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  • Jon discussed there are many obstacles...FEARWhat if people talk about usWhat if they don’t
  • So everyone is chasing their tail. Few established successes. Flying by the seat of the pants. People keep changing the landscape making it hard to have success by emulating others.Facebook appsNeed to act... But how?
  • 8 Dos and 5 DON’Ts
  • EVERYONE should do this to some degree. If nothing else you should know what people are saying about your brand
  • RSS is not necessarilyrealtime but it’s getting there.
  • Beware of chasing ones tail. Address problems from the source
  • Blog should be a Start point for discussion – not the final wordTwitter stream should not just be created from a feedMake the most of the tools
  • Huge waste of energy trying to do everything
  • Understand your Goals – Customer service? Driving Traffic? Feedback?Get your house in order – email marketing, user journey, website, ecommerce. Product?Pick your Battles – How influential are the users you are targeting? Could your time be better spent – think about the big picture.
  • Consider social search optimisation - can you further boost these sites in the rankings? 
  • Contradiction? Twitter etc are just tools to help you achieve your aims. Don’t be a sheep
  • twitter search result for the term “skittles” and inSkittles have revamped their site and the content has almost been completely replaced by relevant pages from third-party social media applications. Visitors to are now directed to the vited to navigate their way about Skittles’ social web presence by using the flash navigation menu that overlays the page. [update: the homepage is now set as the facebook page as predicted my moi  ] The ‘Home’ and ‘Chatter’ links both link to the twitter search results for the term Skittles, the products links for each flavour lead to the relevant information on the Skittles Wikipedia entry. There is a ‘Friends’ link that goes to the Skittles facebook page and the video and photo links respectively lead to the Skittles profile on YouTube and Flickr search results for the term… well can you guess?There are only two actual web pages in use: the product overview page and thecontact form.My first impressions were that this is very brave and very cool. I did have some reservations, however.Firstly, the idea is not original. Dave Kinsella showed me the Modernista “Unsite” about this time last year.Remember: a year in social media is roughly equivalent to one dog-year.I don’t think the skittles implementation is as good. Modernista use javascript menus cleverly to help the user navigate to the content they need, rather than just pulling up a live stream of search results. Even worse, the skittles flash menu cannot be moved by drag and drop which means there is a chunk of the page on the top left that the user will never see. This is especially annoying when trying to navigate around text-heavy wikipedia pages.I also couldn’t understand why the Homepage was set to the twitter search results. Ok, having a ‘Chatter’ link is pretty cool but why duplicate it on the homepage? All that will do is encourage twitter users to tweet the word skittles over and over again in order to try to get their tweets to appear on the…*sound of penny dropping*Aha! That’s it. The cheapest and most effective viral campaign there is. Genius.I  was mildly concerned (but mainly interested and excited) to see what cunning ways people would try to subvert the idea. There is the most potential for amusing disaster on the Flickr search page. After all, a picture can speak a thousand crude words whereas there’s only room for about 2o crude words in 140 characters.Unsurprisingly though, it was those cheeky scamps on twitter, led by mischief and Techcrunch UK’s Mike Butcher, who attempted to cause trouble for skittles.  This was closely followed by some wikipedia attacks (which I suspect will stop as soon as Wikipedia lock the entry).I suspect that Skittles knew this would happen; they make users fill in an age declaration and those underage can’t continue. I also don’t think that people acting the goat does Skittles any harm. The negative comments, especially the obviously silly ones, reflect only on the user posting them and at the same time as they are revelling in their cleverness at getting rude words to appear on the skittles home page, all their followers are busy investigating what all the Skittles posts are about.For good or bad, skittles was the number 1 trending term on twitter for most of the day and with twitter’s current high profile, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more mentions of Skittles in the mainstream media in the next couple of days.I’m also betting that thousands and thousands of people who wouldn’t have thought about skittles ordinarily will now find their hand inexplicably drawn towards that brightly coloured bag while they are queuing at Tesco or picking up a paper. And that’s what it’s about.There are some naysayers out there, including the normally astute Paul Fabretti, who are of the opinion that people mindlessly twittering the name Skittles, and people talking about the  promotion rather than the product doesn’t actually add any value. I couldn’t disagree more.Buying a piece of confectionary is an impulse decision. You’re not buying a car so you don’t need loads of information about price and product. When was the last time you saw an informative ad for sweets or chocolate?“But what about the general public?” I hear people cry. “The ordinary web users who haven’t heard of twitter, flickr, facebook, and wikipedia. They will be scared and confused when visiting the site and throw their laptop in the bath and never buy Masterfoods’ confectionary again and…”Ok no-one actually suggested that last bit but you get the idea.I happen to agree that the current homepage , while a great PR stunt, is not ideal in the long term. I think that Skittles will change it to something else in the near future – why else would ‘Chatter’ and ‘Home’ be duplicated?But are there really any regular web users who have never heard of social networking and the most common web apps? More importantly, are there any regular web users in the target market for skittles that would be repelled by the use of such tools?I suspect not. All in all, great work Skittles.
