Domestic schedule 2014

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Belgooly Show domestic schedule

Belgooly Show domestic schedule

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  • 1. PPRRIIMMAARRYY SSCCHHOOOOLL SSTTUUDDEENNTTSS The remaining classes are confined to children and must be the child’s own work. Child’s age must be stated with entry. 38. 6 Decorated Queen Cakes - Under 16 39. 6 Decorated Biscuits - Under 16 40. Decorated Wooden Spoon 41. Miniature Garden (on a biscuit tin lid) 42. A weird & wonderful animal or insect made from vegetables (fruit, berries, foliage and flowers may be used as parts) 43. Any Craft, Pottery, Needle work, etc. (Primary School) 44. A Painted Stone 45. An Article Made with Recycled Material 46. An Item made with LEGO. 47. Collection of Wild Flowers arranged in a boot or a shoe (under 13) 48. Best Dressed Teddy Bear Competition PPAAIINNTTIINNGG WWIITTHHIINN 1155”” XX 1122”” – NB: Classes 49 - 56 must be completed & entered through a primary school, please note school on entry form. 49. Junior Infants 50. Senior Infants 51. 1st Class 52. 2nd Class 53. 3rd Class 54. 4th Class 55. 5th Class 56. 6th Class 57. Colouring Competition confined to preschool children PPlleeaassee FFoorrwwaarrdd AALLLL DDoommeessttiicc EEnnttrryy FFoorrmmss bbeeffoorree CCLLOOSSIINNGG DDAATTEE:: WWEEDDNNEESSDDAAYY 2211sstt MMAAYY 22001144 TTOO:: NNiiccoollaa DDeessmmoonndd,, BBaalllliinnggaarrrryy,, BBeellggoooollyy,, CCoo.. CCoorrkk.. MMoobbiillee:: 008866 88551155337711 ((aafftteerr 66..3300ppmm)) EEmmaaiill:: nniiccoollaa..ddeessmmoonndd7744@@ggmmaaiill..ccoomm PPLLEEAASSEE NNOOTTEE AALLLL RRUULLEESS::-- 1. Entries will not be accepted after closing date. 2. Fee to accompany each entry. Please Do Not Post Coins. 3. Exhibits must be those which have not previously won at the show 4. Exhibitors must provide own plates, hangers, vases etc. 5. Entry numbers will not be posted, but will be held at tent entrance. 6. Exhibits must not be posted prior to show (see no.8 below) 7. Professionals are not eligible to compete in these classes.A professional is deemed to be a person who receives payment for his/her work on either a full-time or part-time basis. SSHHOOWWDDAAYY::-- 8. Domestic Tent opens 10am.Tent closes 11.30am. Judging commences at 12 noon. 9. Exhibitors are asked to please exit the tent once entries are in place. 10. New entries cannot be accepted on show day. 11. Exhibits must remain on show and cannot be removed until 5pm. 11. The Committee is not responsible for loss or damage to show exhibits after 5pm. 12. Full Listing of Rules & Regulations can be found in the Show catalogue. CCLLAASSSS 1. Homemade Brown Cake 2. Homemade Coffee Cake (iced) 3. Homemade Apple Tart (short crust pastry) 4. Homemade Sponge Sandwich (not iced) 5. Homemade/Decorated 70th Anniversary Cake 6. 6 Decorated Queen Cakes (Over 16) 7. Homemade Light Fruit Cake 8. 6 Plain White Scones 9. 6 Homemade Biscuits (1 variety) 10. Pot of Homemade Marmalade 11. Pot of Homemade Jam 12. Half Dozen Hen Eggs 13. 3 Different Stems of non-flowering garden foliage 14. Window Box 15. Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers 16. Best Flowering Plant (including perlargonium/geranium) 17. My Favourite Non-Flowering Plant 18. ‘Lets Celebrate’ a floral exhibit to celebrate the 70th Show width allowed 70cm, height optional 19. Hand Knit Garment 20. Wool Crochet 21. Home Craft 22. Embroidery - Tapestry - Fine Lace 23. Patchwork 24. Pottery – Any Item 25. Art - Picture painted in any medium excluding oils 26. Art - Picture painted in oils 27. Make a Scarecrow (under 5 feet) SSEECCOONNDDAARRYY SSCCHHOOOOLL SSTTUUDDEENNTTSS 28. Art, Craft & Wood Work - Any Item 29. Hand Knit Item 30. Embroidery - Cross Stitch PPHHOOTTOOGGRRAAPPHHYY 31. Holidays - colour (within 6” x 8”) 32. My Favourite Funny photo with caption (within 6”x 8”) 33. Animal / Pet - colour (within 6” x 8”) 34. Black & White print (within 6” x 8”) 35. ‘Celebrations’ – Any Occasion (colour or black & white within 6" x 8") SSPPEECCIIAALL NNEEEEDDSS -- NNoo aaggee lliimmiitt iinn tthhiiss ccaatteeggoorryy 36. Any item of Art & Craft 37. Any Home Baking SCHEDULE OF DOMESTIC CLASSES EENNTTRRYY FFOORRMM -- DDOOMMEESSTTIICC Class No. Tel No Child’s Age on 1-6-2014NAME & ADDRESS (Block Letters) ¡ 70th Belgooly & District Agricultural Show - 31st May, 2014 PPEERRPPEETTUUAALL TTRROOPPHHYY AANNDD PPLLAAQQUUEE FFOORR BBEESSTT EEXXHHIIBBIITT IINN CCLLAASSSSEESS 11 -- 99 IINNCCLLUUSSIIVVEE && CCLLAASSSS 2222 PPrriizzee MMoonneeyy:: ¤ €2200,, €1100,, €55 TTrroopphhyy PPrreesseenntteedd ttoo wwiinnnneerr ooff CCllaassss 1188,, 2277,, 4488 €22 PPeerr EEnnttrryy CClloossiinngg DDaattee WWeeddnneessddaayy 2211sstt MMaayy 22001144 NNeeww ffoorr 22001144 NNeeww ffoorr 22001144 NNeeww ffoorr 22001144 NNeeww ffoorr 22001144