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Designing Good API & Its Importance

Designing Good API & Its Importance



This is a presentation inspired (heavily) by that of Joshu Bloch's presentation on "How to design a good API and its importance". I tried to simplify on API importance and tried to generify how to ...

This is a presentation inspired (heavily) by that of Joshu Bloch's presentation on "How to design a good API and its importance". I tried to simplify on API importance and tried to generify how to conceive it. No point referring to that presentation explicitly as I am mentioning it here and mentioned it at the start and end of the presentation as I made it in BASIS SoftExpo 2012



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    Designing Good API & Its Importance Designing Good API & Its Importance Presentation Transcript

    • Designing Good API and its importance Imran M Yousuf Entrepreneur Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Outline
      • What is an API?
      • Why is API important?
      • Designing API
      • General Principles
      • OOP Design Principles
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • What is an API?
      • API stands for – Application Programming Interface
      • API is a source code-based specification intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other.
      • ABI (Application Binary Interface) differs to API in that the former is specified on binary interface
      • In this presentation we will consider ABI as API too
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Why is API important?
      • What do we Software Engineers develop? How do others interact with our software?
      • Do we integrate Facebook API (FB Login, Like, Share, etc.)? How?
      • How do we develop softwares that require system level integration?
      • How do Web 2.0 portals communicate with its server?
      • How do Smart Phone / Tablet Apps communicate with server?
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Why is API important?
      • We, software engineers, develop softwares which users use through UI, write plugins for, use as a library and/or use by executing and working with the output of the software.
      • A lot of (Almost all) websites integrate with FB using its JavaScript API
      • For Windows we use MFC or Windows API; for *nix system we use POSIX etc.
      • Web 2.0 / Smart Phone / Tablet Apps make server side calls via HTTP protocol either from a App or from browser using AJAX.
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Why is API important?
        All of this signifies - “Software components communicate with each other” So either we are developing and using API everyday. That is not enough for getting our attention?
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Why is API important?
      • Imagine the following
        • FB JavaScript API is so difficult to use that you are not able to use them. What would you do?
        • You are developing an Android or iPhone App and having problem using their API as you not understanding how to simply achieve them. What would you do?
        • Your client asked you to use a Web Service to integrate one service to another and the Web Service makes no sense what so over and furthermore, it does not have ample documentation. What would you do?
        • What would be your opinion of such API providers?
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Why is API important?
      • Contact FB and ask them how to use it
      • Contact Andoid community mailing lists/forums and ask there
      • Contact iPhone Developer Community and ask there
      • Ask my customer to get me documentation or ask the company/developer for help
      • We think those companies and their developers are crap and we are better than them
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Why is API important?
      • API can cause a Company and its Developer both Glory and Gloom depending on its user experience
      • API can be among a company's greatest assets
        • Customers invest heavily: buy, write, learn
        • Cost to stop/change API can be prohibitive
        • Successfully Public APIs capture customers
      • Bad API causes unending support request and becoming a liability to the company
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Why is API important?
      • If you code, you are an API designer
        • Good code is modular – each module has an API
      • Useful modules tend to get reused
        • Once module has users, can't change API at will
        • Good reusable modules are corporate assets
      • Thinking in terms of APIs improves code quality
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Characteristics of a Good API
      • Easy to learn
      • Easy to use, even without documentation
      • Hard to misuse
      • Easy to read and maintain code that uses it
      • Sufficiently powerful to satisfy requirements
      • Easy to extend
      • Appropriate to audience
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Designing API Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Gather Requirements
      • We usually get a project to work in the form of a solution
        • We should keep in mind better solutions may exist
      • We must extract true requirements in form of use-cases .
      • Can be easier and more rewarding to build something more general
        • Beware of the cost factor and target audience
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Start with short spec
      • Start of all API should begin with writing a spec, preferably within 1 page
      • At the very beginning agility trumps completeness
      • Bounce spec off as many “head” as possible
        • Listen to their input seriously
      • Once confidence is there that we understand what it is grow the spec
        • This growing could involve coding, e.g., prototypes
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Write it early & often
      • API comes before the implementation
        • API is the concept and should elaborate on behavior
        • Thus saving implementing something that is not useful
      • API code helps you show the spec itself
        • Saves time in writing documents that is useless
      • Continue writing to API
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Write an SPI
      • Service Providers Interface (SPI)
        • Plugin API enabling multiple implementations
        • It serves as an API used by API implementations
        • For example, Data Access Layer implementations
