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How is disability shown in tv drama?
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How is disability shown in tv drama?



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  • Find clip Explain what happens in clip Show how class and status is represented - conclusion


  • 1. Content• Sherlock is based in 21st centaury London where Sherlock Holmes is a private detective investigating homicides in London.• Dr.Watson shares his flat and helps him solve the crimes throughout the series.• The crimes committed tend to be complex and challenging to solve and Sherlock is the only person who can usually find the answer.
  • 2. The clip…• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdYHfeTLF90&fea• In the clip, which is from the first series of “Sherlock” Doctor Watson has an encounter with an intimidating man who seems to know a lot about him.• In this, Doctor Watson is injured. He has a problem with his left hand and is on crutches.
  • 3. How is disability shown in this clip?• At the beginning of the clip, we know right away that the man who Doctor Watson is talking to is very intimidating. He is a lot taller than Watson which immediately gives off a sense of control over the weak. In this part of the scene we can clearly see Watsons crutch.
  • 4. • In another point in the scene. Watson tries to walk away from this man but as he is on the crutch, he is limping. At this point, the camera is almost at a degrading angle to emphasize the fact that he cannot walk properly.
  • 5. • As well as this, in another part of the scene, the man interrogating Watson is stood over him in an intimidating way. Although the man is already taller than Watson, the way the camera is angled makes the man look more powerful and controlling over him.
  • 6. • The lady offers Dr.Watson a lift home this represents his disability as him being unable to travel by himself and being dependent on other people’s help.
  • 7. • Overall in this clip disability is represented as a weakness, showing Dr.Watson to have people controlling him or needing their help. During the clip he is never the more dominant person and most camera angles are looking down on him which gives the connotation of him being a less strong character in the scene.