Are you Social Media ready?
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Are you Social Media ready?



Presentation done by Jon Keefe of KMP Digitata on the 16th and 17th September for InBlackandWhite's "Social Media and Buzz Monitoring" Seminar.

Presentation done by Jon Keefe of KMP Digitata on the 16th and 17th September for InBlackandWhite's "Social Media and Buzz Monitoring" Seminar.



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Are you Social Media ready? Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
  • 2. Why social media?
    Last December (2008), Dell claimed $1 million in sales that the company could directly attribute to their use of Twitter.
    Yesterday June 12th 2009, Dell said that the total value of sales attributable to their presence on Twitter – both refurbished equipment as well as new systems – has now exceeded $3 million.
    Reported by Neville Hobson
  • 3. Social media vitals
    Participation and Engagement
    Conversation and dialogue online
    Posting and Commenting
    Feedback and voting
    Broadcasting and Sharing
    Applications and Platforms
  • 4. Corporate vs personal motives
    Personal social media
    Customer Service
    Promotional Messages
    Shareholder Value
    Brand Rules
    Corporate social media
    Sharing information
    Reconnecting with friends
    Watching others
    Status management
    Deliver business goals
    Fuel Individual Social Ego
  • 5. Where to start
    Three phases of an end to end program:
    • Listening: Discovering real-time, relevant, impactful conversations
    • 6. Measuring: Monitoring, analyzing and tracking those conversations
    • 7. Engaging: Active dialog with customers and tracking/ tagging comments for further use
  • “Whatever your customers are talking about, they are searching for online”
    which means that
    “Today’s buzz should be part of your content and metadata...err”
  • 8. Today!
    Holy Cr*p!
  • 9. the real time Social web
    Are you social media ready?
  • 10. The Real-time (social) web
    In May 2009, Marshall Kirkpatrick of RWW identified three forms of value from the Real-Time Web:
  • 11. The Real-time social web
    Ambiance – exposing related and simultaneous events
    Automation - Beyond RSS, beyond Robin Good’s newsmastering so truly semantic
    Emergence – Trending topics, keywords or phrases
  • 12. The Real-time social web
    Larry Page proclaimed that Google had to do a better job of being real-time.
    In June, Facebook announced "up-to-the-minute" search results .
    A new search interface allowing users to search for content from people, organizations, and other public figures as soon as they share it on Facebook.
  • 13. The Real-time social web
    In April, FriendFeed focused much more on real-time updates.
    New advanced filters, made it a lot easier for users to create streams based on keywords, groups, sets of friends and more.
  • 14. The Real-time social web
    In August Delicious was re-born as a real-time news tracker.
    All blogs on the platform and any blogs that opt-in will now make instant updates available to any RSS readers subscribed to a new feature called RSSCloud.
  • 15. real time Social web trends
    Are you social media ready?
  • 16. 4 trends in social media
    (There’s probably more than four, but you’ve gotta start
    The Power of Crowds
    Social Influence Marketing
    The Transmission Effect
    All media is social media
    Source BBAMV
  • 17. Trend 1: The Power of Crowds
    Social Media has made it possible for large groups of widely dispersed people to express ideas, vote for an outcome, or simply give something a rating
    This collective intelligence has been coined ‘the power of crowds’, and the process of harnessing it (crowdsourcing) is on the rise
    Effective ‘crowdsourcing’ is where there is a collaboration between the crowd and the authority which is mutually beneficial to both parties
    It can create products / services we want
    Source BBAMV
  • 18. Power of Crowds
    Walkers polled consumers to create the next big flavour
    Over 1.7 million did us a flavour…
    Over 1 million votes…
    Source BBAMV
  • 19. Trend 2: Social Influence Marketing (SIM)
    SIM is marketing to the network of peers that may surround and be connected to an influencer a key topic
    It matters more than ever as consumers are losing faith in large institutions, and instead are turning to each other for advice – Peer influence
    We’re starting to see that loose ties (like your friendsters on Facebook) are equally as valuable as your strong ties (close friends)
    Different influencers will matter at different stages of the marketing funnel
    i.e. MoneySavingExpert influencers are likely to affect your
