Trends & Future of Talent Generation (Networks, Communities)


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Expert Panel Discussion Slides from September 2012 Webinar

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  • Timing: 1 min Speaker: James
  • Timing: 1 min Speaker: James
  • Timing: 1 min Speaker: James
  • Timing: 1 min Speaker: James
  • Timing: TBD Speaker: TBD THEME: think like a candidate to better hire candidate Agenda: broken into two pieces—first have to understand the candidate of today, then have to shape your experience to fit TT focus: candidate solution where you can apply from any source, profile product that lets the candidate share more about them and the verify product (launching in May) that makes steps efficient, lines up all the steps in one email.
  • Here’s w47% of employers blame prospects lack of “hard” job skills or technical skills 35% of companies site candidates lack of experience 25% of companies blame candidates lack of business knowledge or formal qualifications 28% of companies are increasing staff training and development Source: Manpower Group Finding good candidates is the biggest recruiting challenge for XX% of companies The more specific the job requirements, the harder to find quality candidates. The most difficult positions for organizations to fill are executive level, skilled, C-level, and mid-level management positions hat the data says: 52% of US Employers report difficulty in filling jobs Source: Talent Technology 2012 State of Recruiting Survey
  • Surprise Surprise! All candidates are hiding in the same places! When it comes to looking for jobs, both passive and active job seekers rely most heavily on referrals and networking. Job boards, corporate career sites, and LinkedIn are also strong resources. <Will take graph/illustration from our infographic> All candidates shy away from using Facebook and Twitter for job searching, and refuse to apply for a job with their Facebook account. <Will take graph/illustration from our infographic> When it comes to finding candidates, they are all on LinkedIn. In fact, you’ll find 87.7% of passive candidates and 78.6% of active candidates can be found there. Lead into the discussion about what the question is? Rather than telling them the answers? What does this mean? Is there a talent shortage? What are the implications for hiring managers?
  • Can we build all 5 trends on one page?
  • Timing: 1 min Speaker: James
  • Timing: 15 min Facilitation: James
  • Trends & Future of Talent Generation (Networks, Communities)

    1. 1. Welcome to Today’s WebinarExpert PanelDiscussion:The Latest Trends andthe Future ofTalent Generation Human Capital We bring together people and jobs Brand and Talent Consulting through smart technology Strategies @ImSoSarah @talenttechcorp @SusanStrayer
    2. 2. Talent Technology 2012 Webinar Series Talent Generation Trends, Strategy, and Best ( Practices Series • State of Recruiting 2012: Building Your Recruiting Strategy • Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing • Sourcing and Talent Networks • The Candidate Experience • Trends In Talent Generation (today) • Customer Talent Generation Experiences Talemetry Product Series Recruitment Marketing •Career portals, job posting, candidate emails, and social media Sourcing and Talent Networks •Multi-source semantic search, talent network management, extended profiles, and candidate emails The Candidate Experience •Resume and social profile extraction, extended profiles, and pre-employment screening Talent Generation success stories •Talemetry suite, case studies, and ROI Twitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 2
    3. 3. Today’s Speakers Special Guest: Special Guest: Susan Strayer Sarah White Founder Founder Exaqueo ImSoSarah Twitter: @SusanStrayer Twitter: @ImSoSarah Email: Email: Matt Charney Host: James Thomas Director of Marketing VP Marketing Talent Technology Talent Technology Twitter: @MattCharney Twitter: @jthomas_44 Email: Email: Twitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 3
    4. 4. Welcome From Talent Technology Talemetry Talent Generation Software Suite Your ATS Twitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 4
    5. 5. Today’s Agenda• Is there a Talent Shortage?• The Secrets of Hiring the Right Candidate• Top 5 Trends in Talent Acquisition• Q&A Twitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 5
    6. 6. Is There a Talent Shortage?We bring together people and jobsthrough smart | @talenttechcorp 6
    7. 7. Is There a Talent Shortage?Source: Talent Technology Recruiter Survey, Summer 2012. n=346Twitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. Can We Do Better? 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. 12
    13. 13. Secrets of Hiring the Right CandidateTwitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 13
    14. 14. Survey Demographics Source: Talent Technology Candidate Survey Summer 2012 N=791Twitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 14
    15. 15. Top Secrets To Find, Attract, Engage Candidates 15
    16. 16. Top Secrets To Find, Attract, Engage Candidates 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. Top 5 Trends inTalent AcquisitionWe bring together people and jobsthrough smart | @talenttechcorp 18
    19. 19. Top 5 Trends in Talent Acquisition Consumerization of Technology •App-based products •Mobile technology Adoption of Marketing Techniques •Consumer marketing processes and tools Proactive Sourcing •Deep web/integrated search •Talent networks Candidate Experience •Pre-applicant phase •Candidate capture •Post application Proving Return on Investment (ROI) •Measurable recruiting process •Talent generation platformsTwitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 19
    20. 20. Summary Is There a Talent Shortage? The Secrets of Hiring the Right Candidate Top 5 Trends in Talent Acquisition Twitter Hashtag: #TalentGenTwitter Hashtag: #TalentGen 20
    21. 21. Special Offer: Candidate Experience Review Special offer: Sign up for a 1-hour free strategy session for an hour with our Talent Generation experts Review and define the key business drivers impacting your company’s talent generation strategy Review current state of your talent generation initiatives including candidate experience efforts to drive required business results Discuss plans and product/solution requirements to get you started Sign up today! 21
    22. 22. More Resources➠ On Demand Webinars at – Deliver on Your Employer Brand Promise with Recruitment Marketing – How to Build Your 2012 Recruiting Strategy – Recruiting for Cultural Fit – Recruiting for Competitive Advantage – Recruiting Beyond the Job Description – How to Build a Social Recruiting Strategy – Talent Generation with Talemetry and PeopleSoft HCM – Assessing Your Recruiting Practices – Your Employer Brand Influences Candidate Applications – Engaging the Passive Job Seeker – Hire Better, Hire Faster➠ Upcoming Webinars (stay tuned!) – Talemetry Solution Webinars – Talent Generation Case Studies 22
    23. 23. Get Connected Today + Q&ASusan Strayer –Founder – Exaqueo: www.exaqueo.comBlog: @SusanStrayerExaqueo offers employer brand and talent strategies to help companies figure outwhat talent is right, and how to understand, market, find, and manage that talent.Sarah White – Founder – Sarah White & Associates, LLCwww.SarahWhiteLLC.comBlog: http://www.hrtechblog.comTwitter: @ImSoSarahSarah White & Associates is a strategic advisory firm focused on integration ofTalent Acquisition technology and business objectives working corporate HRteams and human capital vendors.Talent Technology Corporation866.824.4418 or 604.278.4414info@talentttech.comwww.talenttech.comTwitter: @talenttechcorpFacebook: 23