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Photos i have used

  1. 1. Photo evidence Imogen Bavinton
  2. 2. • I have used this photo as the main image on my front cover because I feel the image gives an indie feel to my magazine. The layout of the photo is perfect for the layout of my magazine as most of the picture is on the right and most of the cover lines are in the left third of the magazine. As well as this the background of the image is mostly one colour and also plain which doesn’t draw your attention away from the main part of the image.
  3. 3. • I used this photo as the main image on my double page spread. This is because it is big enough to fill a full page. The colours go with the house style of my magazine, and the font and colour of the font I have used, goes well with this picture and stands out without drawing the target audiences attention away from the picture. It also applies to the style of my magazine as it shows a photo shoot with a musician.
  4. 4. • This picture, I have used on my front cover to demonstrate one of my cover lines. I used the picture because it shows clearly the title "festival fashion” The picture is in focus and the setting is wooded which is often an option for where people choose to camp at a festival. The dark colours on the picture also go well with my house style. The connotation of the picture is a girl sat in a woods displaying fashion, however the denotation of this is how the clothes she is wearing are suitable to be worn to a festival and the background make us think of nature and the outdoors, which is where festivals are.
  5. 5. • I have used this picture on my double page spread. I believe the image is suited to an indie magazine because the picture shows more of the musician approach. We can see her full face in the shot which makes the photo more life like. This picture I also used in the double page spread. The connotation of the picture is a confident girl posing for a photograph. The denotation of this is that the musician is self assured and looking forward to a positive career in her future. I have used this photo in my magazine as it shows the model who is the musician. We can see the models face in the photo which makes us realize that the photo shows the musician is having a photoshoot.
  6. 6. This picture, I have used on my double page spread of my magazine. It shows the singer taking part in a photo shoot. The model is the same girl I have used throughout the making of my double page spread so that it is consistent. However as well as this, the picture is taken from a different photo shoot I arranged, which gives the page more of a variety of pictures.This picture is taken from my contents page of themagazine. The model is smiling confidently and lookingstraight at the camera which makes the image have apositive impact on the target audience. It also relates well tothe article the image is illustrating of “festival fashion” This isbecause the girl is in a simple t-shirt which is what peoplewould wear for a festival.
  7. 7. I have not used this image in my magazine as I feel it gives of the wrong impression about what the magazine is about and who it is aimed at. The hand gesture is often seen as a punk rock symbol and my magazine is of the indie genre, therefore it is not suitable. As well as this, the picture is slightly out of focus and the model isnt smiling which may not give off positive vibes to the audience.I havent used this picture in my magazine either asI personally don’t like it as much as the other ones. Ifind the camera angle is the same as a lot of otherpictures used which makes it lightly boring and thepicture itself is out of focus and slightly blurry.
  8. 8. This picture I feel, turned out well to use for mymagazine. Although the unedited version of theimage is over exposed and too bright, once edited itturns out well. The model is smiling positively at thecamera, and looks confident. This gives a good vibeto the target audience and therefore persuades themto read the article. Moreover, the lanyard round thegirls neck shows she may be a student or at work,which goes well with the article of “readers givingtheir opinions”