Gangs May 13


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Gangs May 13

  1. 1. Psychology 20 May 13, 2009 Gangs - continued
  2. 2. The police's definition of a gang is: a group of individuals, juvenile and or adult, who associate on a continuous basis, form an allegiance for a common purpose, and are involved in delinquent or criminal activity. GANGS
  3. 3. Arrests made in home invasion The Prince Albert Daily Herald An arrest has been made in what police call a “gang-related” home invasion Monday. Clayton Albert, a 27-year-old male, appeared in court Wednesday, where he was charged with long list of offences, including • Aggravated assault • two counts of robbery with a weapon • assault with a weapon • assault causing bodily harm • six counts of unlawful confinement • five counts of uttering threats • five counts of pointing a firearm. Police say they are continuing to seek more suspects in relation to the incident. See tomorrow’s Daily Herald for more.
  4. 4. Five in hospital after gang-assault MA TTHEW GAUK The Prince Albert Daily Herald Five young people have been sent to hospital this morning after a large-scale break-and-enter and assault in the West Flat. Three individuals, whose ages range from 21 to 26, are in good condition at Victoria Hospital. A fourth, a 26-year-old male, was sent to Royal University Hospital in critical condition. The condition of the other person is unknown at this time. City Police say that several people forced their way into a residence in the 1500 block of 16th Street West early in the morning. The occupants of the residence were assaulted. Police are investigating and have suspects in the case. In a media release, Insp. Howard Georgeson wrote that "the circumstances surrounding this occurrence appear to be influenced by gang activity."
  5. 5. Five teens charged S aturday incident at Prime Ministers' Park leads to murder charge B RIGETTE JOBIN The Prince Albert Daily Herald Five teenage boys appeared in court Monday morning facing charges in relation to the city's second murder of the year. None of the teenagers can be identified because their names are protected under the Youth Justice Act. The boys range in age from 14 to 16. A 15-year-old is charged with second-degree murder and the remaining four are charged with aggravated assault. All of the youths are in custody and will remain behind bars pending the outcome of bail hearings set for later this week. "The Crown is opposed to their release at this point," said Crown prosecutor Ryan Claxton. No further details about the death of 18-year-old Dean Josie are being released at this time. Staff Sgt. Howard Georgeson said the teenager died at the scene of the crime in Prime Ministers' Park Saturday morning. An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death. Given the number of suspects charged, Georgeson was asked whether the crime appeared to be gang related. "I cannot confirm or deny that at this point but it is an aspect of the investigation that we are looking into," said Georgeson. Police are still investigating the murder and are encouraging any witnesses who have not yet spoken to police to come forward with information.
  6. 6. PRINCE ALBERT GANGS Who belongs? What types of activities is the gang involved in? Other details:
  7. 7. Gangs in Calgary Police brace for gang violence after downtown slaying L ast Updated: Wednesday, January 2, 2008 | 5:23 PM Kim was well-known to police and had been charged with numerous drugs and weapons offences, said acting Staff Sgt. Martin Schiavetta. "The gang he is associated to has been responsible for numerous violent acts in the city," he said. Kim was arrested on Dec. 27 for breaching court conditions and released three days before he was gunned down. "Obviously our biggest concern is the cycle of violence that gangs continue to perpetuate. Our gang members are targets any place, any time," Schiavetta said, adding the fact the shooting happened during the day concerns investigators. "Gang members are opportunistic and they have a deep hatred for one another and will go to all ends to locate and hurt their rivals." Police said Kim was a close associate of John Pheng, another gang member who was shot to death, in a bar on 17th Avenue S.W. in 2005. 'Obviously our biggest concern is the cycle of violence that gangs continue to perpetuate.' — Acting Staff Sgt. Martin Schiavetta K im also testified at the trial of his friend Vuthy Kong, 24, who was found guilty of manslaughter in the 2002 stabbing death of Adam Miu. Police said they'll be pulling surveillance tape from local businesses to help in the investigation. They're also looking for a dark-coloured SUV that sped through the alley in reverse. "It cut off traffic going southbound on 8th Street. We're following those leads," said Staff Sgt. Chris Matthews of the homicide section. Meanwhile, an autopsy has been scheduled for Thursday on the body of a man found on the front lawn of a house in the 1900 block of 49th Avenue S.W. on New Year's Day. Police are treating that case as a suspicious death.
