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The Dilemma Of Indian Cooking
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The Dilemma Of Indian Cooking


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  • 1. The Aroma from the Indian Cooking and it’s Dilemma
  • 2. "Your hair smells so good that I could eat it." you turn around, embarrassed, and ask "What do you mean?" He/She replies, "Your hair smells like curry. You always smell like food." How many time have we heard this?
  • 3. you feel humiliated; especially when you hear someone else say, "I hate that smell.
  • 4.
    • "I have this beautiful child in my class who is always rejected by other children because she smells. The other children do not like to play with her."
    • Ethnic foods smell great when they are being cooked or served, but the next day, the aroma on your clothes is not as pleasant. And for young children in schools, the problem is even harder because they can be rejected. Classmates can tell your child out loud,
    • "You stink. I don’t want to play with you."
    • And there is little that a teacher can do about it.
  • 5. For immigrants like us, eating ethnic food is a good way of avoiding homesickness. Personally, I have to get Indian food at least once a day or I feel very sorry for myself. Sandwiches, pasta and pizza are not ‘meals’, they are just snacks. But I wish that, when I was a newcomer, someone had warned me about strong stale curry smell all over my home, car, clothes and hair. If you travel by bus or subway around, you know what I mean. You can tell who ate garlic, fish, or Chinese or Indian food. They may not even know that they have an odor.
  • 6. Be proud of your cultural heritage. Enjoy your favorite foods. But be aware that other people may not share your preferences. It can be valuable to recognize that your ‘scent’ may work against you as you try to fit into U.S. / Canadian societies. CULTURAL HERITAGE
  • 7.
    • Food preparation is tedious, time consuming and can bring you on the verge of tears from the smoke and fumes resulted from frying.
    • If you or your kids are asthmatic, you and them will have problems breathing in the house and end up sick all the time.
    • Kids go to school and they have problems mixing with the regular crowd because of the odor from their clothes, hair or bags. They have a hard time at school and come home to hate the Indian food and that may lead to your kids isolating themselves from the family and having a hard time fitting in the right crowd.
    • The cabinets, furniture, walls and your carpet get greasy from the vaporized oil. Leading to more expenses.
  • 8. Simple solution You need to exhaust these fumes and smoke out of the house/apartment.
  • 9. How? Install a Range Hood above your stove to exhaust the fumes, smoke and smell out of the house and away from your miseries.
  • 10. They do not cost much
  • 11. See for yourself the exhaust capacity of these powerful range hoods.
  • 12. I call this a human being’s best invention
  • 13. When you buy, look for these specs. Powerful: (760 C.F.M.) Slanted housing allows faster and more effective flow of air. Easy Cleaning: * Self cleaning: Simply spray cleaner onto fan intake while it's on low speed. * Deep cleaning: For those special chefs who use more oil and higher temperature in food preparation. These range hoods can be easily detached for a thorough cleaning (most parts are dishwasher-safe.) Filter less: Engineered to eliminate the need for a filter. No more messy filter to wash and replace. Quiet: Angled housing provides a smoother flow of air. Superior Design & Craftsmanship: Elegant to fit in any kitchen decor. * Dual Speed Switch for individual left and right side fan control. * Folded Edges and Rounded Corners for extra safety. Front Panel: * Matching side and back panel, tinted temper glass front panel. * Stainless front panel