Electronic Security & Technology Association-Digital Marketing April 2014


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Presentation to the Electronic Security & Technology Association Members (Security Alarm Companies) in Atlanta, GA on April 29, 2014. Includes information on digital marketing trends, b2b and b2c marketing and how independent security alarm companies can stay competitive against the large national companies now offering security and home automation systems.

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Electronic Security & Technology Association-Digital Marketing April 2014

  1. 1. Impression-Marketing.com Digital Marketing for Security Companies April 2014
  2. 2. Impression-Marketing.com We Take a Disciplined Approach to Creativity Who Are We? Howard Deskin CEO & Co-Owner Anne Moss Rogers Creative Director & Co-Owner We are a team of nine
  3. 3. Impression-Marketing.com Help you Get More Qualified Leads Our Goal Today… Strategy Website Mobile Social Email CRM Paid Ads Analytics New Leads!
  4. 4. Impression-Marketing.com Why am I here?
  5. 5. Impression-Marketing.com B2C Marketing Question One: What is the # 1 Inbound Marketing Acquisition Channel for Customers in the B2C Space?
  6. 6. Impression-Marketing.com B2C Marketing Source: 2014 Direct Marketing Association http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/customer-acquisition-strategy/b2c- customer-acquisition-costs-2014/
  7. 7. Impression-Marketing.com B2C Marketing Source: 2014 Direct Marketing Association http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/customer-acquisition-strategy/b2c- customer-acquisition-costs-2014/ • Travel: Priceline.com: $7 • Telecom: Sprint PCS: $315 • Retail: Barnesandnoble.com: $10 • Financial: TD Waterhouse: $175 Sample Customer Acquisition Costs Do you know yours?
  8. 8. ADT Subscriber Acquisition Cost http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1546640/000119312512394 753/d410475dex991.htm Customer Acquisition
  9. 9. 2013 Security Industry Market Share http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1546640/000119312512394 753/d410475dex991.htm Market Share
  10. 10. Growth Opportunities http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1546640/000119312512394 753/d410475dex991.htm Opportunities
  11. 11. Impression-Marketing.com WHY DIGITAL?
  12. 12. Why Digital Marketing? They buying process happens early and often Wonder where they are researching?
  13. 13. Why Digital Marketing? Marketing Spend for 2014 Focused on Digital Survey to Business Leaders in both B2B and B2C
  14. 14. Why Digital Marketing? 91% Projected Growth in Digital Advertising!
  15. 15. Impression-Marketing.com CASE STUDIES
  16. 16. Case Study – Security Company
  17. 17. Impression-Marketing.com 3,600 Website generated phone leads Jan 2012 – Sept 2013 240% Increase in leads 2012 vs 2011 25% Website lead close rate (highest among marketing channels) 13,000 Website visitors from Google Ads Jan 2012 – Sept 2013 480 Website form contact leads Jan 2011 – Sept 2013 544% Estimated ROI generated from $107K marketing investment Jan 2012 – Sept 2013 $ Case Study – Heating & Cooling
  18. 18. Impression-Marketing.com Case Study - Plumbing Increase in unique website visitors since site launch 74% Estimated increase in unique website visitors 2013 vs. 2012 991% ROI $389K estimated revenue generated $37K marketing investment Sept 2012-June 2013 2,016 Oct 2012 – Sept 2013 139 & Website generated phone calls Website contact form leads
  19. 19. Impression-Marketing.com BEST PRACTICES
  20. 20. Lifecycle Marketing Constantly Fill the Funnel With Customers Marketing Convert Leads Transact $$$ Raving Fans Retain Email, Word of Mouth, Social Media Offers… Offer best in class service Website, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Promotions, Offers Clear Call To Action on Site
  21. 21. Impression-Marketing.com Competitive Landscape Do You Have a Competitive Offer to Market? ADT Vivint AT&T Comcast Home Auto. $99 Install incl. Wireless Camera $100 off activation Packages start at $4.99/mo. + $99 install $19.95 per Month Home Sec. $99 installed w/ 3 yr. contract Up to $1,300 in Free Equipment $29.99/mo + $149.99 install or $39.99/mo & zero install $29.95 per Month for 2 years Promoted Offers on Websites (as of 4/14/14)
  22. 22. Impression-Marketing.com Competitive Landscape Leverage Their Advertising • Offer Home Automation • Leverage your Manuals Page Traffic • Optimize your site content • Advertise locally via Pay Per Click, Display, & Remarketing • Get customer reviews
  23. 23. New Mover Segment *Sources: http://www.premove.com/newmovers.htm & http://ezinearticles.com/?New-Mover-Spending-Habits&id=7341395 New Movers spend $10-12K within 6 months! Target via Pay Per Click & New Moving Checklist of Recent Movers Bought a Home Security System
  24. 24. Impression-Marketing.com Website Best Practices • Mobile Responsive • Fresh Content, Blogs • Phone # & Contact Us Form • Call to Action on Every Page • Social & Newsletter Sign Up • Google Analytics • Featured Services or Product Site Design Best Practices
  25. 25. Website Best Practices Mobile To Surpass Desktop in 2014 Is your site mobile responsive? Source:http://www.businessinsider.com/mobile-will-eclipse-desktop-by-2014-2012-6
  26. 26. Question Two: According to Google what percent of users said that if a website didn’t work well on their Smart Phone the company didn’t care about them? Website Best Practices
