The visual Annotation Tool in Itinera Nova


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By André Streicher (HKI University Cologne)
Colloquium Itinera Nova. Tools, people & history (City Archives Leuven)
April 25th, 2013

Published in: Technology
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The visual Annotation Tool in Itinera Nova

  1. 1. The visual Annotation Tool inThe visual Annotation Tool inItinera NovaItinera NovaAndré StreicherHistorisch KulturwissenschaftlicheInformationsverarbeitungUniversity at CologneLeuven, 25th April 2013
  2. 2. Perspectives on annotationsPerspectives on annotations“Annotations are short, often rudimentary symbolic or writtenstatements or small drawings, that are related to a specificlocation within a document and are also integrated firmlyinto the meta context of the document.”(Schilit, Golovchinsky, & Price, 1998)“The operation to annotate is integrated into the process ofreading, it is a component of active reading.”(Schilit, Golovchinsky, & Price, 1998)
  3. 3. Perspectives on annotationsPerspectives on annotationsBasic functions of annotations(1) Review and memory function(2) Process and encoding function(3) Communication function
  4. 4. Perspectives on annotationsPerspectives on annotationsCategory DimensionFormformal <-> informalexplicit <-> implicitFunctionwrite <-> readextensive <-> intensivepermanent <-> transientCommunicationpublic <-> privateglobal / institutional / personal / working groupDimensions of annotations according to Marshall (1998)
  5. 5. Perspectives on annotationsPerspectives on annotationsBenefits of digital annotation toolso Separation between document and annotationo Permanenceo Layer conceptso Editabilityo Search functiono Work synchronously in real-timeo Communicative exchange
  6. 6. Perspectives on annotationsPerspectives on annotationsDimensions of the mediumInteractive projection (on a board/ desk) maximumand electronic penTablet computers and electronic penpaper similarityStandard PC with a interactive screenStandard PC, text entered via the keyboard,icons on menu selection by mouseminimum
  7. 7. Annotation Tool in Itinera NovaAnnotation Tool in Itinera Novao Based on an palaeographical application from theVdU- (Virtual German Charter Network) andMOM CA- (Monsterium Collaborative Archive)projectso Client- side application based on HTML, CSS andJavascript (Usage of Jcrop library)o Separation between public and private annotation(moderation system)o Integrated into an eXist database environmento Metadata are encoded in TEI
  8. 8. 1 . Markup surfaces in an image and annotate it with a1 . Markup surfaces in an image and annotate it with aspecific transcriptionspecific transcriptiono A precondition for the tool is an existing image of the originaldocument and a user accountUser has to sign in, browse through a collection (‘Browse byFolio’) and choose a single folioClick on the link ‘Open register in Annotation Tool’ to openfolio in the Annotation Editor
  9. 9. Click on the arrow trigger on the bottom of the viewport toshow the main button toolbarToolbar includes two buttons to zoom in or out on the imageand a help systemTo start the annotation process click on the ‘Selectmode’- buttonand mark up a region of the image
  10. 10. o A click on ‘Create Annotation’ displays an editor window to insertthe metadata of the annotation (category, keyword andtranscription)o After saving the annotation the user has to click on the surfaceto show an information window with the metadata
  11. 11. It also shows a toolbar that has buttons to edit the transcription ofthe annotation, add more surfaces, edit existing surfaces,delete or publish the private annotation
  12. 12. 2 . Publish these annotations in a moderated process2 . Publish these annotations in a moderated processo To publish an annotation the user has to click on thebutton:o This will send a request to a moderator who has to decideabout the publication processo The user is able to follow the publication process of anannotation in the ‘My Annotations’ section of his profile
  13. 13. o If a moderator has declined an annotation request, the userhas the chance to edit the annotation, create a statement andresend his request to the moderator
  14. 14. o If a moderator confirms a request, all visitors of the Itinera Novaplatform are able to see the public annotation
  15. 15. o Registered users can use a warning triangle to alert themoderator, that a public annotation is wrongo The moderator is able to edit or delete this annotationo Reports about incorrect annotations will also be shown in ‘MyAnnotations’
  16. 16. 3 . Search for image annotations in the Itinera Nova3 . Search for image annotations in the Itinera Novadatabasedatabaseo There is a ‘Annotation Search’ Link in the navigation menu ofthe page that opens a search mask to find public annotations
  17. 17. o Results will be displayed in chronological ordero Every result shows the information about the annotationon left side and on the right a little thumbnail of the folio
  18. 18. HTML 5 and an Annotation toolHTML 5 and an Annotation toolo Creation of polygon surfaces with the new canvas tag
  19. 19. HTML 5 and an Annotation toolHTML 5 and an Annotation toolo Mark up precisely parts of an imageo Fast client- side applicationo Support problems for older browser versions
  20. 20. Thank you very much!