Common keyboard problems - easy steps to repair them
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Common keyboard problems - easy steps to repair them






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Common keyboard problems - easy steps to repair them Common keyboard problems - easy steps to repair them Document Transcript

  • Common Keyboard Problems - Easy Steps to Repair ThemKeyboard problems frequently bother us and make our work inconvenient, so if your keyboardacts up, take the time to fix it. Here I will list some common keyboard problems and how to fix them.One, the keyboard can not work completely.Step 1 Make sure you have inserted your keyboard into the computer correctly. If it is a USB device,try to unplug it from the current port and plug it to other USB ports.Step 2 Many wireless keyboards need special drivers to drive them work regularly. So confirm thatyou have installed the proper driver for your device, to check it you can download a driver tool likeDriver Checker for a free scan. Besides, for a Bluetooth device, you need to refer to the Bluetoothsettings.Step 3 Install your keyboard onto another computer. If it is still not working, maybe the device isdefective, then consider to buy a new one or change one from the manufacturer if it is in thewarranty time.Note that if your keyboard is connected to a PS/2 connector, remember to shut down the computerbefore you connect or unplug this device.Two, Windows is unable to recognize the keyboard or some keys.Probably your keyboard driver is missing or needs to be updated. To check it you can downloadDriver Checker or click the link at the end of this article for a free scan.Three, some keys are stuck or can not be pressed down.Turn your keyboard upside down and shake it gently. This method can help to remove theobstructions that possibly generate this failure. Or you can use a can of compressed air to cleanthe dirt in the keyboard. Click Here to Download Driver Checker!