 1. Risk management 2. Issue identification 3. Analysis of situation, threat and impact; evaluation of priorities 4. Action 5. Monitoring and review Benefits: Through the HotSpot alert system, you’ll always be one step ahead of any issues, and have the ability to react, respond and minimise its impact. Through workshop based scenario planning, personalised training and development of formalised SOPs, you’ll be prepared and ready to tackle any issue that arises in your social space. OUR PACKAGES, YOUR OPTIONS Reactive HotSpot On a market-by-market basis, ongoing monitoring (recommended on a daily basis) to identify outreach and engagement interventions and opportunities as and when issues are detected, and an alert system to ensure the most timely and appropriate response Proactive HotSpot Risk assessment from a regional or global perspective, with training and scenario planning to understand potential issues across your business. Development of SOPs and exit strategies for specific social projects will ensure preparedness in the event of any issues Mapping out your environment, your risks and the best ways to proceed
  • 7. SOCIAL LEADER PROGRAMME: GOVERNANCE Decisions that define expectations For regulated industries, social can be anything but simple – and understanding the need for the right approach to governance sets social leaders apart from the socially naive. Before looking outwards, you need to look within: at your team structures, at your supporting processes, and at the potential risks you need to consider. Approach: In a tightly regulated world, we understand the value – and necessity – of an internal infrastructure that’s not just reactive, but one that can give you the confidence to engage in the social space. This means supporting social as a commitment, not just a series of pilot projects. This requires you to have practical and coherent policies to define your company’s standard language, tone and positioning within what is often an overcrowded space. These policies apply the same principles across all social platforms and can be adapted to suit whichever scenarios your teams wish to explore. We also develop a bespoke Playbook covering all the practicalities of social governance step-by-step – escalation processes, governance decision trees, template responses, and all the approval guidelines you need to help inform timely and appropriate decisions. Benefits: Our Governance offering takes the lead from our issues management service, and augments this with a much closer, in-depth look at your wider team as individuals with their own individual needs. What you’ll get is a consistent approach to social media across your whole organisation, as well as a shared vision for social voice, social engagement and social positioning, no matter what geography or language. As one of two work streams making up our Social Leader Programme, our Governance process lays the foundations for you and your team to become the social leaders that you want to be. OUR PACKAGES, YOUR OPTIONS Governance Report An internal audit combined with stakeholder interviews puts us in a position to assess the current risk status across your business and design a governance service that minimises risk and maximises opportunity Governance Workshops Governance Playbook Full day workshops pitched at varying levels of your business to explore the Governance Report, understand what governance structure is required and outline what implementation looks like An ongoing reference tool for employees at all senior levels across your business to understand the governance structures they must adhere to and implement throughout their teams Lead enduring social programmes, not just social pilots
  • 8. SOCIAL LEADER PROGRAMME: TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Achieve a state of social independence The growth of social media has super-charged the need for up-skilling teams in all things digital. The way that stakeholders communicate with you, with each other and the brands and organisations in their lives has irrevocably changed. In order to thrive it’s imperative that you evolve. We see our responsibility as going beyond providing recommendations. We’re happy to provide experience, insight and trusted counsel, but we’re happier when you learn from us, taking the tools that we can give you, and leading your own evolution. Approach: Our scalable training packages can take you and your team from the basics, all the way through to a state of social independence. The process begins with a needs assessment – an audit of current knowledge and capabilities, typically conducted alongside in-house training and HR teams. We’ll then propose a solution to fit: either one of our five recommended learning packages (see below for details), or a bespoke programme targeted specifically to your team’s knowledge, needs, capabilities and future ambitions. Benefits: Through classroom-based learning, our experienced facilitators take groups of up to 12 people step-by-step through the learning process, with workbooks, online modules and scenario-based learning. Given the right training and support, you and your team have the potential to lead the way in social, both internally and externally. Let us be the partner that helps you to get there. OUR PACKAGES, YOUR OPTIONS Learning Experiences Bespoke Workshops • Introduction to social: The ‘new’ marketing mix, multi channel and multi-purpose communications • Social media in healthcare: Trends across your region; best practice • Understanding the social environment around your disease area • Developing a global social media strategy • Introduction to governance and issues management You don’t know what you don’t know, but tell us your current situation and we’ll design a learning experience specifically for you The knowledge and skills you need to navigate the social sphere
  • 9. If you’d like to find out more, contact the team: Sarah Brown Social Media Lead 0207 632 1897