  27. 27. Impression-Marketing.com • 10-25% of your website visitation probably comes from a smartphone and it will keep increasing. • Visitors will leave your site and go to your competitors. • Google has indicated search results will be penalized if you don’t have a mobile friendly site • At least have a scaled-down version of your desktop website • Utilize “browser-detection” and “responsive design” to ensure the mobile site displays appropriately Why Mobile Responsive?
  28. 28. Impression-Marketing.com Content Marketing Content Marketing is the new SEO
  29. 29. Impression-Marketing.com Content Marketing Work With Your Sales Team 1. • Identify Customer Personas • Identify Information Categories 2. • Develop Buying Process Map • Work Forward or Backwards 3. • Research & Confirm Findings
  30. 30. Impression-Marketing.com Content Marketing Create a Content Strategy 1. • Define Business Goals • Research Key Words/Phrases 2. • Map out Strategy by Month, Promotion Period Etc… 3. • Write Content for Site, Blogs, & Social Media (using key words)
  31. 31. Impression-Marketing.com Content Marketing Use Local Content For Social & Blogs
  32. 32. Impression-Marketing.com Google updated algorithms in 2013, making content king & social sharing queen. Get Higher Rankings on Google • New algorithms focus on speed and precision • Conversational Search • People ask questions • Your website needs high quality content to rank with frequent changes • Fake spammy links to your site may be hurting your SEO
  33. 33. Drive Site Traffic - Local Local Directories Help Search Rankings Are you listed in any of these? *Sources:http://www.yext.com/blog/2012/09/the-most-important-local-business-directories-for-seo/
  34. 34. Impression-Marketing.com Google Ads Generate Leads Pay Per Click Ads Rank #2 Digital Lead Gen B2B B2C
  35. 35. Impression-Marketing.com Google Ads Generate Leads Make Your Ads Stand Out from the Ordinary! Get Fit, Get Lucky Awesome variety of running & walking shoes. Get fit today. Walk Your Butt Off Seriously. Get fitted w/ the right Walking shoes for best results. Got Gas Problems? We can handle your gas appliances, outdoor kitchens A Kinder Colonoscopy? Better colon prep & sedation Less grogginess after Kids Home Alone? Check-in using your smartphone & see what they are up to at anytime Don’t’ Go Up in Smoke We offer full service alarm Systems, service & maintenance
  36. 36. Social Media • Create videos to promote products, post testimonials, how to’s, & educate • Share news & updates on industry events • Learn from online communities and tailor content to target them • Promote your website content • Use targeted social buttons on your website to encourage visitors to share your content • Engage with customers & potential leads Focus Social on Top Sites
  37. 37. Social Media Build, Post & Engage via Facebook Ads http://moz.com/blog/1-dollar-per-day-on-facebook-ads
  38. 38. Retention http://www.customerforlife.com/blog/salesforce/2013/03/26/retention-vs-acquisition/ Question Three: How much more costly is it to Acquire a new customer vs. retaining an existing customer?
  39. 39. Retention Retaining is More Cost Effective http://www.customerforlife.com/blog/salesforce/2013/03/26/retention-vs-acquisition/
  40. 40. • Has a wide & quick reach • Use for Referral Programs • Excels in Return-on-Investment • Improves brand awareness and customer relations • Is measurable and easily modified • Is customizable by type of customer Email Marketing Use Email Marketing for Retention http://www.camfoundation.com/PDF/Cost-of-customer-acquisition-vs-customer-retention.pdf
  41. 41. Impression-Marketing.com Email Marketing – How To? • Keep it short & relevant • Good mix of text, images, videos • Test multiple subject lines • Tie in blogs & social media • Clearly state benefits • Send often, at 1x a month • Segment your address list • Measure Open and Click Through Rates • Use a good system! – Constant Contact, Mail Chimp
  42. 42. Impression-Marketing.com Improve Results Low Hanging
  43. 43. Impression-Marketing.com Leveraging Customers Customer Reviews Improved Google Rankings $ New Customers
  44. 44. Impression-Marketing.com Ask Customers for Reviews
  45. 45. Impression-Marketing.com Customer Reviews
  46. 46. Impression-Marketing.com Measuring Traffic & Results • Unique visitor traffic • Bounce rates on pages • Keyword searches • Mobile phone traffic • Conversions/Contact Forms • Site Speed • Time on site & pages • Paid search • Referrals • Email & Social Key Performance Indicators Google Analytics
  47. 47. Measuring Traffic & Results Customized KPI Tracking Business Growth Indicators (BGIs) Marketing Growth Indicators (MGIs) Customer Service Indicators (CSIs) Competitor Analysis Indicators (CAIs) Improve Results
  48. 48. Sample Marketing Plan Determine Business Goals & Target Markets Ensure Offers are Competitive Use Website Best Practices Ensure Site is Mobile Responsive Develop Content Marketing Strategy Setup Social & Email Channels Test Paid Ads (Google, Facebook) Analyze, Measure and Optimize
  49. 49. Stalk us online at Impression-Marketing.com Impression-Marketing.com ImpressionMarketing @impressionM Special Offer for Webinar Attendees! Free Digital Marketing Consult & Website Analysis
  50. 50. Impression-Marketing.com Impression-Marketing.com ImpressionMarketing @impressionM APPENDIX
  51. 51. Impression-Marketing.com Marketing Spending
  52. 52. Measuring Traffic & Results Customized KPI Tracking
  53. 53. Measuring Traffic & Results Customized KPI Tracking
  54. 54. Why Digital Marketing? Digital Channels Outpacing Traditional