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IMT - CDL Programme Guide


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Programmes offered by IMT-CDL for working executives.

Programmes offered by IMT-CDL for working executives.

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Recognition IMT - CDL has been recognised by Distance Education Council, Government of India, vide their letter no. DEC/Recog/IMT/07/5966, dated 4th October 2007 for offering distance education programmes IMT-Centre for Distance Learning, a premier business school of India, is a centre of excellence in management education through its distance and e-learning mode. The courses offered by IMT – CDL are crafted to equip students with tools and techniques so that they take up any challenge in the highly competitive business world of today and tomorrow. A Business School that knows no boundaries……
  • 3. Our Mission To serve society and enhance the quality of life through excellence and leadership in management education, research and consultancy, as an academic community which is outward-looking and committed to innovation and life-long learning.
  • 4. Distance Learning Distance learning with us doesn’t mean studying alone. Our Personal Contact Programmes (PCP), nationwide network of study centres, online digital library, video conferencing, excellent curriculum and a great faculty-student interaction are second to none, no matter where you are in the world.
  • 5. Role of IMT - CDL IMT - CDL has been contributing to this educational revolution in its own way. Fully alive to the emerging challenge, the Centre has been in the forefront establishing a lead through preparing managers of tomorrow with distinct vision blended with technology and skills. The centre strives to create leaders in management and entrepreneurship by helping its students acquire the necessary skills.
  • 6. Benefits from the Programme
    • Advance your Career
      • Move up in current job in responsibility and/or pay
      • Open up new prospects in the industry
      • MBAs are generally fast-tracked into strategic decision-making teams, top management echelons
      • Challenging Career with Lucrative Compensation Packages
    • Changing your career
      • an MBA can give you autonomy to move across industries.
      • Getting a specific management education can make you more marketable within that specialized area
    • Developing your business expertise
    • Starting your own business
  • 7. Highlights of the IMT-DLP Programs
    • 23 year of existence.
    • Self explanatory Study Material.
    • Online Digital Library.
    • Video Conferencing.
    • Largest Alumni Universe.
    • Continuous Online Mentoring.
    • Excellent Curriculum & Faculty Support.
    • 12 hrs Contact Classes for each subject.
    • Corporate Tie-ups.
  • 8. In just 6 years we have more than 1200 Students Manager who have joined IMT – CDL Management Programme with us. Some of the popular organisation where our students are working.
  • 9. IMT – CDL Ideally Suited For
    • Sales/ Marketing professionals
    • Working Executives
    • Self Employed persons
    • Call Center/BPO Executives
    • Software Professionals,
    • Engineers, Diploma Holders
    • Doctors
    • Bank & Finance Professionals
    • Insurance Agents/Advisors
    • Defense Persons etc.
    • For everybody who is looking for career / knowledge growth.
    • AGE is no bar for distance learning education
  • 10. Personal Contact Program (PCP) Personal Contact Program supports the comprehension study material for our Distance Education courses. Our Student managers can opt for the compact PCP conducted on campus twice a year in May and November or they can avail these programmes by our study centres on weekends throughout the year. The Schedules for PCP are intimated to students in advance to enable them to plan their calendar accordingly. The PCPs provide the forum to interactive education and the students are expected to use the opportunity to clarify and enrich their knowledge base.
  • 11. Enhanced Methods for Study Group Learning Group learning is an effective vehicle preparing prospective managers to be proactive and acquiring knowledge rather than being limited to lecture sessions. Free exchange of ideas and information among group members through discussions and presentations is a proven methodology for the development of professional and communication skills. The Case Method This method is used extensively to help develop analytical skills critical to business decision-making. The student managers are exposed to the complexities of the highly competitive professional environment under simulated conditions to help evolve a competent race of new generation managers. Self Instruction Manuals (SIMs) Self Instruction Manuals for various subjects have been developed through selected competent faculty. Improvement in quality has been ensured through SIMs because no single text book can cover the course content appropriately. Through SIMs, the subject matter is made self-explanatory and easier to understand.
  • 12. Enhanced Methods for Study Cont… Hands-on Computer Sessions Practical sessions are held at the study centres and at IMT- Centre for Distance Learning. In these centres, the students have the facility to use the computer and software packages relevant to their syllabus. Project Work The project work constitutes a major component in most of the professional programmes, except the One Year Diploma Courses. The objective of the project is to help students develop ability to apply theoretical and practical tools/techniques to solve real life problems related to industry.
  • 13. Programmes offered by IMT-CDL