  • 6000diggsGoogle “Guinness world record” “guinness fail”
  • Jon discussed there are many obstacles...FEARWhat if people talk about usWhat if they don’t

Gez Daring - Online Communities Dos and Don'ts Gez Daring - Online Communities Dos and Don'ts Presentation Transcript

  • Online Community DOs and DON’Ts
    ...or how I learned to stop worrying and love Online Communities
  • What’s the big hurry?
    It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. Terrestrial TV took 13 years to reach 50 million viewers. The internet took four years to reach 50 million users...
    In less than seven months, Facebook has added
    200 million users. 
    Source: e-consultancy
  • Act Now!
  • DO
  • DO
    Monitor Your brand
    Everyone should do this
    Investigate Trending Topics
    Learn the rules
    What are you doing right?
    Or wrong?
  • DO
    Listening tools
    Market Sentinel
    Twitter Search
    Technorati Search
    Google Blog search
    Board Reader
  • Respond and React
    Engage (Good or Bad)
    Campaign (New Goals?)
    Beware the lonely troll
    Steer traditional digital activity
    Act on feedback
    Tackle problems from the source
    Use the buzz!
  • Wispa
  • Wispa
    2003 – Wispa brand was phased out and replaced by "Dairy Milk Bubbly".
    Internet campaigns and an online petition - bring it back!
    Iggy and the Stooges' 2007 performance at Glastonbury: several fans invaded the stage with a banner saying “Bring Back the Wispa”.
    Bring Back Wispa groups on Bebo, MySpace and Facebook 
    Out of date Wispa sold for £2250 on eBay
  • Wispa
    August 2007 – Cadbury announce that the bar would be relaunched with limited production
    Wispa launched on a permanent basis in October 2008
    "For the Love of Wispa" campaign called for the public to donate locations, actors, props and other material, for an advert.
    On 14 September 2009, Wispa Gold will be relaunched for a limited time, due to popular demand.
  • John McCain PPC
    Eric Frenchman – Evil Genius
    Identify hot breaking news stories
    [Buzz Monitoring] and Google trends quantify importance
    Captures traffic as people begin to search and drive traffic to appropriate landing pages
    Stories with limited shelf life
    Source: Pardon my French
  • John McCain PPC
  • DON’T
  • DON’T
  • Use a Blunderbuss
  • Use a Blunderbuss
    Not all Social sites will be suitable
    Remember your goals
    Your target audience
    Your content
    The Sizzle
    The sticky factor
    Your available resources
  • Understand your goals
    And your metrics
    Get your house in order
    Choose your channels
    Pick your Battles
    Stick to the gameplan
    Use a Blunderbuss
  • Be a butterfly
  • Be a butterfly
    Be familiar with new Applications and their uses
    Subscribe to industry blogs: Techcrunch, Mashable, Read Write Web, Econsultancy
    Secure brand usernames early
    Encourage user interaction around your brand.
    See which take off. Engage if appropriate.
    Monitor search results on Google and see which sites rank the highest.
    What tools are being built?
    Do any third party tools make a particular SocNet a better fit for your business?
  • Wipe your damn feet!
  • Wipe your damn feet!
