Phil Graham keynote IMTC 2025 - Telepresence


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Philip Graham, VP/CTO, Emerging Technologies Group, Cisco Systems talks about Telepresence and collaboration.

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  • To create a holistic collaboration experience, Cisco offers interoperability and interworking with standard- and high-definition video conferencing, Cisco WebEx meeting applications, and other forms of video and collaboration applications. That is why Cisco TelePresence technology is built on open standards such as H.323. Now you can incorporate existing investments while realizing and scaling Cisco TelePresence benefits and experiences, creating a truly “any-to-any” collaboration environment.
  • Three video companies: Cisco, Tandberg, LiveSize, RadVision (1/22/10)
  • Phil Graham keynote IMTC 2025 - Telepresence

    1. 1. Cisco TelePresence for Everyone, Everywhere<br />Philip Graham<br />CTO Cisco TelePresence & VP Engineering<br />Cisco TelePresence Systems Business Unit<br />IMTC Keynote, 8 April 2010, 9:20-9:50<br />
    2. 2. Driving Business TransformationCisco TelePresence: Key to Global Collaboration<br />Reducing Travel,Increasing Connections<br />Increasing Collaborationand Productivity<br />Facilitating Interoperability and Intercompany Collaboration withCisco TelePresence <br />New Opportunities, BusinessModels, and Processes<br />Enabling GlobalGreen Initiatives<br />
    3. 3. Cisco TelePresence<br />Redefining How People Communicate<br />
    4. 4. Cisco TelePresence—Launched Oct 2006<br />Redefining How People Communicate Remotely<br />
    5. 5. Quality—Simplicity—Reliability<br />Simplicity<br />Quality<br />Reliability<br />Unified Communications<br />Network as the Platform<br />Ultra-High Definition (1080p) - Spatial Audio<br />Virtually an In-Person Experience<br />One Button to Push<br />Easy to Use – for Executives and Everyone<br />Reliable, Resilient, & Secure<br />Cisco is the best choice, globally<br />
    6. 6. The Right Tool for Seamless Collaboration<br />Real-time<br />Tele<br />Presence<br />Web<br />Meeting<br />Richness of Media<br />Audio<br />Confer-encing<br />Voice<br />IM<br />Email<br />Text<br />Richness of Experience<br />
    7. 7. Cisco’s Strategy: TelePresence for Everyone, Everywhere<br />Public Suites<br />Enterprise<br />Telecommuter<br />Business to Business<br />Business to Consumer<br />Consumer to Consumer<br />Consumer<br />Laptop / Desktop<br />Service Providers<br />Enterprise<br />Consumer<br />Benefits of an Integrated Architecture<br />Virtualized Collaboration<br />New Business Models<br />Comprehensive Interoperability<br />Security, Scalability, Reliability<br />Social Networking Interaction<br />New Ecosystems<br />
    8. 8. Cisco TelePresence Product Portfolio<br />CTS 3010<br />6 Seats<br />CTS 3210<br />18 Seats<br />CTS 500<br />1–2 Seats<br />CTS 1100<br />2 Seats<br />CTS 1300<br />6 Seats<br />Personal <br />Dedicated<br />Multipurpose<br />Scheduling and Operation<br />Services and Solutions<br /><ul><li>SD and HD Interoperability
    9. 9. Recording Studio
    10. 10. End-to-End Encryption
    11. 11. Multipoint - 48 segments
    12. 12. One-Button Scheduling Server
    13. 13. Intercompany Services</li></ul>Planning and Design<br />Implementation and Support<br /><ul><li>Network Readiness
    14. 14. Room readiness (3000/3200)
    15. 15. Groupware integration
    16. 16. Installation
    17. 17. Monitoring, Support, Helpdesk
