Itinera Nova. The road travelled so far


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by Inge Moris (City Archives Leuven)
Colloquium Itinera Nova. Tools, people & history
April 25th, 2013

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Itinera Nova. The road travelled so far

  1. 1. Itinera NovaThe road travelled so far
  2. 2. Itinera Nova: Phase 1• March 2009 – December 2012• Cultural heritage project• Aimed at development• Financed by– Flemish Government– City of Leuven– Cera• Evaluation– Steering committee– Professional users group– Financers
  3. 3. Itinera NovaNew ways to the disclosure of archival sources• Archival sources• Hand-written sources• Digital disclosure• Innovation
  4. 4. Registers of the scabinal court• Voluntary jurisdiction in Leuven• Handwritten• Voluminous:– 1,128 registers– Ca. 950,000 pages
  5. 5. Registers of the scabinal court• Long period: 1362-1795• ‘Officialese’• Study object for many disciplines
  6. 6. Digital disclosure• What?– Bulkdigitization– Digital disclosure of content• Profound• Superficial• Who?– Volunteers• Trained• Online• Monitored
  7. 7. Bulkdigitization• Best practice bulkdigitization• Online Manual:, J., Handboek digitaliseren van documenten.Addendum: ‘Het Itinera Nova-project als praktijkvoorbeeld’
  8. 8. Bulkdigitization• How?– Professional bookscanner• Who?– Professional firm– City archives• When?– 10 years• Goals?• Public?
  9. 9. Bulkdigitization• Steps– Preparing the registers
  10. 10. Bulkdigitization• Steps– Preparing the registers– Scanning: TIFF
  11. 11. Bulkdigitization• Steps– Preparing the registers– Scanning: TIFF– Control– Conversion to JPEG and Tiled TIFF– Archiving– Images online
  12. 12. Bulkdigitization: outsourcing• Extensive assignment description• Demoscans = standard• Working visit• Profound judgement price-quality• Realistic work-flow• Transport• Testscans– Enough– Representative– Discuss• Profound control
  13. 13. Bulkdigitization: insourcing• Defining quality level• Professional equipment and atmosphere:– Scanner– Lighting– Darkened room• Scan operators– Involved– Accurate– Trained– Volunteers• Profound control– Sharpness– Completeness (image + register)– Colours– Naming
  14. 14. Digital disclosure of content• Development by HKI University Cologne:– Database• Images• Created acts• Full transcriptions• Annotations– Website– ‘Indexing’ tool– Transcription tool– Annotation tool• Focus on period 1362-1460
  15. 15. Digital disclosure of content• Website:
  16. 16. Website: Browse
  17. 17. Website: Browse
  18. 18. Website: Search
  19. 19. Digital disclosure of content• ‘Indexing’ tool– Create act– Provide act with metadata• Name of act: e.g. R°25.3– R° or V°– Folio number– Number of act on page• Assign image(s) to act• Language• Aldermen• Type of act• Date• Possibility to insert transcription from MSWord
  20. 20. ‘Indexing’ tool
  21. 21. ‘Indexing’ tool
  22. 22. Digital disclosure of content• Transcription tool– Profound disclosure– Dutch acts– Indexed acts– Split screen– Online input• Log-in• Time- & place independent– Easy to use• For volunteers• For correctors
  23. 23. Transcription tool
  24. 24. Transcription tool
  25. 25. Transcription toolUser’sSpaceCorrector’sSpacePublicSpaceTranscriptionCorrectionOK for publ. Publication
  26. 26. Digital disclosure of content• Annotation tool– Superficial disclosure– Latin acts– Images– Index categories• Person name• Profession• Person: function• Street name• Building: name• Building: function / Institution• Nickname• Place name• Micro toponym
  27. 27. Annotation tool
  28. 28. Annotation tool
  29. 29. Annotation tool
  30. 30. Volunteers: tasks• Transcribing Time- & place independent• Annotating Digital volunteers• Preparing registers• Scanning In the city archives• Image editing
  31. 31. Volunteers: training• Paleography courses• Personal coaching• Training by external specialists• Online tutorial– Introduction paleography 15th C.– How to work with the website and the transcription tool– Link on
  32. 32. Online tutorial
  33. 33. Newsletter• Register on– Latest news– Announcement activities– Focus on an expression– Focus on an act
  34. 34. Results• Development/publication of:– Manual bulk digitization– Transcription tool– Annotation tool– Tutorial• Preliminary outcomes:– 40% of the registers digitized• 304 online• 128 waiting– 10,500 transcriptions online– Online and offline community of 30-35 volunteers
  35. 35. Itinera Nova“20 years ago it started offwith a dream of mine to do somethingwith my registers.Today it has becomeso much more than that.”Thank you to everyonewho believes in our project.Thank you especially to our community ofvolunteers.