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Use of ict

  1. 1. - Imogen Law
  2. 2. Adobe Photoshop will be the main feature during the making of my promotional poster and magazine. It will enable me to generate effective and distinct ideas that will be original. It will also aid my work and help make it become better. As my Photoshop skills have improved since AS I will be able to create an effective piece of work.
  3. 3. By using a USB I will be able to back up my work, I will then not have to worry about loosing my work, as I will have a copy on my memory stick. It will also enable me to finish my work at home. This is important as I will need to follow my Gantt chart in order for me to achieve my goals.
  4. 4. I will be using a mixture of my own camera, and the schools camera for the filming of my trailer. This is because I will then not become dependant on the schools camera. Which may put me behind in my work, so by using my own camera as well as the school’s I will be able to finish my work on time.
  5. 5. Prezi has and will allow me to present my work in a different way, so that my blog is not full of long written posts. It is an effective way to present my work as it is creative. It is also a good way to improve my blogs creativeness. Adding to this it will make presenting things a lot easier as prezi is what you make of it.
  6. 6. Slide share is a site which has allowed me to present power points on my blog, this adding to Prezi will also make my blog more appealing and is also a good simplistic way of presenting some work.
  7. 7. I will be using Microsoft word to type up what I want to put into my blog, this will enable me to change any errors or mistakes I may have, and will then mean that my spelling punctuation and grammar will be correct for when I put it on my blog. I will then be using Microsoft PowerPoint so that I can upload a slide share on my blog, it is also a good way to present work and is effective.
  8. 8. Word press is the site I am using for my blog, I feel it is the best way to present my work as everything I need is on it and I do not have to worry about it once it is on there.
  9. 9. Google is one of the main search engine I will be using I feel it is the most appropriate thing to use as I have found many forms of inspiration on it.
  10. 10. Poll daddy is the site I have and will be using to create polls to put on to my word press. This will then enable me to gain a modest amount of feedback from my peers, and will then be able have an insight into how my peers will see my trailer.