B.tex 2 fundamentals of textiles


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Business of textiles. Fundamental of textiles.

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B.tex 2 fundamentals of textiles

  1. 1. Introduction to Textiles Rakhi Mital
  2. 2. Textiles FundamentalBasic TermsFiber-• Any Substance, Natural or Man made ,with a – . High length to Width ratio.. And with ..Suitable characteristics…for being processed into FABRIC..• SMALLEST COMPONENT- Hair-like in nature that can be separated from Fabric.
  3. 3. Textiles FundamentalBasic TermsYarn-An Assemblage of Fibers –Twisted or Laid together.. to form Continuous Strand ------can be laid into Textile Fabric
  4. 4. Textiles FundamentalBasic TermsFabric-Flexible planar Substance Constructed from Solution, Fibers, Yarns in .any combination.Textile-Term ONLY Applied to Wovens..initially…NOW TO- also.. Fibers, Yarns, Fabric Or Products made from….Fibers, Yarns, FabricGray/Grey/ Greige—Goods–Any fabric that has NOT BEEN FINISHED.
  5. 5. Textiles Industry…PROBLEMS--- DUE to New DevelopmentS………..Items Look –Alike.Knitted fabrics Look Like ---- ----WovensVinyl & Polyurethane Look Like ---- LeatherAcrylic & Polyester Look Like ---- Wool…Cotton Look Like ----–Polyester blends of Polyester/Cotton.Govt. & Industry INITIATIVES…• Set Standards• Quality Control Programs• Federal law Informs ConsumersAbout –fiber content - care requirements - proper labeling, -fair trade practices…ETC
  6. 6. Diversity in Textiles..PERSONAL HYGIENE TRANSPORTATION ENVIORMENT MEDICALTooth & hair brush Tire cord Erosion barrier Support wrapsMake-up brushes Bicyle helmets Drainage screens Surgical masksFeminine hygiene products Seat belts + air bags Air & water filters SuturesDental floss Brake Linings Weed Control barriers Bandages/GlovesIncontinence pads Intereiors of cars, planes… Shore protectors FiltersFOOD ANIMAL CARE AGRICULTURE PROTECTITIVE GEARBags & sacks Blankets Bags & sacks Bullet resistant VestsCoffee filters Pet bed liners Ropes Heat& fire resistant suitsTea Bags Hoses & belts Chemical resistant GlovesPackaging materials Plant Covers & tree wrapsSPORTS & RECREATION MANUFACTURED GOODS MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS BUILDING MATERIALSHelmet liners Conveyer Belts Banners & flags InsulationString of rackets carpet backing Candle Wick Covers for wiringTents Wipes Book Bindings Venetion BlindsBack packs Paint rollers Felt Tip pens Awningslife jackets Lampshades Wall coveringsFishing line & nets Sandbags Moisture barriersArtifical playing surfaces Mops & dusting Cloth Pool liners & covers
  7. 7. Product DevelopmentProduct Development…. Could be of –• Furnishings- new Design for Office furnishings• Selecting Fabric for Apparel- Creating fabric• New Style- Design New Apparel• Modify Current style- Like Denim• Modifying Competitors style
  8. 8. Role of - Product Development -TEAMRole..of..Product Development..TEAMProduct Development-----INVOLVES Many PeopleIdentifying Consumers Expectations… with specialized knowledge. Like…PD Specialists + Designers + MerchandisersFor..Product Development….RESPONSIBILITY OF- PD TEAM.-Knowledge of Product Characteristics Appeal to specific Target Market. CONSUMER TASTE-Market Research – Identifying CONSUMER… (what like, how live, where shop…) CONSUMER?-Knowing how to Produce Item …Meet Consumers DEMAND CONSUMERDEMAND-Knowledge of Yarn, fiber fabric Type Weight , finishes etc…For Product Serviceablity..CONSUMER USE
  9. 9. What is… Serviceability ?Serviceability- describesMeasure of Textile Product’s ABILITY to meet Consumers NEEDSUse these Concepts--•Aesthetics• Durability• Comfort• Safety• Appearance• Care• Environmental Impact m ance…• Cost d s an Perfor rac teristic t il e--- cha te to Tex to --Rela
  10. 10. What is Performance ?Manner in which Textile (product) /Textile component…………………responds to UseORresponds to Environmental Factorthat might ..Adversely..Affect it.. Y..- QU ALIT N…in D UCT MENSIO arket.. PRO tant DI obal m r l Impo etitive G p Com
  11. 11. Importance toDevelop Professional Knowledge in TextilesKnowledge of –Textile …• Ensures..Better Selection of Textile..• Understands its Limitation• Better Product Development for Specific use… Satisfied user…