25 Ways to do Content Marketing by inBoundio


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25 ways to content marketing by inBoundio. Follow these inbound methods to get more organic traffic, leads, conversions and sales.

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25 Ways to do Content Marketing by inBoundio

  1. 1. to do Content Marketing Ways25
  2. 2. Blogging11 It still works! Does this really need to be told Blogging is excellent way to get organic traffic, leads and build authority. Tip: Don’t blog to market yourself or tell the world how great you and your product is but instead educate people. ?
  3. 3. Case Studies2Write interesting and informative case studies to build readership and authority on the subject.
  4. 4. HowTo and Guides3 on your vertical and spread them on the web Write
  5. 5. something new (or a major feature), do write a genuine press release and submit it to major PR sites. Press Releases4 If you have launched
  6. 6. People have short attention span ... oh look butterflies ...on the web so infographics do work well. Infographics5
  7. 7. 6. Reports and Trends6 Just like case studies, you can create authority trend reports which you can distribute on the web
  8. 8. Write Articles and submit it to major syndication and article sites. Article Syndication7
  9. 9. Create informative PDF ebooks and spread it on the web. Do not forget to create mobile versions too. eBooks8
  10. 10. Without spamming, you can use relevant Web Forums9 to build authority and promote yourself.
  11. 11. You writing reviews of your product or comparing other products including yours Reviews10 can be used in two ways You asking others to review your products
  12. 12. Contact other bloggers, give them the material (preferably a nicely written non promotional blog post) to publish Guest Blogging11
  13. 13. Create Informative videos (not promotional), upload them on the major video hosting sites and cross link them with your content Videos and Screencasts12
  14. 14. Create PPTs13 like this and upload them at slideshare, docstoc and other such sites and cross link/embed them in your other content.
  15. 15. You can use Pinterest, Google+, facebook to spread the images/photos of your product or useful content Images and Photos14
  16. 16. Take interviews of others and publish them on your blog Interviews15 You can also get interviewed by other bloggers
  17. 17. Make Top 25 ..Hello... Top 51 kind of lists. They attract attention of new folowers and are often spread on social media Make Lists16
  18. 18. to build authority and followers. Q/A websites17 Answer at Quora and similar
  19. 19. Give Freebies and run Competitions Competitions /Freebies18
  20. 20. Share your content on facebook by cross linking content, infographics etc Build a loyal followers/community Facebook19
  21. 21. Tweet regularly Cross link your content Involve in conversations with followers Find leads through search Twitter20
  22. 22. Create Company profile Bepart of Groups and participate in them Startyour own Group LinkedIn21
  23. 23. CreateYour Company Page UpdateGoogle+ Account regularly, Addothers in your circles and participate in conversations Google+22
  24. 24. List your business in local directories Local Business Listings23
  25. 25. Create Podcasts, cross promote it on your blog and social media. Podcasts24
  26. 26. You can create modules, themes, plugins, widgets for various web frameworks and web browsers Create Module, Plugins and Extensions 25
  27. 27. Final List Blogging Case Studies Howto Guides Press Releases Infographics Reports & Trends Articles PDF and eBooks Web Forums Reviews Guest Blogging Videos PPTs Images/Photos Interviews Lists Q/A websites Competitions and Reviews Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google+ Local Business Listings Podcasts Create Modules, Plugins and Extensions
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