    consideration, whereas friends and family at point of purchase
    Source BBAMV
  • 20. Ford found 100 digital influencers to receive a free Fiesta a year in advance
    Influencers share their experiences in online communities
    Conversations serve as a CRM tool for to make pre-launch tweaks
    Source BBAMV
  • 21. Trend 3: The Transmission Effect
    The transmission effect is essentially the vast speed with which conversations and content spread everywhere like rapid fire
    beyond the reach of editorial controls, sites or institutions
    Twitter in particular has influenced the format for breaking news
    which is transmitted peer to peer almost instantaneously
    Brands must keep pace with consumers with a presence at every stage of the conversation
    With this in mind, brands should be developing their content for multiple platforms
  • 22. EA games used the transmission effect to their advantage by responding quickly
    It’s not a glitch. He’s just that good.
    Over 3 million views on YouTube.
    Source BBAMV
  • 23. Trend 4: All media is social media
    When people have the ability to share and converse in real time, everything becomes social
    Consider tweeting / blogging a poster, you can make it a point
    for conversation, and the poster becomes a social object
    All together now – every media is social media
  • 24. Social web strategy
    Are you social media ready?
  • 25. Social media strategy planning
  • 26. 25
    Listen to the important conversations
    Source: Flickr- Daystar297
  • 27.
  • 28. Social media state of mind
    Implementing and managing social media campaigns requires a certain
    Locate and gather social media champions within your company
    Give customers a platform to engage with you
    Be good at listening to customers
    Accept criticism and respond openly
    Involve customers in your business
    Develop a shallow approvals workflow via easy to follow rules
    Develop rapid delivery processes
  • 29. Tone
    Brand guidelines for content authors
    Brand is not just visual
  • 30. Creating the rules of engagement
    • Moderation of forums and guest comments
    • 31. Blogpost style and content
    • 32. Conversational
    • 33. Signposting links
    • 34. Commenting
    • 35. Conversational
    • 36. Signposting links
    • 37. Tagging in line with social media trends
    • 38. Keyword strategy in line with SEO/SEM strategy
    • 39. Link strategy
    • 40. Legals
  • Destination social sites
    Key contacts /users
    Social media campaign example
    Message Focus
    social sites
    Social Bookmarks
    Media Sharing
    Web site
    Media Sharing
    Own Blog/forum
    Blogs/community sites
  • 41. Social media Skills and Resource
    Implementing and managing social media campaigns requires access to
    Online optimised copywriting
    Blog posting and commenting
    Forum engagement
    Forums and 3rd party blog comments
    Image and media management
    Cropping etc
    Video editing
    Buzz monitoring
    Influencer analysis
  • 42. Social media management
    An average Engagement Plan on a weekly basis might include:-
    Research and writing blog posts – 7 hours
    Commenting and posting on target influencers blogs and forums – 3.5 hours
    Direct contact with Influencers - 1 hour
    Forum moderation – 5 hours
    Facebook Group management – 1 hour
    Twitter management, managing & seeking followers and tweeting – 2 hours
    Managing social bookmark profiles e.g. delicious – 2hours
    Slideshare account management – 2 hours
    You Tube Channel management – 3 hours
  • 43. When am I ready?
    Defined your goals and metrics for success
    Tuned in to ongoing relevant online dialogue
    You know your influencers profiles
    Identified communities with which to engage
    Have a set of messages to deliver
  • 44. When am I ready?
    Internal technology hurdles are overcome
    Built delivery mechanisms
    Have access to skills and resource
    Defined rules for outreach and engagement
    Put in place analysis mechanisms
  • 45. The “So What” of social media?
    • The average amount of time per day that UK people spend on has more than trebled from less than 10 minutes a year ago to half an hour now. [Source: Hitwise, January 2009]
    • 46. In August 2008, 14.5m people in the U.K. visited at least one blog, representing 41% of the total U.K. Internet audience.[Source: comScore, Oct 2008]
    • 47. By 2013, an estimated 52% of Internet users will be regular social network visitors. [Source: eMarketer, February 2009]
    • 48. The amount of UK web traffic retailers receive from social networks increased by 153% in the first nine months of 2007. [Source: Hitwise, via Econsultancy blog, Oct 2007]
  • Thank you, any questions?