  8. 8. A Calgary restaurant where three men were killed Thursday remained closed Friday, Jan.2, 2009 as police continue to investigate. (Bill Graveland / THE CANADIAN PRESS)
  9. 9. Calgary police say triple slaying was gang-related U pdated Fri. Jan. 2 2009 6:37 PM ET C News Staff C algary police say the shooting incident that killed three people at a Vietnamese restaurant in the southeast part of the city on New Year's Day was a gang-related crime. Deputy Chief Murray Stooke told reporters Friday that the particulars of the crime have led police to conclude that the shooting was "a targeted attack and gang-related." He said three people walked into the Bolsa Restaurant late Thursday afternoon and fired upon a table where a woman and two men were sitting. The woman was unharmed in the incident, but a third man who was to join the group at the table was gunned down outside the front door of the restaurant. "There was great potential for innocent victims to be at risk and we had innocent victims killed last year," he said. "One young lady was in a restaurant and was not involved except to be out with her boyfriend at the time of that shooting." One of the three men killed was wearing a ballistic vest, Stooke said. K illings linked to ongoing gang conflict Stooke also said that one of the deceased was a known gang member and police "believe this matter is related to the ongoing violence between two Calgary gangs." Acting Staff Sergeant Gord Eiriksson, of the Organized Crime Operations Centre, said that the feud has been going on for the best part of a decade. "We don't really have a specific trigger for the violence," he told in a telephone interview from Calgary on Friday. "This started six to seven years ago by two groups of individuals. They were essentially one group and due to whatever instigated the rift, it broke into two groups and they've been at odds ever since." He estimates that between 15 and 20 people have been killed as a result. Eiriksson said the conflict between the two groups started with fistfights, but has escalated to much more serious types of violence. While Calgary police do not identify gangs by name, Eiriksson said the two groups were composed mostly of members with Asian backgrounds -- although they do hold ties to associates from other backgrounds. Stooke said police have concerns the conflict will get worse before it gets better. "We are concerned that this back and forth retaliatory conflict will continue in 2009," Stooke told reporters. "However, we're undertaking all the steps we can to intervene and put an end to that conflict."
  10. 10. The investigation Duty Inspector Dean LaGrange told on Thursday that police responded to a call of a reported shooting at 3:50 p.m. At least ten people were in the Bolsa Restaurant at the time of the shooting. The three men were eating in the main part of the Vietnamese restaurant when they were shot. Investigators are looking at a number of suspects and it is believed they fled the scene in a silver vehicle. Calgary has had many problems with gang activity in recent months, which police say is linked to more than one-third of city homicides. Stooke said Calgary now has one of the highest homicide rates in Canada -- a symptom of growing violence seen in Alberta over the past five years. P olice investigate separate Jan. 1 death Prior to the shooting incident, the Calgary police major crime unit was investigating the death of a man in his early twenties who died after an apparent altercation at a pub in the northeast part of the city. "At this point there's very little known about this victim. It's believed he's new to Canada. Police are in the process of trying to locate his next of kin," Acting Staff Sgt. Patty McCallum said Thursday. Police have since charged Northwind Hart, 32, with second-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear in a provincial court on Jan. 14. A second man is in custody but no charges have been laid. Two other men involved in the altercation were treated in hospital and released. W ith files from The Canadian Press, CTV Calgary and
  11. 11. Mathias (s orry - I couldn't access your material)
  12. 12. CALGARY GANGS Who belongs? What types of activities is the gang involved in? Other details:
  13. 13. FINAL SLIDE FOR MAY 13, 2009