  • 14. 2 Years Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management IMT-Centre for Distance Learning's Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) through the distance mode is specially designed to equip the students with comprehensive management education. It is a two year programme and comprises of four modules. It aims to provide young graduates an opportunity to develop management skills and to compete successfully in the global business environment. The curriculum has been designed to lay a strong foundation for logical and analytical skills of the students. The programme provides an intensive, stimulating and challenging learning experience in the management discipline. The curriculum covers all the important areas of management which may be expected from a working manager. The successful completion of the PGP in Management will enable executives to assume a strategic role in their organisation. In turn, the organisations benefit from the constructive and creative inputs given by our successful PGP in Management holders. The Programme has been designed to provide specialisation in the area of choice and the PGP in Management would carry the name of specialisation.
  • 15. Programme Objective
    • To critically appraise a range of relevant theoretical business management concepts.
    • To demonstrate proficiency in analysing and interpreting a wide range of business information related to the various functional areas of management.
    • To develop and demonstrate key personal skills required for effective management and implementation of solutions to business problems at all levels within and outside the organisation.
    • To update the knowledge base related to various business domains and appreciate the significance.
    • To critically appreciate the significance of recent theoretical development in business and their strategic implications.
  • 16. I st Year
    • Management Process & Organization
    • Business Communication
    • Managerial Economics
    • Marketing Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Management Information System
    • Management Accounting
    • Organization Structure & Behavior
    • Business Law
    • Production & Operation Management
    Semister - I Semister - II Fee : Rs. 40,000/- PGDBM – Course Curriculum
  • 17. II nd Year Fee : Rs. 40,000/- PGDBM – Course Curriculum
    • Elective I
    • Elective II
    • Elective III
    • Elective IV
    • Elective V
    Semister - IV Semister - III
    • Marketing Research
    • Human Resource Management
    • Quantitive Techniques
    • Strategic Management
    • Economics Environment in India
  • 18. One Year PG Diploma
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Export Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Material & Supply Chain Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Material Management
    Fee : Rs. 25,000/Course
  • 19. One Year Specialized Diploma
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security
    (with Ankit Fadia, World-renowned Cyber Security Expert) Fee: Rs. 19,000/- + Rs. 18,000/- Semister - I
    • Basics of Security
    • Network Security
    • Different Types of Attack
    • Network Security Threats,
    • Attacks and Loopholes.
    Semister - II
    • Security Solutions
    • Software Hacking
    • Application, Internet and Mobile Platform Security
    • Advanced System Forensics
  • 20. One Year Specialized Diploma
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation
    (In Collaboration with ) Fee: Rs. 20,000/- Semister - I
    • Financial Accounting
    • Computer Aided Management
    • Income Tax - I
    • Wealth Tax
    • Service Tax - I
    Semister - II
    • Income Tax - II
    • VAT in Delhi
    • Service Tax - II
  • 21. Placements at IMT-CDL
    • IMT Centre for Distance Learning announces the set up of Placement Cell for extending assistance to the students looking for change in present employment for better career growth or summer internship as well as for the students undergoing any management courses.
    • All the interested students are requested to email their resumes to Ms. Neeti Mathur, Assistant Placement Officer, IMT-CDL, Ghaziabad at the following email address: [email_address] . She will review your resume and will direct your resume for suitable position.
  • 22. Will I get a Degree or Diploma
    • Being an Institute, IMT-CDL can provide the Post Graduate Diploma of three years and one year which will bear the recognition of Distance Education Council, Govt. of India.
    • Degree is provided only by University and Institutes can provide only Diploma
    • Even IIMs being country’s premier management institutes, provide only Diploma and not an MBA degree.
  • 23. Distribution of Marks
    • Each subject consists of 100 marks with the following bifurcations:
      • 70 marks – ETE (min. 28 marks required to pass)
      • 20 marks – Assignments
      • 10 marks – PCP (min.12 marks required to pass in Assignments+PCP)
    • In total 45% is the minimum pass percentage required to clear a subject.
  • 24. Maximum Time Period for Validity of the Course
    • Three-Year Programme shall have to be completed within the time-frame of maximum 4 years provided the admission is taken to continue the course as per the policy of IMT-CDL.
    • One-Year Programmes shall have to be completed within the time-frame of maximum 2 years.
  • 25. Wishing you an enriched learning experience !!! Noida IMT – Centre for Distance Education A-12 (Basement), Sector 17, Near Atta Peer Crossing, Ph: 0120 – 2512000,2511888 Mob : 9910666222, 9213128288 Email:, We look forward to groom your personality to ensure career development