Qudini - Waitlists case study


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Results for London restaurant using Qudini's virtual waitlist app to manage customers and improve host processes.

- Honest Burgers, The Diner, Bodean's restaurants

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Qudini - Waitlists case study

  1. 1. Creating an Honest Waitlist experience
  3. 3. HONEST BURGERS - BACKGROUND: Honest Burgers’ old clipboard waiting list system did not fit with their core values as an efficient, trendy and highly customer service focussed restaurant. So when they heard about Qudini they were the first in London to snap it up quickly. Their use of Qudini’s iPad waitlist system that allows their customer to track their position in the queue untill texted when their table is ready has gained them significant notoriety in blogs, magazines and online review sites.
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS: Entering an Honest Burger’s restaurant on a busy evening customers are greeted by a member of staff with an iPad. The waiter explains there’s a wait for a table but if they give their details they’ll get a text when their table is ready, and that they can even watch their position on the waitlist while they wait. After providing their details the customer receives a confirmation text with a weblink. Just before they leave the waiter reminds them to please drop him a reply text at any time if they want to cancel their table. The waiter may now continue his work on the restaurant floor whilst managing his waitlist customers from a lightweight iPad mini. Calling customers back at the click of a button when their table becomes available.
  6. 6. INCREASING PROFIT: Qudini enables each Honest Burgers site to serve an additional 12 covers a night. That’s 360 extra covers served a month. This is because: •  70% of customers who no longer want their table will text the app to let the staff know. So tables are not held open for no-show customers and as a result they’re turned faster. •  With the clipboard system staff had know way of knowing if waiting customers still wanted their table until calling them. Qudini saves them an average of 4 minutes per customer now that they may tell them to return by text at the click of a button. This equates to 2 hours a night of staff time saved. •  Customers also return quicker for their table when texted than they did when called, because they may track their queue position while waiting they time their drinks better to return sooner.
  7. 7. RETURN ON INVESTMENT: By increasing the number of covers served each night Qudini ensures our client a 1000% return on investment on their monthly licensing of the Qudini platform. Whilst the system has also significantly improved the experience for their customers…
  8. 8. IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: 10% of customers will go out of their way to positively comment on the app and how “cool” it is. Customers now return for their table in a more positive mood than they used to with the clipboard system. This is because the confirmation SMS and queue tracker weblink makes them for more secure and relaxed while they wait. Staff explain that customers trust being added to the “simple and trustworthy” app more than a cluttered clipboard. With Qudini there are significantly less complaints about the waits. As with the clipboard customers would often return before being called in order to complain and wait by the door. Now this doesn’t occur, allowing staff to focus on the service to customers inside the restaurant.
  9. 9. THE WEBLINK: The queue position weblink receives over 10,000 clicks a month in the Soho site alone. 60% of customers added to the waitlist will visit the weblink. Customers will visit the page an average of 11 times each during their wait.…Some customers will even refresh the page up to 80 times. In this way Qudini is able to increase customer engagement with Honest Burger’s brand. The restaurants are now using the opportunity to increase sign-ups to their mailing list.
  10. 10. ATTRACTING NEW AND REPEAT CUSTOMERS: Customers often come to Honest Burgers because they have heard about the app and are keen to use it. The Soho restaurant often has customers come to them because they have left the physical queue at another restaurant in the area and would rather have the relaxed wait offered by Honest Burgers. Staff explain that the system has become “part of the Honest Burgers experience” and that it definitely encourages customers to choose their restaurant over others. Over the months the restaurants loyal customer base has increased, 70% of their nightly customers have visited an Honest Burgers restaurant before.
  13. 13. FEEDBACK FROM THE FOUNDER: "Our customers love Qudini's system! Logging in from the pub and seeing your place in the queue update live seems to be very addictive. They've made queuing easy, pain free and charming!” - Philip Eeles, Founder, Honest Burgers
  14. 14. Improving reservation and waitlist management at The Diner
  15. 15. RETURN ON INVESTMENT: The Soho Diner restaurant is able to seat 40 more covers a night due to improved guest management enabled by Qudini’s waitlist and reservation features. Allowing over a 5,700% Return on their Monthly licensing of Qudini.
  16. 16. MANAGER FEEDBACK ON RESERVATIONS: “We don’t get no shows any more because the customer will always let us know via the text option” - Manager, The Diner Soho “It’s very useful because most customers are polite enough to text back to cancel when it’s so easy. In the past we’d have to just hold tables open for customers who weren’t going to show up. No shows were the bain of my life. The link that Qudini provides between us and our customers smooths everything out.” - Manager, The Diner Covent Garden
  17. 17. THE DINER – HQ FEEDBACK: “We use Qudini in our diners, allowing customer to queue remotely has helped us turn tables more efficiently and offer a better overall standard of service. Customers love the system and much prefer going for a drink nearby to standing and waiting in a crowded restaurant. It’s been great testing out the reservation features which we now operate group wide.” - Chris Todd, Chief Operating Officer, The Diner Group
  18. 18. Bodean’s Feedback
  19. 19. ENDORSEMENT FROM BODEANS HQ: “Qudini has proved to be a wonderful tool in streamlining our waitlist and keeping our guests happy. The SMS system has been more efficient and time saving. We recommend Qudini to any busy restaurant.” - Operations Manager, Bodean’s BBQ
  20. 20. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: •  52% of Bodean’s customers say that the Qudini waitlist experience would cause them to chose Bodean’s over other restaurants in the future.
  21. 21. TESTIMONIALS FROM THE HOSTS: “It’s much better because customers can text back to cancel, so we no longer spend a lot of time tying to call them back or holding the table open when they’re not planning on returning. This enables us to seat the next party much faster” - Hostess at Bodean’s Tower hill “I would never want to go back to the old system. The qudini app is perfect for me as the hostess, it is quick and easy to use and it saves me a lot of time” - Hostess at Bodean’s Soho “Most importantly to our restaurant it saves us time, whilst it also allows our customers to have a better time” - Hostess at Bodean’s Fulham
  22. 22. THANK YOU Imogen Wethered CEO – Qudini imogen@qudini.com 07766113002