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Imperative Research is a market research company that provides the entire plethora of market research, technology and analytics services to companies and other market research agencies in compliance with the industry best practices, as outlined in ISO 20252:2006 and CMMi.

The current list of customers includes several Fortune 500 companies like the biggest networking equipment company of the world, the biggest computer and printing equipment company of the world etc. We also provide consulting and other services to several large market research agencies in specific areas.

We are headquartered in New Delhi, India with local sales representations in USA and United Kingdom. We are opening our office in London (United Kingdom) and Florida (Unites States). We have designed our corporate governance to include quality, agility and customer-orientation as our core business vales. The company is a Microsoft Partner for its technology practice and also a member of several market research forums.

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Imperative Research - Market Research Support Services Company

  1. 1. We Are A Market Research Support Company Fieldwork | Data Collection Survey Programming Tabulations and Charting Online Interactive Dashboards | Reporting SolutionsImperative Research February 2013
  2. 2. About Us • We provide full range of services for Market Research and Analytics to clients around the globe. • Headquartered in New Delhi, India and starting office in Florida (USA), London (UK), Dubai (UAE) soon. • We partner with research firms to provide innovative, efficient global research solutions. • Our team of market research professionals has excellent experience in managing multiple projects and working with clients across the globe. • We follow CMMi for Services model in our services for our clients ensuring high quality, reliability and low costs. • Our service delivery model is designed to be responsive, responsible and pro-active. • Low cost, high quality solutions. • We provide – Survey Programming, Fieldwork ( Data Collection ), Tabulations, Charting, Report Writing, Interactive Reporting and Dashboard SolutionsImperative Research February 2013
  3. 3. What We Can Do For You! Take advantage of our We have programmed We specialize in We blend our research multi-mode data and hosted simple to tabulation and charting experience and collection with 60+ complex studies using services using various knowledge with million active and almost every survey tools. We maintain high technology to convert responsive panelists programming platform. level of accuracy, your static PowerPoint deck including consumers, Use our experienced desired aesthetics in reports into real-time physicians, pharmacists, team for high quality, low simple to complex online and Microsoft patients and business costs and quick-turn- tabulation, charting & Excel based interactive individuals in 70 around survey scripting open end coding. reporting dashboards. countries. needs.Imperative Research February 2013
  4. 4. Survey Programming Services We have programmed and hosted simple to complex studies using different survey scripting platformsImperative Research February 2013
  5. 5. Survey Programming Services With extensive technical programming skills in Java Script,, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex, we can shape the look and feel of surveys as you require. Programming Capabilities in The entire survey programming team is certified by ConfirmIt, SPSS. • Confirmit We can program multi-lingual studies and questionnaires with complex logic. • SPSS-Dimensions We have programmed - • Vovici • Kinesis • Employee Research • Nebu • Satisfaction Surveys • iPad • Medical Outcomes • iPhone • Readership Surveys • Android • Brand and Ad Awareness • MR-Interview • Product Positioning • Net-MR • Brand and Image Management Assessments • QuestionPro • Awareness and Behavior Study • SurveyMonkey • New Product Development Research • Market or Customer Profiling Analysis We have established processes • Market Segmentation Studies for both project execution and • Market Share Assessment quality checks, to ensure quick • Panel Recruitment turn-around-time and high • Tracking Studies quality. • Customer InterceptsImperative Research February 2013
  6. 6. Fieldwork | Data Collection Services Multi-mode data collection with access to over 64 million panelists in 70+ countries including consumers, physicians, patients across the globe.Imperative Research February 2013
  7. 7. Fieldwork | Data Collection • Multi-mode data collection with access to over 60 million individuals including consumers, ITDM, business, patients, physicians. • We cover 70+ countries using our own panel and partners. • Empanelled 250+ panel vendors across the globe. • CATI facility with modern infrastructure. • We provide best sample from right source in each market at economical costs. • Successfully blend samples and methodology for low incidence targets. • Expertise in working on B2C, B2B, Healthcare projects. • Multi Country, Multi Mode ( Online, Phone, In-Person etc. ) - • Full Project management • Local market vendor partnersImperative Research February 2013
