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An overview of ImportGenius.com, a leading provider of business intelligence for the import-export community.

An overview of ImportGenius.com, a leading provider of business intelligence for the import-export community.

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  • 1. Watch Competitors
    Watch Suppliers
    Empower Yourself
    1-888-843-0272 info@importgenius.com www.importgenius.com
  • 2.
    • Import Genius gives you real-time access to genuine U.S. Customs records for American importers and their suppliers.
    • 3. Lets you search ocean freight imports by product, company name, ports, shipment dates.
    • 4. For each shipment you get detailed information about the importer and exporter, plus product descriptions, dates and dozens of other data points.
    What is Import Genius?
  • 5. How Does it Work?
    • Import Genius collects data for ocean freight shipments passing through all U.S. ports and makes that data searchable through our web application.
    • 6. You simply search by keywords to find shipping histories for all companies that have moved product to the U.S. market.
    • 7. Unlike other popular B2B portals, there are no paid listings on our site.
  • What Data Does
    Import Genius Provide?
    • Import Genius offers access to Customs records licensed directly from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
    • 8. These public records contain information on all the products entering the country by sea.
    • 9. By indexing over 49 million of these records in our
    database, we make it possible for you to quickly find exactly the information you are interested in.
  • 10. How Easy Is It To Use?
  • 11. Choose a Search Type.
  • 12. Set the Date Range
  • 13. View Shipment Results
  • 14. Zoom in For More Details
  • 15. Export Report To Manipulate Information As Needed
  • 16. Visual MappingView trading connections for any company
  • 17. Who Uses Import Genius?
  • Why Use Import Genius?
    • To monitor the shipment activity of competitors and suppliers
    • 23. To research suppliers for any kind of product
    • 24. To ensure exclusive agent compliance
    • 25. To identify sales targets for transportation and logistics companies
    • 26. To analyze the activity of publicly traded companies
    • 27. To enforce intellectual property rights
  • What Sets Import Genius Apart From The Others?
    Not finding what you’re looking for in our database?
    Customer Service is available 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST Monday – Friday Via Phone or LiveChat
    Website is Available In:
    • English
    • 28. Spanish
    • 29. French
    • 30. German
    • 31. Chinese
    • 32. Japanese
    • 33. Italian
    • 34. Portuguese
    • 35. Purchase Subscription or One-Time Report With Lower Pricing
    • 36. Easier Search Interface
    • 37. Sign up online for use within minutes
    • 38. Pay by credit card, wire transfer, PayPal or check
  • Compare Plan Options
  • 39. Import Genius is the leading provider of business intelligence for the import-export industry.
    Sign up online now at www.ImportGenius.com
    Or give us a call: 888-843-0272