    Be aware you are entering a community
    Learn the etiquette
    Learn the lingo
    Be respectful
  • DON’T
    Expect a red carpet
  • DON’T
    Expect a red carpet
    “Build it and they will come” does not apply
    A presence is not enough
    No one likes a pushy salesman
    People will tell you what they think...
    ...whether you like it or not
  • Add Value
  • Add Value
    Think of way to improve your followers lives.
    ... even the smallest ways
    Advocates are valuable
    APIs are your friends
    Make things easy - integrate
    Facebook Connect
  • Sega twitter giveaways
  • @manairport live flight info
    We plugged the twitter API into the Manchester Airport live flight update service.
    User DMs flight number to manairport
    User receives updates by DM
  • DO
    Be Brave
  • To boldly go...
    No blueprint
    The Social Web is a hub for gossip.
    Did you see?
    This is cool!
    Isn’t this awful?
    Be remarkable
    ... In a good way
    Be Brave
  • Skittles
    Skittles launched a site allowing navigation of wikipedia, twitter search, flickr and facebook content.
    Users were in control of content
  • Skittles
  • Be Dodgy
  • Be Dodgy
    Game the system
    Fake comments / Diggs
  • Habitat
    Hijacked twitter #hashtags to promote itself
    #iphone #mousavi #apple #trueblood
    Backlash on twitter
    Picked up by mainstream news
    BBC, Guardian, Sky News
    Habitat forced to apologize
    Should have done it MUCH sooner
  • Habitat
  • Habitat
  • Habitat
  • Habitat
  • Habitat
  • Whole Foods
    “rahodeb” was an active user for 7 years on Yahoo finance forums (2000 – 2007)
    Revealed good knowledge of wholefoods and the CEO (in third person)
    Criticized Whole Foods rival Wild Oats Market
    During a £600mill buyout of OATS a complaint was lodged
    Whole foods CEO, John Mackey IS rahoeb
    Accused of attempting to influence share price.
  • Whole foods
    Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey
  • DO
    Set your brand free
  • Set your brand free
    Encourage and support amateur brand champions.
    If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em
    Develop ideas with crowds
    Trust the users to be your ceontent providers.
    Obama ran a successful campaign on YouTube
    Or did he?
  • Obama fan ads on youtube
    Vote Different
    Yes We Can
    I Got A Crush
    Page 44
  • DON’T
    Be a Bully
  • DON’T
    Be a Bully
    If you find users doing something you find objectionable
    DON’T threaten with legal action
    DON’T Make demands
    Use legal action as a LAST resort
  • Guinness VS FailBlog
  • Guinness VS Failblog
  • Guinness VS Failblog
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thanks for writing us an email regarding the “Record Breaking Fail”. Unfortunately, douchebaggy cyber-bullying emails will only bring upon you more shame on your house. I am also resisting the urge to write this email in ALL CAPS.
    I believe it is the duty of FAIL Blog(TM) to call out organizations when they encourage the public to do such things as “Break the record” for the “Most Individuals Killed In A Terrorist Act”. We firmly believe that our publication of your fail is protected under the concepts of fair use, commentary and non-trademark use. Please RTFM and we welcome you to tehinterwebs.
    Since we at FAIL Blog(TM) don’t have a legal defense department, we have complied with your request to remove the trademarked term and logo from the original image. We have used the “naughty bits filter” on the image to secure your naughty, naughty, trademark assertions. However, we have posted your email so that our audience can see why we had to remove the name of the failer from the image. I hope that this is the outcome you have expected as now NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW THAT GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS LIMITED HAS FAILED.
    The full legal response can be read here:
    Cheers,FAIL Blog
  • Guinness VS Failblog
  • DO
    Mahalo answers
    SEO - control google
    User profiles on social media sites rank very highly on search engines.
    Think about all those words you’d have loved to have bought the domain for.
    Press coverage
    Understand the hidden BONUS
  • In Summary
    Be a Butterfly
    Wipe your feet
    Add Value
    Be Brave
    Set your Brand free
    Understand the hidden bonus
    • DON’T
    • Just Broadcast
    • Use a Blunderbuss
    • Expect a red carpet
    • Be Dodgy
    • Be a Bully
  • Online Communities DOs and DON’Ts
    ...or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Social Web