FY11 Federal Budget Briefing: Civilian

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This briefing provides an insightful analysis of the FY11 Civilian budget with relevant details for key funded programs and the latest agency information and contacts --- information that can make the …

This briefing provides an insightful analysis of the FY11 Civilian budget with relevant details for key funded programs and the latest agency information and contacts --- information that can make the difference in winning new business.

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  • 4 Divisions providing technology resale, channel development, contract management, and IT services Relationships with virtually every federal agency as well as state and local governments Represents large manufacturers (e.g. Oracle, IBM, McAfee) & smaller, emerging companies The Revenue Growth refers to total sales through our program – includes direct sales plus revenues that our partner do through our contracts Revenue breakdown: $800 million in top line sales through our programs (~$600 million direct sales, with another $200M in revenue that our partners run through our contracts)
  • Goal: this completes the corporate overview of how we earn our money. This final portion of the slide presents the additional services available from immixGroup, which can be leveraged by our clients or other companies on a one-off basis.These include:A group of market intelligence analysts that provide opportunity identification and trainingTraining and recruiting to help companies develop their public sector sales teams, andLeasing and financing programsIn summary, we can provide the resources that most manufacturers need – but don’t often have – when they are trying to grow and manage their business with the government.In all of our models, we are supporting the demand creator – whether that is the manufacturer or the partner.
  • http://www.federalnewsradio.com/?nid=35&sid=2066716
  • http://www.nextgov.com/nextgov/ng_20100203_6198.phpThe Commerce Department is taking the biggest hit, dropping from a fiscal 2010 budget of $6.6 billion to $2.4 billion. But its 2010 IT budget was an anomaly due to the 2010 Census, and the fiscal 2011 request is about $1.35 billion below the fiscal 2009 budget. That decrease accounts for most of the cuts from the $81 billion fiscal 2010 government IT budget.The other four agencies singled out for reductions in IT spending were DHS, which asked for a $6.4 billion IT budget, down nearly 2 percent; DOI (from $1 billion in fiscal 2010 to $980 million in fiscal 2011); DOL (from $610 million to $560 million); and NASA (down from $1.68 billion to $1.6 billion). VA essentially was unchanged at $3.3 billion.
  • Fedspace: http://thehill.com/blogs/hillicon-valley/technology/106699-gsa-to-launch-social-network-for-feds-and-contractorsSocial networking: http://gcn.com/Articles/2010/09/20/Social-Media-Sidebar-Cuts-Both-Ways.aspx?p=1http://gcn.com/Articles/2010/10/04/Interview-Amsler-social-media.aspx?p=1CyberScope: http://www.govinfosecurity.com/articles.php?art_id=2978&rf=2010-10-05-eghttp://techinsider.nextgov.com/2010/10/fed_cios_not_using_cyberscope_despite_upcoming_deadline.php
  • http://www.marketwatch.com/story/csc-participates-in-department-of-homeland-security-cyber-storm-iii-exercise-2010-09-30?reflink=MW_news_stmphttp://www.nzherald.co.nz/technology/news/article.cfm?c_id=5&objectid=10676919http://www.federalnewsradio.com/?nid=35&sid=2067472
  • http://www.marketwatch.com/story/icf-international-to-provide-information-management-and-management-consulting-support-to-centers-for-disease-control-and-prevention-2010-10-04?reflink=MW_news_stmphttp://www.nextgov.com/nextgov/ng_20101001_5777.php?oref=topnews
  • MIDAS: http://www.fsa.usda.gov/FSA/newsReleases?area=newsroom&subject=landing&topic=ner&newstype=newsrel&type=detail&item=nr_20100329_rel_0155.htmlEITA:SAIC – 134M contract from 2006-2011 for supportProject has been restartedThe objective of this investment is to enable RMA to identify and implement emerging technologies and best IT practices that most effectively support the business and mission delivery of RMA.Incident Based Automation Project:IT SUPPORT OF FOREST SERVICE INCIDENTS Opportunity ID : 45818   The Forest Service (FS) seeks quotes for hardware, software, and services which meet certain specifications. Information Technology Infrastructure and Support is needed prior to the first operational period to facilitate creation of the Incident Action Plan (IAP) and for each subsequent operational period until incident management activities conclude. This includes being present at the Incident Management Team (IMT) in-briefing. Work under this contract is in support of National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) incidents or events.
  • http://www.osec.doc.gov/bmi/budget/11CJ/Census%2011%20portrait%20final.pdfBeginning in FY 2011, the Census Bureau proposes to strengthen Security Office management,responsiveness, and performance by establishing three new senior positions: an AssistantSecurity Officer for Technical Security to manage the Incident Response/ Forensic Staff and theTechnical security office; create a new Bureau of the Census Computer Incident Response Teammanager; and a new Forensic Lab manager. Additional staff will be added to the TechnicalSecurity Staff and the Security Reviews and Policy staff. These organizational and staff changesrespond to the Office of the Inspector General’s findings and recommendations related to theCensus Bureau security programs. Specific outcomes include additional project managementsupport for security planning and the certification and accreditation (C&A) process. The FederalInformation Security Management Act (FISMA), Title III of the E-Government Act requires thatagencies conduct certifications using increasingly demanding National Institute of Standards andTechnology methodologies. Existing resources are limiting our ability to fully satisfy theserequirements. Additional resources are needed to ensure we are compliant with the growingnumber and complexity of security mandates. Staff also will take responsibility for improvingour responsiveness related to security Plans of Action and Milestones. We also plan to establishIT Security project managers for each of the Census Bureau’s 23 Information Technologysystems. These positions will be located in the Census Bureau IT Security Office. Since the restof that office is funded through a centralized information technology account, these positionswill be established via a direct assessment to this initiative.Faced with increasing and more sophisticated external attacks against our IT systems, it is alsoimperative that we invest additional resources in intrusion detection systems and other proactivemethods to protect our vast information assets. Additional resources must be invested invulnerability scans, patch management, and full security testing of all networks, servers, andhardware.This initiative will permit the IT Security Office to implement a data management system tofurther protect the vast amounts of information we are entrusted to protect. Software tools canpermit us to validate the status, access patterns, and usage of the 550 million files currentlyretained.


