unga - boosting opensim


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Basic presentation of unga project: UGAIM support servers for opensim.

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unga - boosting opensim

  1. 1. boosting opensim unga ai design studio 2009
  2. 2. what is...? - UGAIM servers for creating opensim grids. - Programmed in PHP. Based on Code Igniter (high performance MVC Framework. - Deployable on any PHP compatible http server (Apache, lightHttpd, etc.) - Modular and highly customizable. - Cool interface. - Open Source.
  3. 3. what is...? - UGAIM Programs for allowing a group of opensimulator servers to share: Users server (login/logout, users info...) Grid server (region authentication, region info...) Assets servers (textures, scripts, clothing...) Inventory servers (user's inventory) Messaging (user's presence, friend presence...)
  4. 4. what is...? - code igniter PHP MVC (model-view-controller) framework for building applications. - Exceptional performance. - Compatible with almost any commercial hosting (it's PHP) - Database independence. - Extremely flexible. - Clear documentation.
  5. 5. what is...? - php compatible - Programmed in PHP (>5.2.0) - Can be deployed on almost any commercial hosting solution (even shared hostings). - Works with any PHP compatible web server. - Uses web server advantages natively (clustering, proxies) without touching core base. - Works with MySQL, PostgreSql, Oracle, ODBC, MsSql and SQLite.
  6. 6. what is...? - modular - unga defines a modular core system. - modules, servers, libraries and everything can be “pluggable” into unga easily. - modules can use each other to complete tasks. - installation/uninstallation requires 2 clicks.
  7. 7. cool interface - AJAX: no more page reloading. - jquery as javascript library. - Highly customizable only retouching CSS files.
  8. 8. Why (I)? - Current UGAIM servers: independent programs running over mono/NET. - Each one gets its % of cpu users % cpu grid % cpu Operating mono/.NET assets % cpu system inventory % cpu messaging % cpu
  9. 9. Why (II)? - 5 processes: more overload on cpu, more machine needed. - .NET isn't completely free. - No horizontal scalability, only vertical. No clustering. - Unconfortable management (only text console). - Monollitical servers. - Expensive cost for simple http services (need one dedicated server).
  10. 10. unga(I) - Modular unga modules: - Programmed in PHP - users - assets - Built on code Igniter ... other modules framework - Using standard web unga core server advantages code igniter - CPU resources php web server managed by web server % cpu managed by web server
  11. 11. unga(II) - Easy management from an Internet Browser. - Easy installation from a browser too.
  12. 12. unga(III) - Not reinventing the wheel: a http server knows how to work with http requests. - Tested on Apache and LightHttpd. - Knowing about Apache performance means knowing about unga performance.
  13. 13. Next step - Install unga - Relax