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IDA is a full-service design firm with core competencies in wayfinding, environments
and products, and has grown to include print and interactive. Our personalized approach
and award-winning process is unique. We approach each project with intentions to
understand your brand identity, and work diligently to protect its integrity during the
design process.

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  • IDA Services

    1. 1. enhancing experiences through id environments design interactive print products wayfinding
    2. 2. environments IDA’s dynamic exhibit designs provide a brand experience that focuses on making an emotional and physical connection to the target audience. Establishing an effective space plan creates a foundation for a positive experience while informative displays and compelling graphics provide an expression of the brand.
    3. 3. Kawasaki Motors, USA environments
    4. 4. Kawasaki Motors, USA
    5. 5. Kawasaki Motors, USA environments
    6. 6. environments Guess Jeans
    7. 7. environments Knock Knock
    8. 8. Sun Microsystems environments
    9. 9. interactive In addition to designing smart user interfaces, IDA offers an integrated approach to creating your online presence. strong first We focus on creating a impression, intuitive navigation and compelling interface, and each execution will be optimized for maximum impact, flow and search.
    10. 10. Total Golf Adventures interactive
    11. 11. LRM Landscape Architecture interactive
    12. 12. Jonette Slabey interactive
    13. 13. interactive Songfaucet
    14. 14. print Effective brand identity reflects a company’s personality and differentiates it from competitors. IDA’s respect for this idea and our personal approach to this holistic process blends your company’s individuality with our experience to create a unique and memorable brand execution
    15. 15. Betty’s Foundation FRONT print
    16. 16. Los Angeles Arboretum print
    17. 17. Flight 93 Memorial print
    18. 18. LA2016 Olympic Bid print
    19. 19. Logo Designs print
    20. 20. products Successful product design marries smart solutions with an innovative vision. Our design process includes development of concepts that maximize the function, value, and appearance of a product and takes into consideration your manufacturing requirements, market launch objectives, and end-user needs and interests.
    21. 21. Cy-fi Wireless Bicycle Speakers products
    22. 22. Brinks Weather Resistant Pad Lock products
    23. 23. Brinks Yard Light products
    24. 24. Phebotomy Cart products
    25. 25. Brinks Commercial Grade Pad Lock products
    26. 26. Brinks Dusk-to-Dawn Light products
    27. 27. Appliance Interface products
    28. 28. wayfinding Merging personality with functionality, our team designs wayfinding systems that compliment the architecture and enhance a visitor’s experience. IDA works closely with project owners, architects and established design consultants, to seamlessly integrate the sign system to all areas of the project resulting in a successfully
    29. 29. Palms Place Condo, Hotel, Spa wayfinding
    30. 30. Palms Place Condo, Hotel, Spa
    31. 31. Palms Place Condo, Hotel, Spa wayfinding
    32. 32. Terranea Resort wayfinding
    33. 33. Terranea Resort wayfinding
    34. 34. Lewis Library & Technology Center wayfinding
    35. 35. Calabasas Civic Center wayfinding
    36. 36. Cal Poly Pomona wayfinding
    37. 37. USC Recreation Center wayfinding
    38. 38. Flight 93 Memorial wayfinding