  • 1. FY11 Civilian Budget Briefing
    Intelligence for the
    IT Product Community
  • 2. Company Overview
    immixGroup helps technology companies do business with the government
    immixGroup Program Revenue Growth
    Founded in 1997
    $800M/year in public sector sales
    Federal small business
    ISO 9001:2008 registered
    160 employees
    Credit facility: $25 million
  • 3. immixGroup Divisions
    Government Channels Division
    IT Solutions Division
    Contract Management Division
    Technology Sales Division
    Public sector channel development
    IT services for government & commercial customers
    Outsourced contracting experts
    Unique technology reseller
    Manufacturer-driven programs to increase channel productivity
    • Manage channel complexity & compliance
    • 4. Generate leads for partners
    • 5. Reward & protect best resellers
    Contract negotiation, formation & compliance
    for prime contractors
    • Maintain compliance 
    • 6. Reduce risk
    • 7. Focus on sales instead of contract administration
    “Co-sell” products to the government via our contracts/relationships
    • Increase revenue through proactive sales, marketing, & demand creation
    • 8. Manage opportunities from leads through orders
    Implement technical solutions & provide program management
    • Specializing in Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Information Mgmt., Project Mgmt
    • 9. Access to cleared people & facility
    Additional Services: Market Intelligence| Training | Recruiting | Leasing & Financing
  • 10. immixGroup Foundation
    All net proceeds from today’s event donated to the immixGroup Foundation
    $720,000+ donated since 2005
    Charity Golf Tournament funds the immixGroup Foundation Surgical Oncology Fellowship in the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins
    Numerous other charitable causes
  • 11. Upcoming Events
    Government Team Training
    Fundamentals of Selling Technology to the Federal Government – Tuesday, October 19
    Federal Procurement and Contracting Essentials – Wednesday, October 20
    For more information or to register, please visit:
  • 12. Agenda
    Territory Planner
    FY11 Budget Analysis
    Civilian Themes
    Civilian Opportunities Overview
  • 13. Territory Planner
  • 14. Resources
  • 15. Current Status: FY11 Appropriations
    Continuing Resolution
  • 16. Federal Budget Overview
  • 17. Civilian Themes
    Vivek Kundra
    Cloud Computing
  • 18. Civilian Themes
    OMB’s High-Risk List
  • 19. Department of Homeland Security
    Cyber Storm III
    Richard Spires
  • 20. Department of Homeland Security
    Traveler Enforcement Compliance System Modernization (TECS Mod)
    BIOWATCH Gen 3
    National Cyber Security Protection System (NCPS)
  • 21. Health and Human Services
    Michael Carleton
  • 22. Health and Human Services
    MEDWatch Plus
    Quality Net
  • 23. Department of Veteran Affairs
    Roger Baker
  • 24. Department of Veteran Affairs
    Benefits 21st Century Paperless Delivery
    Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER)
  • 25. Department of Transportation
    Nitin Pradhan
  • 26. Department of Transportation
    System Wide Information Mgmt (SWIM)
    Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
    Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement (TAMR)
  • 27. Department of The Treasury
    Diane Litman
  • 28. Department of The Treasury
    Modernized E-File (MeF)
    Treasury Wide Enterprise Content Management Services (ECM)
    Return Review Program (RRP)
  • 29. Department of Justice
    Vance Hitch
  • 30. Department of Justice
    Next Generation Identification (NGI)
    Terrorist Screening System (TSS)
    Cyber Security
  • 31. Department of Agriculture
    Data Center Strategic Services
    Chris Smith
  • 32. Department of Agriculture
    Incident Based Automation Project – Phase III
    Emerging IT Architecture (EITA)
    Farm Program Modernization (MIDAS)
  • 33. Department of Commerce
    Simon Szykman
  • 34. Department of Commerce
    Patent File Wrapper (PFW)
    Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS)
    National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)
  • 35. Department of Energy
    William Turnbull
  • 36. Department of Energy
    Consolidated Infrastructure Office Automation & Telecommunications
    CF Integrated Management Navigation System
    Enterprise Secure Network (ESN)
  • 37. Conclusions
    FY11 Business Plan Priorities
    Market Intelligence Resources
    Impact of the Continuing Resolution
    We are here to help!
  • 38. FY11 Civilian Budget Briefing
    Market Intelligence Team
    Attn: Jaime Tomkins