Download new printer drivers to repair your printer


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Download new printer drivers to repair your printer

  1. 1. Download New Printer Drivers to Repair Your PrinterYou may be required to install new printer drivers if you want to get your printer working again.When printers malfunction, the problem can usually be traced to one of two major sources: faultyhardware, or outdated drivers. Here, well go over how to identify common printer problems, andways to utilize new printer drivers to fix printer problems.Spotting Hardware IssuesClick Here to Download Driver Checker!Your computer usually makes it obvious when youve got low ink or toner problems. A warningbubble will pop up next to your printer icon in the Windows Toolbar. This warning will tell you if inkor toner is low, and itll specify whether you need to replace the black or color cartridge.It can be a little more difficult to pinpoint structural problems with your printer. Sure, your OS mightlet you know that somethings up, but its unlikely to inform you as to the actual hardware issue. So,you might have to poke around inside your printer to see whats wrong with the hardware.Outdated DriversMost of the time, however, outdated drivers or bad software is the cause of printermiscommunication problems. When your OS cant process information from your printer drivers,there is a gap in communication between your printer and your computer.Its possible that your printer drivers are outdated. If this is the case, your recourse is to install newprinter drivers so that you can update your computers drivers.Installing from the CDIf you still have the installation CD that came with your printer, then you can try installing from theCD. Be aware that if youve changed operating systems since you acquired the CD, you might havetrouble with the drivers on the CD. However, if the CDs drivers are compatible with your OS, thenjust do the following: Open the CD/DVD drive and insert the installation CD into the drive. Click "Start." Click the "Control Panel." Select "Devices and Printers." Click "Add a New Printer." Then, just open the Hardware Wizard. Click "Search automatically for updated driver software." Follow the instructions.How to Download Drivers from the ManufacturerIf you dont have the installation CD, you can try to download the drivers directly from themanufacturers website. Youll need to know exactly what your printers make and model is, andyoull also need to ensure youre downloading the most recent driver update. Also, be sure that thedriver update is compatible with your operating system.Try Driver Update Software to Replace all of your Outdated DriversAnother fast way to install new printer drivers is to use driver update software, which is specifically
  2. 2. built for replacing drivers. You can find this software by going online, although you should visitsome of the software rating sites to ensure youre downloading good software. Try going toTucows and locating the driver update software that has a 5 cow rating.Also, make sure the driver update software works for your operating system. Its a good sign if acompany has built software for multiple OS platforms, as it means they stay up-to-date withoperating systems.Once youve downloaded the driver update software, click "scan." The software will then find all ofyour outdated drivers and will list them prominently. You can then purchase the software and it willdownload all of the new drivers onto your machine. Driver update software is a simple and effectivemethod for nstalling new printer drivers. Click Here to Download Driver Checker!