      • Write multiple SPI implementations before release
        • If its a target that we want to support multiple implementations then we should implement at least a couple of them.
        • If you write one, it probably won't support another
        • If you write two, it will support more with difficulty
        • If you write three, it will work fine
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Maintain Realistic Expectation
      • Most API designs are over constrained
        • You won't be able to please everyone
        • Aim to displease everyone equally
        • Stick to what you want to achieve
      • Expect to make mistakes
        • Real world use will continuously flush out the mistakes
        • Expect to evolve API
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • General Principles Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Should Do One Thing & Do It Well
      • Functionality should be easy to explain
        • If it's hard to name, it indicates rethink
        • Good names enables API to thrive
        • Be open to splitting and merging modules
      • Functionality should be well specified
        • Specify how the API should be used
        • Write tests demonstrating API usage
        • Specification will get more specific through usage
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Keep it Small but No Smaller
      • API should satisfy its requirements
      • When in doubt leave it out
        • API extended but not curtailed once it is public
      • Conceptual weight more important than bulk
        • Decrease the conceptual weight, i.e. things to learn new
      • Look for a power-to-weight ratio
        • Do more by reusing interfaces, i.e. add implementations targeted at solving different problems
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Implementation shouldn't impact API
      • Implementation details
        • Confuse users
        • Inhibit freedom to change implementation
      • Be aware of what is an implementation detail
        • Do not over specify the behavior, e.g., hash functions
      • Don't let implementation details “leak” into API
        • On-disk and on-the-wire formats, exceptions
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Minimize Accessibility of Everything
      • Make classes and members as private as possible
      • Public class should have no public fields other than constants
      • This maximizes information hiding
      • Allows modules to be used, understood, built, tested and debugged independently
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Names Matter – API is a Language
      • Names should be largely self-explanatory
        • Avoid cryptic abbreviations
      • Be consistent – Same word means same thing
      • Be regular – strive for symmetry
      • Code should read like prose
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Documentation Matters
        Reuse is something that is far easier to say then to do. Doing it requires both good design and very good documentation. Even when we see good deign, which is still infrequently, we won't see the components reused without good documentation
          • - D. L. Parnas, Software Aging. Proceedings of 16 th International Conference on Software Engineering, 1994
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Document Religiously
      • Document every class, interface, method, constructor, parameter and exception
        • Class: What an instance represents
        • Method: Contract between method and its client
          • Preconditions, postconditions, side-effects
      • Document state space very carefully
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Performance Consequence
      • Bad decisions can limit performance
      • Do not wrap API to gain performance
      • Be aware of stateful vs stateless requirements
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
      • OOP Design Principles
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Class Design
      • Minimize Mutability
        • Classes should be immutable
        • If mutable keep state space small, well-defined
      • Subclass only where it makes sense
        • Subclass only when is-a relationship exists
        • Prefer composition over inheritence
        • Bad example of inheritance is Properties of Java
      • Document for inheritance else prohibit it
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Method Design
      • Reduce need for boilerplate code
        • Generally done via cut/copy-and-paste
      • Don't violate the principle of least astonishment
        • User of API should not be surprised by behavior
      • Fail Fast – report errors as soon as possible
      • Provide programmatic access to all data available in string form to avoid user parsing strings
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Method Design
      • Overload with care
        • Avoid ambiguous overloadings. Preferable no two methods with same number of arguments
        • Just because you can doesn't mean you should
      • Use appropriate parameter and return types
        • Favor interface over classes for input
        • Use most specific possible input parameter type
        • Avoid using float (32 bits) in favor of double (64 bits)
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Method Design
      • Use consistent parameter ordering across methods
      • Avoid long parameter list
        • Three or fewer parameters is ideal
        • Lon list of identically typed params is harmful
        • Break up methods or create helper class to hold parameters
      • Avoid return values that demand exceptional processing
        • Return zero-length array or empty collection instead of null.
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Exception Design
      • Throw exceptions to indicate exceptional conditions
        • Don't force client to use exceptions for control flow
        • Conversely, don't fail silently
      • Favor unchecked exceptions
        • Checked – Client must take recovery action
        • Unchecked – Programming error
      • Include failure capture information in exceptions
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Conclusion
      • API design is a notable and rewarding craft
      • This presentation covered some heuristics of the craft
      • API design is tough
      • Once a API is Public it can evolve but has to support earlier releases
      Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
    • Questions? Smart IT Engineering Ltd.