Impression Marketing presentation to Virginia Manufacturers Association


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Presentation to Virginia Manufacturers Association about digital marketing strategies for successful marketing for manufacturing businesses.

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Impression Marketing presentation to Virginia Manufacturers Association

  1. 1. Howard Deskin & Anne Moss Rogers September 24, 2013
  2. 2. Who are we? • • • • • Howard Deskin: Partner & CEO/Internet Marketing Mgr. Anne Moss Rogers: Partner & Creative Director Marketing company specializing in digital marketing Team of 9 associates with 50+ clients Focus areas: Healthcare, Home Services, Professional Services, Non-Profit, Senior Living Properties, Manufacturing We Take a Disciplined Approach to Creativity
  3. 3. Manufacturing & Marketing Today’s traditional offline marketing can be enhanced by incorporating online marketing tactics
  4. 4. Manufacturing & Marketing Old strategies New strategies •Cold Calling •Trade Shows •Print •Billboards •Website •Mobile •Internet Advertising •Social media + = MORE LEADS
  5. 5. The off-line and on-line worlds are becoming more integrated
  6. 6. The internet makes it simpler for customers to direct their own buying cycle. No waiting for the next trade show, ad, or calls from sales reps. Instead they’re able to get exactly the information they want exactly when they want it. Before making contact, business buyers have already completed 57% of the purchase process via the internet.
  7. 7. What is Integrated Marketing? Controlling the Chaos
  8. 8. Marketing Spending
  9. 9. Media Consumption Trends
  10. 10. Print vs. Online Ad Spending
  11. 11. Online Budget Allocation by Tactic
  12. 12. Going Mobile • Google has indicated your search results will be penalized if you don’t have a mobile friendly site • At least have a scaled-down version of your desktop website • Utilize “browser-detection” and “responsive design” to ensure the mobile site displays appropriately
  13. 13. By 2014, Mobile is Predicted to Overtake Desktop Internet Usage
  14. 14. What can we offer the VMA? • • Educate staff and member companies: • What’s happening on the internet (trends, success stories, etc.) • How to integrate on-line and off-line marketing for maximum return on investment • Individual topics (i.e. how to get found on google, mobile responsive websites, content marketing, email marketing, social media strategy, customer engagement, etc.) • How to track and measure marketing results Introduce potential new members to the VMA • Foster ideas with Virginia Chamber of Commerce – Small Business Committee (Howard is a member on Tom DeWitt’s Committee) • Foster ideas with the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce – Professional Development Committee (Howard is CoChair) • Foster ideas via our WorkIT articles – Richmond & Lynchburg • Promote manufacturing related marketing tips on our website blog and social media • Help member companies with their marketing efforts
  15. 15. Ideas for VMA Members • Upgrade / Redesign Website ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Add relevant industry keywords Add Calls-To-Action Use Video Incorporate E-Commerce Blog, blog, blog Offer support materials (product manuals) Link to Social Media ▪ ▪ Promote Trade Shows • Get Local ▪ ▪ Sign up for local online directory listings Be involved in your community • Be Responsive • Be Social ▪ • Use Pay-Per-Click & Display Ads Incorporate Social Media into your plan with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Post across all platforms ▪ ▪ Mobile Responsive Website Provide platform for product reviews
  16. 16. Stalk us online at ImpressionMarketing @impressionM Free marketing information!
  17. 17. Social Media Explained