  8. 8. Fieldwork | Data Collection More About Panels Business Panel Consumer Panel Healthcare Panel • IT Professionals, blue-collar • Highest quality panelists from • Millions of active and highly executives, marketing our local partners. desirable Physicians, Patients, professionals, opinion leaders, Pharmacists, Caregivers and purchase influencers, C-Level • Millions of consumer panelists Allied Health Professionals from executives, business owners and from over 70 countries. 70 countries. business decision makers • Highly active and responsive • Reach to even low-incidence • We ensure that our local consumer panelists. target. partners have collected Job Title, Job function, Industry, Company • We ensure double opt-ins. • Reach to key therapeutic Size, Business Revenue, Years in categories. Business, Direct Reports, Type of • Properly segregated under key Decision Maker, IT Areas of demographics. • With excellent segregation Responsibility, General Areas of under key areas, we can provide responsibility and number of even the most precise computers from our panelists segments. • We ensure double opt-ins.Imperative Research February 2013
  9. 9. Fieldwork | Data Collection Data Collection Methods Personal Interviews Our teams ( including vendor’s teams ) are well versed with the procedure and Group Discussions handle the tasks tactfully to ensure high Depth Interviews quality of data. To know the general mood of the target We host in-depth one-on-one audience, to gauge their pulse, and to interviews to get exhaustive information explore discrepancies in their behavior from respondents for an in-debt study pattern (if any), we conduct Group and analysis. Discussions. Online Data Collection Web based surveys where a link is given to the respondents and they can Central Location Tests fill up the forms simply by visiting that Telephone Interviews link. We conduct tests that are held at a Calling up the respondents and centrally located place. The knowing their responses- all this is respondents are provided computer done by our executives in the telecom systems to fill survey forms and a team department with professional expertise is present to assist them to do the Mobile Based Data Collection and tactful approach. same. Web surveys are launched on mobile or iPad for data collection. The data collection happens even while internet connection is not available. We deploy excellent team and methodologies in data collection methodsImperative Research February 2013
  10. 10. A Bit More About CATI Our Facility & Resources • Hi Speed automated dialer • 15 CATI stations with 100% recording facility. • Real-time access to recordings and take feedback. • Experienced multi-lingual interviewers for excellent engagement. • Excellent Quality Check measures to monitor the quality and make adjustments on hourly basis. • Formation of key metrics as per project and delivery of QA reports. • Experienced interviewers in Industry Verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Hospitality Sector, Information Technology, FMCG and many more. • Supervision by experienced Project Managers for higher productivity and excellent quality. • Languages we can support – English French German Italian Spanish Japanese Chinese Thai Dutch Korean Portuguese Arabic Bahasa ( Indonesian) Turkish Cantonese Danish Swedish Czech Polish RussianImperative Research February 2013
  11. 11. Fieldwork | Data Collection We Ensure Best Partners With a strong and strategic tie-ups, we continuously monitor our 250+ local partners to ensure high quality in different panels. Every partner is empaneled through a carefully designed process with following checks: • We check the methodologies available with our partners. • We ensure that all Esomar’s 26 questions are answered and adhered. • We check the type of incentive system and its legal verification. • Methodologies that are adopted for recruitment of panel, by our partners. • We check on double-opt in panel. • We check the processes that are in place to maintain the health of panel in terms of duplication and fraudulence. • We check the process to contact panelists for surveys. • We check the extent of profiling of panelists.Imperative Research February 2013
  12. 12. Fieldwork | Data Collection Our Global Coverage Iceland Finland Alaska, US Norway Sweden Russia Latvia & Estonia Canada Nederlands Germany Lithuania Poland UK & Ireland Luxemburg Ukraine Austria & Romania France USA Hungary Bulgaria Portugal Spain Italy Greece Turkey Korea Japan Syria Morocco Tunisia China Mexico Algeria Libya Saudi Puerto Rico Egypt Arabia India Thailand Taiwan UAE Oman Yemen Vietnam Costa Rica Venezuela Philippines Nigeria Ethiopia Malaysia Colombia Kenya Singapore Indonesia Peru Brazil Angola Bolivia Zimbabwe Namibia Paraguay Botswana Mozambique Mauritius Chile South Africa Argentina Australia New ZealandImperative Research February 2013
  13. 13. Tabulations, Charting, Report Writing, Coding & Translation We specialize in tabulation and charting services using various tools. We maintain high level of accuracy, your desired aesthetics in simple to complex tabulation, charting & open end coding.Imperative Research February 2013