    18. 18. Financing</li></li></ul><li>Expanding Interoperability’s Definition<br />Other Equipment<br />Other Companies<br />Collaboration Tools<br />2006<br />2007<br />2008<br />2009<br />2010<br />Cisco Launches<br />TelePresence<br />Cisco opens up TIP<br />Open Source launch<br />Sept 08<br />Mar 07<br />Jan 10<br />Mar 09<br />Dec 07<br />Oct 06<br />Nov 09<br />May 08<br />July 10<br />Dec 08<br />Interoperate with:<br />TelepresenceInteroperability<br />Protocol (TIP)<br />Interop viaCUVC 7.0<br />Interop via MXE<br />SD Interoperability<br />HD Interop<br />Intercompany<br />Cisco TelePresence<br />Public CiscoTelePresence<br />Directory<br />Interprovider<br />Auto-Collaborateand Multipoint<br />Integration with DigitalMedia Systems<br />Integration withCall Center<br />Integration withCisco WebEx<br />
    19. 19. 2006<br />2007<br />2008<br />2009<br />2010<br />2011<br />Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP)<br />Opened up TIP to kick start multi-vendor, multi-screen interoperability while Cisco and the industry work on a standard<br />Nine video companies signed royalty-free TIP license <br />TIP Open Source project to launch in July<br />Cisco to donate ownership to industry body to govern<br />Design Benefits<br /> Mix of single & multi-screen rooms<br /> Low-latency stream switching<br /> Stream adaptation for best results<br /> Firewall traversal for B2B<br />Interoperability Enabled<br />Multi-screen HD video<br /> High-quality audio<br /> Data/Presentation sharing<br /> Point-to-point and multi-point<br />CTS Launches<br />HD Interoperability<br />TIP Open Source Launch<br />SD Interoperability<br />TIP Licensing Availability <br />TIP to go to industry body<br />
    20. 20. Broad Experiences Solutions Offering Innovations and Choice<br />Tier 2 Customizable<br />Tier 3 Customer Vision<br />Tier 1 Customer Ready<br />Customer-Ready<br /><ul><li>Classroom of the Future
    21. 21. Active Collaboration Room
    22. 22. Virtual Demo Center
    23. 23. Boardroom
    24. 24. Broadcast
    25. 25. Streaming Service
    26. 26. HealthPresence
    27. 27. TG 500
    28. 28. Supply Chain Acceleration
    29. 29. Lobby Ambassador*
    30. 30. Media Solution
    31. 31. On Stage TelePresence
    32. 32. Live Desk
    33. 33. Expert on Demand
    34. 34. Home Office Telecommuter
    35. 35. Event Controls
    36. 36. Recording Studio
    37. 37. Meeting Solution
    38. 38. FSI Expert
    39. 39. CTS Retail Point of Sale
    40. 40. Consumer Research
    41. 41. Cisco Tele-Justice
    42. 42. Field TelePresence</li></li></ul><li>Intercompany Cisco TelePresence<br />10 Announced Service ProvidersGlobal and Regional Coverage<br />
    43. 43. Expanding Public Cisco TelePresence Suite Locations <br />Frankfurt<br />London <br />Brussels<br />Toronto<br />Paris<br />New York<br />San Francisco<br />Chicago<br />Boston <br />Santa Clara <br />Dallas/FW<br />Washington DC<br />Hyderabad<br />Shanghai<br />Denver<br />New Delhi <br />Hong Kong<br />Los Angeles<br />Miami<br />Mumbai <br />Chennai <br />Manila<br />Bangalore<br />Current Locations<br />Announced Locations<br />Sao Paolo<br />Sydney<br />
    44. 44. Cisco TelePresence—Creating & Keeping up with the Future of Collaboration<br />Cisco TelePresence Everywhere, for Everyone<br />Complete solution from desktop to dedicated rooms<br />Interoperability in our DNA<br />Compelling collaboration tools<br />Intercompany innovation <br />Horizontal & vertical solutions<br />Transforming the industry by transforming<br />the way our customers succeed <br />
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