Qudini - Retail Case study results


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The results of our retail clients using Qudini to improve their service retail and click and collect operations and customer experience.

Demonstrating how Qudini has:
Improved customer experience, reduced appointment times, increased customers spend and had a significant impact on customer experience

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Qudini - Retail Case study results

  1. 1. Headline results For Qudini’s retail clients
  2. 2. Creating profit for Sweatshop sportshoes
  3. 3. RESULTS OVERVIEW: Since implementing Qudini in their Teddington Store, Sweatshop a UK premium Sports-shoe retailer have benefitted from: 9% 27% 70% X4 Increase in customer spend Increase in Staff Efficiency Reduction of walkouts Increase in perception of service
  4. 4. BACKGROUND: Sweatshop offers each customer a premium foot and gait analysis “full-fit service” which takes up to 40 minutes per customer. This causes 10-50 minute waits for new customers entering the store. Previously customers would form a queue whilst they waited for an advisor. This impacted their experience and prohibited them from browsing within the store. It even caused 10% of customers to walkout of the store.
  5. 5. THE TRIAL: Sweatshop Teddington then replaced their clipboard and pen with the Qudini tablet. An automated tool that allows the concierge to intelligently manage their customers and colleagues activities, providing each customer with an estimated service time based on activity and availability.
  6. 6. INCREASE IN CUSTOMER SPEND: Customer spend increased by 9% with the introduction of the Qudini tablet. Having previously increased by 12% at the initial introduction of the clipboard system. This is due to the increased transparency enabled by Qudini, allowing customers to feel more relaxed and able to browse the store as they wait. Now when customers sit down for their full-fit service they already have an arm-full of products to buy.
  7. 7. REDUCED WALKOUTS: When the concierge was first introduced to greet and manage customers, walkout rates reduced to just 4%, from 10% previously. With Qudini in place walk-outs has further reduced to an average of just 1%, with some of the busiest Saturday experience 0% walkouts.
  8. 8. “Categorically at no point did we loose a customer on Saturday, because everyone who walked through that door had a conversation with me. I knew everyone’s name, I knew exactly what they wanted.” - Dan Cooper, Regional Manager, Sweatshop
  9. 9. IMPROVED PERCEPTION OF SERVICE: Since implementing the Qudini tablet the number of customers leaving the store thanking the staff for the fantastic over-all service provided increased by four-fold. This demonstrates that Qudini is able to significantly improve customers’ overall experience and their perception of the store’s service
  10. 10. IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: “What I really like about it was the fact that more than ever the store just felt really calm and under control, everyone knew their place, everyone knew what was going on, and it was a really good experience, I enjoyed it, I was impressed.” - Dan Cooper, Regional Manager, Sweatshop
  11. 11. INCREASED STAFF EFFICIENCY: “The system focuses you and makes you want to be more efficient” The manager views Qudini as an “efficiency tool”, that allows staff to better manage their time and provides valuable analytics on staff performance. Sweatshop's Full fit appointment times (minutes) 90 80 70 60 50 40 Over the months full-fit appointment times have reduced to the store’s target of 30 minutes. 30 20 10 Qudini has created a 27% increase in staff efficiency and thus allows the store 5.5 more hours to serve customers each day. 0 May June July August
  12. 12. QUDIDNI RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Through increasing customer spend, reducing walkouts and increasing staff efficiency the simple replacement of the concierge’s clipboard with the Qudini tablet has driven a 719% return on investment on the store’s monthly licensing of the QudIni service.
  13. 13. COMMENTS: Sweatshop’s example demonstrates the extreme financial impact of offering customers a seamless journey through a retail store: from their first point of entry to their premium service with a member of staff. Sweatshop always puts their customers first, above sales targets, and it is this holistic approach that allows them to remain a strong competitor against the growing number of eCommerce retailers selling the same goods for a third of the price. They set a precedent for modern retailers at a time where customer service is key driver of growth.
  14. 14. THANK YOU Imogen Wethered CEO – Qudini imogen@qudini.com 07766113002