  14. 14. Tabulations, Charting, Report Writing, Coding & Translation Data Tabulations We have experience and capability of handling projects from simple to large-scale, multi-geography, multi-wave data collected in different formats. We have a team of skilled people in handling hierarchical data and complex weighting schematics. We can provide tabulations using SPSS, Quantum, Wincross, and Excel at the data and tab level. Charting Our charting team is comprised of data visualization experts who can produce variety of output options from tabulations. From simple to complex charts, our charting team not only produces graphical reports but can also provide brief analysis of data as an executive summary. We provide charting services in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Coding Coding using existing codebooks Coding by your specific company’s standards or industry guidelines Multi-lingual coding Coding done through Ascribe Building new codebooks Manual coding process done on question basis to ensure high quality Translation Services We provide translation services focusing on precise expression of questions and verbatim across cultures and languages. With our localized manual translation services, we deliver outstanding quality at competitive prices. We undertake translation of European and Asian languages. Report Writing Services Report writing including interpretation and narrative writing basis the data. We can convert the collected data into insights to provide in-depth visibility in business operations. Our quality checks, proof reading of transcripts and content analysis procedures are build to ensure high quality information from the reports.Imperative Research February 2013
  15. 15. Online Reporting & Dashboard Applications We blend our research experience and knowledge with technology to convert static PowerPoint deck reports into real- time online and Microsoft Excel based interactive reporting dashboards.Imperative Research February 2013
  16. 16. Interactive Dashboards & Reporting Solutions • Online interactive dashboards and reporting applications using respondent level & aggregated data. • Solutions based on data cubes or normalized databases for faster report generation. • Tools to automate reports or scorecards created in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. • Applications which can connect directly with ConfirmIT or Dimensions to pull the data. • Interactive user interfaces using Adobe Flash, Flex, and Silverlight. • Business Intelligence tools for the Market Research industry. • Normative databases. • Flexible Cross Tab creation features to view in both tabular and chart formats. Flash tools for Surveys • Improved aesthetics and design quality. • Stimulating and engaging survey environments with creative designs. • Seamless integration in any survey scripting platform. • Increased completion rates and rich responses. • Easy data collection within survey pages.Imperative Research February 2013
  17. 17. Flash Tools for Surveys • Improved aesthetics and design quality. • Stimulating and engaging survey environments with creative designs. • Seamless integration in any survey scripting platform. • Increased completion rates and rich responses. • Easy data collection within survey pages. • We develop tools which can be integrated in Confirmit, Kinesis, Nebu, SPSS Shopping Cart / Shelf Discreet Choice Tools The shopping shelf is displayed to the respondents We have developed variety of discreet choice flash with products placed on shelves. Respondents can tools to make it easier for respondents to make view the shelf, pick a product to view, purchase choice on brands, products or services. choice of products etc. Image Highlighters with Heatmaps Video Rating Tools We have developed variety of image highlighters You can load any number of videos in our video where you can load as many concepts or images to rating tools. The video rating tools play the video show to respondents. for respondents with features to rank certain parts of the videosImperative Research February 2013
  18. 18. Projects Executed So Far Online Data Collection • We executed 60+ projects in 2012 for online data collection for our clients in USA, Canada, UK and France. Offline Data Collection • We executed 20 CATI studies in 2012 for our clients in USA and Canada. Survey Scripting • We executed 180+ survey scripting projects in Kinesis and Confirmit for our clients in USA, Canada and UK. Online Dashboards and Flash Tools • We delivered 16 online interactive dashboard and reporting solutions to our clients in USA. • We delivered 10 interactive Flash tools to our clients in Sweden and USA.Imperative Research February 2013
  19. 19. Thank you! Let us know your convenient date and time to discuss next steps. We look forward to work with you. Contact us Imperative Research Rajesh Dua Mob: +91-9811335673 Megha Saraswat Mob: +91-9873301413 I-5, Part I, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi – 110 024 (India) US Number: +1 (315) 675-5141Imperative Research February 2013