Qudini - The Diner case study


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The Diners use of Qudini reservation management iPad application has reduced their no show rates by 100%, ensuring tables are held open for significantly less time and so tables turned faster.

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Qudini - The Diner case study

  1. 1. Improving reservation and waitlist management at The Diner
  2. 2. THE DINER: Previously, The Diner would note all reservation customers down in a paper diary. Their lack of ability to communicate with reservation customers before their booking meant the restaurants struggled with holding tables open for no-show customers who simply wouldn’t arrive on the night. Only 50% of customers who no longer wanted their table would phone to let the restaurant know that they wished to cancel. This meant that the restaurant would have a total of around 1.15 hours a night where tables were left open waiting for customers.
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKS: •  When a reservation request comes in by phone or email the staff now add the customers details to the Qudini app. •  The customer will receive a text confirming their booking time and date. Telling them that they may text back at any time to update the restaurant of any details. •  3 hours before their table the customer will receive a text reminding them of their reservation and asking them to text back to confirm or cancel. •  The staff now have a simple to use interface where they manage all their reservation customers and any incoming messages, whether for that day or upcoming weeks. •  The app is also used as their virtual waitlist to allow walk-up customers waiting at the bar or away from their restaurant to remain more informed and engaged while they wait.
  4. 4. RESERVATION RESULTS: With Qudini in place all reservation customers that the restaurant is expecting that evening will text in to let them know if they wish to cancel their table. The restaurant experience’s no no-shows in the evenings, a 100% reduction in no shows. The restaurant explains that because it’s made so easy for customers to let them know of cancellations: “We rarely have empty tables” In total tables are left open for at least 1 hour less each evening Reservations customers now arrive more on time for the start of their bookings too, enabling the restaurant to turn tables faster. ….
  5. 5. RETURN ON INVESTMENT: The Soho restaurant reports that they are able to seat 40 more covers a night from before as a result of Qudini waitlist and reservation features. Allowing over a 5,700% Return on their Monthly licensing of Qudini.
  6. 6. MANAGER FEEDBACK ON RESERVATIONS: “We don’t get no shows any more because the customer will always let us know via the text option” - Manager, The Diner Soho “It’s very useful because most customers are polite enough to text back to cancel when it’s so easy. In the past we’d have to just hold tables open for customers who weren’t going to show up. No shows were the bain of my life. The link that Qudini provides between us and our customers smooths everything out.” - Manager, The Diner Covent Garden
  7. 7. THE DINER – HQ FEEDBACK: “We use Qudini in our diners, allowing customer to queue remotely has helped us turn tables more efficiently and offer a better overall standard of service. Customers love the system and much prefer going for a drink nearby to standing and waiting in a crowded restaurant. It’s been great testing out the reservation features which we now operate group wide.” - Chris Todd, Chief Operating Officer, The Diner Group
  8. 8. QUDINI NEW FEATURE NEWS: This January of 2014 month Qudini’s new loyalty feature will be added, to allow you to recognise returning customers and offer perks for their loyalty to you. You’ll be able to see which customer visited which branch on which date and whether you gave them a reward at the time. You’ll even be able to see which customers cancelled their table.
  9. 9. THANK YOU Imogen Wethered CEO – Qudini imogen@qudini.com 07766113002