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  1. 1. Seamless and engaging Customer Experiences www.qudini.com info@qudini.com
  2. 2. We work with: Contact us for a trial Creating a 497% ROI on Qudini Click and Collect   Creating an 800% ROI due to a 9% increase in customer spend   Creating a 100% complaints reduction and improved management of the shop floor and staff break hours   (Summary case study results at the back)   Creating a 400% ROI on cost savings due to efficiency increase  
  3. 3. Qudini in use: Contact us for a trial
  4. 4. About Qudini: Qudini is an intelligent Virtual customer management platform that is intuitive to use, light touch to implement and flexible to variety of retail environments. Our technology allows your store to professionally manage and communicate with customers hoping for service, to offer a more personalised and premium experience. Whilst also improving your colleague’s management of the shop floor and staff activities. Key features: •  Concierge and Shop floor management tablet application, •  Virtual customer and queue management, •  Appointment bookings management, •  Click and Collect virtual customer management, •  SMS dialogue with your customers, •  Business intelligence and performance analytics, •  Clientelling through storing notes on customer interactions, •  iBeacons customer recognition Contact us for a trial
  5. 5. Know your customers and offer them a more personalised and relaxed experience. In order to: increase conversion, customer spend and to build more long lasting brand relationships. Increase your workforce’s efficiency and speed of offering a more professional service, through improve shop floor management and performance analytics. Gain key insight and business intelligence into your stores’ operations and colleagues’ performance Increase customer engagement with your brand: before, during and after your customer’s interaction with your store. Use Qudini in your store to: Contact us for a trial
  6. 6. Walk-in customers entering your store can check-in to register their interest in service with an advisor: By self-service kiosks, their phone or a meeter- greeter on a tablet or desktop Contact us for a trial If a mobile phone number is input, the customer will receive an SMS confirming their estimated service time and later notifying them when they are due to be served. Smartphone customers can view a service time countdown. From any device staff can view and serve from the list of waiting customers. Or the entire store can be managed centrally by one concierge/shop floor manager figure who can assign customers to staff. Walk-in customer management features:
  7. 7. Qudini’s Concierge Tablet Tool allows your meeter-greeter to add and manage the different types of customers entering the store alongside their staff’s activities and availability. Shop floor management features enable your store manager or concierge to track and manage: staff performance, breaks and other activities. Ensuring maximised use of resource throughout the day. Managers can also record notes on staff performance to use in future reviews. KPI reporting features enable you to record the KPI sale outcome either directly after, or seperately, from a customer appointment. Access detailed analytics on KPI’s recorded, appointment times and service notes made during a customer interaction. Contact us for a trial Concierging app and Shop Floor management:
  8. 8. Allow customers to pre-book an appointment to visit the store through a member of staff or the web. On the day your walk-in customers will be intelligently placed alongside your upcoming appointments. Appointment customers receive automatic confirmation and reminder texts. Customers may reply at any time to update their details or cancel. Customers messages will display in the Qudini platform where your staff may hold direct SMS dialogue with them Contact us for a trial Appointment bookings:
  9. 9. Branded TV displays can display the list of customers who have checked-in to receive service and their estimated services times. Video content and brand messaging can also display Contact us for a trial Other features: Innovative IBeacons - Bluetooth LE features with app integration allow you to better know, locate and communicate with customers in your store. Clienteling: Build customer profiles and integrate with your CRM and sales systems to view customer details and purchasing history.
  10. 10. Why customers are coming into store How long they are waiting Which customers are leaving un-served What are the outcomes of your colleague’s transactions Gain key insights & business intelligence: Detailed profiles on staff appointment times, customers served and shop-floor management notes Products: Wait times: Walkouts: Staff serve times: KPIs Contact us for a trial
  11. 11. Click and collect: Our unique click and collect customer management product allows you to offer the increasing number of high-value multichannel customers entering your stores, the same seamless digital experience they are used to online… Click and Collect customers check-in from a self-service kiosk, a member of staff, your app or an SMS weblink in the initial text stating that their order is in store Staff swiftly process a number of orders at once, while your customer browses the store until texted when their order is on the counter for their collection. Click and collect customer management: Contact us for a trial
  12. 12. Click and collect: Qudini may also be used in instances where a customer may leave items in store to be prepared or configured either over a number of minutes, hours or even days. For example: personalisation services, engravings, repair services and in case where customers order goods into store. Text customers when their items are ready at the click of a button. Customers receive a confirmation text that their orders are being processed and they will later receive a text when they are ready. Customer Order management: Contact us for a trial
  13. 13. To send promotional offers Upon checking in or after their visit To send feedback reviews to display next to the customers appointment time, staff serving and KPI outcomes Increase customer engagement with your brand Communicate with your customers Before, during and after their visit… To encourage online reviews of your store or products Contact us for a trial
  14. 14. Contact us for a trial About our platform: Cloud based software   Intelligent calculations account for a number of configurable variables   Easy to customise SMS message and interfaces   Intuitive modern interfaces   Accessible on any device  Multiple integrations possibilities with your current systems  
  15. 15. Contact us for a trial Case study results: 70% Reduction of walkouts 9% Increase in customer spend 27% Increase in staff efficiency 4x Increase in perception of store’s service Sweatshop sportshoe, use of Qudini Concierge app: 100% Reduction in complaints about the waits for service O2 retail, use of Qudini Concierge app: Improved shop floor management and reducing the time their colleagues are on break for Benefit from key business intelligence available through Qudini
  16. 16. Contact us for a trial Case study results: A strong increase in repeat purchases from HoF Buy and Collect 20% Increase in customer browsing Double The number of parcels are processed per hour + 40% Increase in customer satisfaction in the busiest stores House of Fraser (Buy and Collect), use of Qudini Click and Collect: Sweatshop, O2 retail and House of Fraser will be rolling out Qudini further into the rest of their stores   A direct correlation between % of customers input through Qudini and higher satisfaction
  17. 17. “ Primarily we have used Qudini to understand how a queuing system could better support our customer’s journey through our stores. We have been delighted with the initial results coming from Qudini and see some clear benefits in extending the type of activity that we can use Qudini for. ” - James Knight, Divisional Leader, O2 UK “ What I really like about it is the fact that more than ever, the store just felt really really calm and under control. Everyone knew their place, everyone knew what was going on, and it was a really good experience.” - Dan Cooper, Divisional Leader, Sweatshop “We’re extremely excited to be trialing this innovative virtual queuing solution. This is a new technology to the retail market, and it demonstrates our strategy to continually evolve and differentiate our customer service offering.” - Andy Harding, Executive Director for Multi-Channel, House of Fraser Contact us for a trial What our client’s say:
  18. 18. Contact us for a trial What their store’s says: “The tablet accurately shows you which of your staff are currently available or will become available, this is hard to track otherwise. I really like the break feature, it allows me to see when my staff are due to return.” -  Assistant store leader, O2 Whiterose centre, Leeds “It allows me to have more interaction with the customers and a lot more chatting, creating better relationships - Counter manager, HoF Glasgow “Categorically at no point did we loose a customer on Saturday, because everyone who walked through that door had a conversation with me. I knew everyone’s name, I knew exactly what they wanted.” -­‐  Regional  Manager,  Sweatshop  
  19. 19. Qudini in use: Contact us for a trial
  20. 20. Qudini in use: Contact us for a trial
  21. 21. Qudini in use: Contact us for a trial
  22. 22. To understand what your trial would look like Contact: Imogen Wethered imogen@qudini.com 07766113002 Contact us for a trial