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11039 ncs web_4_orientation

  1. 1. Orientation & Training
  2. 2. Improvements & FeaturesContent Management SystemIntegrated ContentImproved DashboardReports & AnalysisCustomer SupportPersonalized PagesResponsive DesignReduce Flashy GraphicsWidget Development Project
  3. 3. Accounts & LoginStandard UserThis user can create dashboard pages and use the “My Favorites” links widget. Any userwith VUNET ID may log into the site as a Standard User.Trusted UserCan create custom web pages. To obtain this account type you must submit a Pegasusrequest. Logging InEnter VUnet ID and e-Password to log in to the site. Check “Keep me logged in” tosustain your log in otherwise you will be required to log in again should you leave thesite.
  4. 4. Content Mgmt System (CMS)This web based software system provides authoring, collaboration and administrationtools to allow users with little knowledge of programming languages or markuplanguages to create web based content. There are two primary types of pages users cancreate.Dashboard PagesVisual displays of the most important information needed to achieve objectives. It isdesigned to be monitored at a glance. Any logged in user can create dashboard pages.Dashboard pages are personal and only visible to the user who created them Custom PagesThese pages are used to create information resources as it relates to Vanderbiltbusiness. It can provide a variety of information to a wide or narrow rage audience.Pages are created by the author by using widgets as the source of the content. Theauthor determines what widgets exist on the page and who can view the page.
  5. 5. Creating & Managing PagesCreating PagesAdding pages is a simple task and is initiated in Page Management. Choose “Add NewPage” Provide Title, Description,Type and other parameters. The page is then createdand ready to have widgets added to it. Editing PagesEach page you have permissions to manage will have an “Edit” button displayed on it.When in Edit mode you can perform management tasks.• Page Properties• Layout• Add/Remove Widgets• Layout/Rearrange Widgets• Tags (key words used to find the page when searching)• Permission for viewing the page• Enable/Disable the page• Deleting the page
  6. 6. ModalsModals are the pop up overlay forms on pages.When in Page Edit Mode and updating via a modal you must choose “SAVE” in pageedit mode to apply the updated setting made in the modal.• Page Properties• Layout• Add/Remove Widgets• Layout/Rearrange Widgets• Tags• Permission for viewing the page• Enable/Disable the page• Deleting the page
  7. 7. WidgetsWidgets are pre-built functionality in the CMS site. They are the building blocks thatmake up content management web pages.
  8. 8. Widget LibraryWidgets are pre-built functionality in the CMS site. They are the building blocks thatmake up content management web pages.
  9. 9. Page ArchitecturePage Canvas Management Menu Main Menu Navigation Brand Banner Header Container Column Container Column Container Column Widget Widget Widget LAYOUT EDIT Widget Widget CONTENT EDIT Container Column Widget Widget Widget Footer Footer Navigation
  10. 10. Reports CentralThis reporting tool is used to deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports. Thesource reports are designed and created in Microsoft’s Reporting Services. It hasbeen integrated into the NCS web site to provide access to analytical data withinthe site itself. Users are able to search, browse, and view the reports they canaccess.
  11. 11. Responsive DesignA design technique used so that web sites respond to a variety of devices anddisplays, ensuring the the layout maintains an optimum structure.
  12. 12. Demonstration
  13. 13. FutureThe future success of usability and value of the site heavily depends on providing you thetools you need most. Widgets are the tools that must be developed based on yourneeds. The Widget Development Project will be the on-going work to create these tools.We’ll need your help to determine what those tools are and which you demand the most.