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Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
Magpie Smart Grid Engineering
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Magpie Smart Grid Engineering


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Magpie\'s expertise in developing software for the smart grid market

Magpie\'s expertise in developing software for the smart grid market

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  • 1. Magpie Smart Grid Capabilities<br />Roxy Podlogar <br />SVP Sales and Marketing303 – 437-0933 Mobile <br /> 303–453–8380 Office<br /><br />12050 N. Pecos Street, Suite 210<br />Denver, CO 80234<br />Chair - CCIA Smart Grid Working Group<br />
  • 2. Enabling Technologies – Magpie <br />2<br />Integrated <br />Communications <br />Network <br />Distributed <br />Generation &<br />Storage <br />Consumers<br /> (Industrial, Commercial,<br /> Residential)<br />Utility Back Office <br /><ul><li>Web Enablement
  • 3. Web Services
  • 4. Alert Management
  • 5. Data Integration
  • 6. Policy Automation
  • 7. Real-time data intake
  • 8. Smart Meters
  • 9. Micro grid EMS
  • 10. Substation Automation
  • 11. Smart Meters
  • 12. 2 Way Communication
  • 13. Customer portal –
  • 14. Home Area Network, Building Area Network
  • 15. Smart Appliances
  • 16. Demand Response
  • 17. Web 2.0
  • 18. IPv6
  • 19. Broadband over power Lines
  • 20. Wireless (WIFI, 3G, 4G)
  • 21. Network Control
  • 22. Cyber Security </li></ul>The gap between today and tomorrow can be addressed with many technologies Magpie has developed over the past 20 years for other industries<br />Photo Credits – See Last Page<br />
  • 23. Magpie Can Help Your Company in Two Ways <br />Service For Utility Customers<br />Instrumenting existing custom software for alerts<br />Providing custom middleware<br />Web service enablement<br />Alert enrichment (extracting data from back office applications)<br />Protocol conversions<br />Custom dashboards/monitors<br />Web Portal Creation<br />OSS/BSS system integration <br />Advancing Product Roadmap<br />Articulating system architectures<br />Developing feature components from specifications<br />Productizing customer-specific adaptations<br />Eliciting, elaborating, and documenting customer requirements<br />Developing adapters, monitors<br />Developing Rich Visual Components<br />3<br />As investment in smart grid accelerates changes in products features and customer demand for deployment assistance, Magpie can fill the gaps in both professional services and product features.<br />
  • 24. Magpie Smart Grid Experience <br />4<br /><ul><li>Secure Web Portals
  • 25. Secure Data Interchange with Utilities
  • 26. Web service enablement of Energy Management Services in the NOC
  • 27. ZigBee firmware development
  • 28. Requirements Analysis and Use Cases</li></ul>RMSSGI Grant<br /><ul><li>Utility Liaison and Systems Integrator
  • 29. Virtual Demonstration Application highlighting the role of the intelligent IP switch in building-area energy management
  • 30. Implemented 9 IP-event triggered Energy Conservation Use Cases</li></ul>2009 User Conference<br /><ul><li>Presentation on HAN Firmware Upgrade Imperatives
  • 31. Founding Member
  • 32. Smart Grid Working Group – Chair and Committee Member
  • 33. Panelist – Smart Grid Technology Challenges</li></li></ul><li>Smart Energy Experience – Business Solution - Home to Utility, Firmware to Web Portal <br />HAN Device Firmware <br />Interpreting or Defining New Standards <br />Capture Control <br />Consumer Portal <br />Consumer Engagement<br />Consumer Privacy <br />HAN/Internet Gateway <br />Supporting multiple AMI device vendors /utility deployments<br />Utility Portal <br />Utility Partnership<br />Backhaul<br />Maintenance of the HAN<br />Retail Device Support<br />Device Interoperability<br />DRLC Command via API<br />HAN Services At NOC<br />Policy<br />Demand Response<br />Variable Rate Management<br />Consumer Preferences<br />Business Rules <br />Data Repository <br />Meeting Availability Expectations <br />Aggregation <br />
  • 34. Smart Energy Experience – Technology - Home to Utility, Firmware to Web Portal <br />HAN Device Firmware <br />JAVA, C Programming<br />ZigBee Protocol <br />Capture Control <br />Consumer Portal <br />Internet Security <br />Single-Sign-On <br />Rich Web Interface <br />HAN/Internet Gateway <br />Update Distribution, Embedded Linux, AMI<br />Utility Portal <br />Data Aggregation <br />Control <br />Backhaul<br />SOA, ZigBee, Smart Energy Profile<br />ItronOpenWay API <br />HAN Services At NOC<br />Policy<br />Hibernate Database<br />Abstraction, Demand Response, Variable Rate Policy, etc.<br />Business Rules <br />Data Repository <br />Aggregation <br />Data Modeling, SQL, Database Availability <br />
  • 35. Services We Provide <br />Applications <br />Rich Internet Applications<br />Web Portals and Applications<br />Demos and Prototypes<br />Speech Enabled (ASR/TTS)<br />Voice Mail<br />Intelligent Networks<br />Wireless and Cellular Applications<br />Energy Management/Demand Response<br />Conferencing and Scheduling<br />Platforms <br />Call Control Platforms<br />Interactive Voice Response<br />Application & Web Servers<br />System Design & Architecture<br />Handsets<br />Switching Platforms<br />Application Management & Control <br />Embedded Devices<br />General Purpose Computing<br />Embedded/Firmware <br />Set Top Boxes <br />Energy Monitors <br />Base Station Routers<br />Modems & Gateways<br />Software & Firmware Update<br />Thermostats & Outlets <br />Protocols <br />Specification interpretation<br />Protocol implementation<br />Certification of Protocols <br />Standards recommendations<br />Specification definition <br />
  • 36. Technical Competencies<br />Protocols<br />Web Enablement <br />Platforms<br /><ul><li>ZigBee
  • 37. SNMP/TL1
  • 38. Ethernet, TCP/IP
  • 40. VoIP H.323, SIP, IMS, H.248, RTP, T.38, V.150
  • 41. Internet XML, SMTP/POP3/IMAP4, HTTP, HTTPS (TLS/SSL)
  • 42. MVC Frameworks
  • 43. Struts, JSF, Spring MVC
  • 44. Web Servers, Servlet Containers Web Services: SOAP, REST
  • 45. HTML/XML, CSS
  • 46. Ruby on Rails (Rapid Web Dev)
  • 47. Rich Internet Apps
  • 48. App Servers
  • 49. Media Servers
  • 50. IPTV, Set Top Boxes ., VOD
  • 51. PBX, Base Station Routers
  • 52. IVR, Messaging
  • 53. Embedded
  • 54. SANs</li></ul>Domains<br />Languages<br />Data Bases <br /><ul><li> Open Source MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • 55. Commercial SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix
  • 57. Telecom
  • 58. IPTV
  • 59. Health Care
  • 60. Energy
  • 61. SANs
  • 62. Unified Communications
  • 63. Telepresence
  • 64. Java
  • 65. C/ C++
  • 66. C#/.NET
  • 67. Flex
  • 68. Ruby
  • 69. PERL
  • 70. Java Script</li></li></ul><li>Our Customers <br />Consulting<br />Applications <br />Embedded/Middleware<br />Protocols <br />
  • 71. Photo Snippet Credits <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />10<br />