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  1. 1. Trojan War – Study notes Danna Rae C. Arquisola We are not sure if TROY exists No one knows where TROY is until today No archaeological history No current writings Scientist believed that since everybody is writing about them then there TROY must be TRUE Why do we need to discuss this? Later in life, there are many Greek sculptures, movies, art, etc that would relate to the TROJAN WAR There is no singular author regarding TROJAN WAR There are dozens of writers that contributed to the story That is why there are many perspectives regarding a certain character ILIAD – written well; focused on the life of Achilles until he died
  2. 2. The story starts here. Thetis: sea nymph; demi god Peleus: mortal soldier In their wedding, they invited all GODS and GODESSES except ERIS( Goddess of Discord) ERIS was offended she threw a golden apple with a text “ To the fairest” HERA(Goddess of marriage, fertility), APHRODITE(Goddess of love and beauty) and ATHENA (Goddess of wisdom) Since the GODS cant decide, ZEUS then asked help from PARIS. Paris had a hard time deciding The three goddesses bribe PARIS HERA – Paris will be a powerful ruler ATHENA – Paris will be the wisest man APHRODITE – Paris will have the love of the most beautiful woman PARIS chose Aphrodite Peleus and Thetis had a son name Achilles In the picture, Thetis wanted her son to invulnerable that is why she tried to dip her son to the RIVER STYX (River of the underworld) She cannot dip her hand because if she will do so, she will become mortal or whoever GOD will do that will become mortal Achilles’ heel was not included that is why he easily died after his heel was attacked
  3. 3. Helen the most beautiful woman and the only daughter of the King and Queen of Sparta SPARTA : City-state of Greece; very powerful city because of its ARMY (Swerteang guy because he will be the king at the same time marrying the most beautiful woman) She had many suitors that is why her suitors agreed to 2 conditions: Helen’s decision will be respected Anything happens to their relationship, they will help defend the marriage Helen choses Menalus On their wedding day, Trojan princes HECTOR and PARIS attended the wedding PARIS and HELEN then fell in love (LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT) PARIS and HELEN escaped in Mycenae and went to TROY THAT IS WHY HELEN is considered to be the “FACE THAT LAUNCH A THOUSAND SHIPS” because there were many men who went to get her in TROY. Everybody sided with Mycenae because also of the 2 conditions of Helen’s suitor Odysseus also invited PHILOCTETES(bestfriend of Hercules) because it was prophesied that the BOW of HERCULES will end TROY Odysseus then recruited ACHILLES Odysseus then went to Thetis and look for Achilles but she hid Achilles in a brothel Then Odysseus was able to look out for Achilles then Achilles joined the group Achilles brought his ARMY, the MYRMIDONS(50 men) Then they travel to TROY Philoctetes’ ship got lost and was injured
  4. 4. Nothing important Sometimes they win, sometimes not If Achilles is there, they win, kung wala, pildi Briseis (priestess of Apollo and a relative of the TROJANS) was captured and was given to Achilles but Achilles respected her because she is royalty and later on they liked each other THIS IS WHERE THE POEM ILIAD STARTS Since they are not winning nor losing, Agamemnon took Briseis and Achilles does not want to fight anymore When the Trojans attacked the Achaeans (Mycenaeans), PATROCLUS wanted to fight that is why he got the armor of ACHILLES and attacked the Achaeans but the was killed by HECTOR Because of his action, mycenaeans also wanted to fight, they only fight if Achilles will join THE ARMOR of ACHILLES is also very special because HEPHAESTUS himself (blacksmith of the GODS) was the one who created it Hector was shocked that it was not Achilles who was not killed but Patroclus that is why he gave him an honorable death by stabbing him in the center As you can see in the picture, there is a man dragging his body When Achilles found out about this, he was very mad with HECTOR
  5. 5. Achilles returns to battle Achilles kills HECTOR and drag his body back to their place King Priam (King of TROY) was so sad about his son’s body that is why he visited Achilles all by himself and begged for his son’s body Achilles gave HECTOR’S body because he was somehow amazed with the humility of the king Then in the succeeding wars, PARIS kills ACHILLES by throwing an arrow in his heel And that made him vulnerable and then he died In another war, Philoctetes killed PARIS using the BOW of HERCULES After the Princes of Troy are gone, Helen helped and invited Odysseus over to their place not thinking that Odysseus had another thing in mind Odysseus being the WISEST man Odysseus made the TROJANS think that they already went home and made this HORSE as an offering to POSEIDON for a safe trip TROJANS celebrated because the ACHAEANS are gone and they let the TROJAN HORSE enter When night came, all ACHEANS hid inside the TROJAN HORSE and ATTACKED the city and its people AND THAT’S THE FALL OF TROY Some other informations: POSEIDON got mad at the ACHEANS because the horse was not really intended for him that is why NO MYCENAEANS ( ACHEANS) went back to Mycenae or Sparta In the book, Odyssey, it talks about the 3C & 3T, READ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT  STUDY HARD AND I HOPE U ENJOYED THE STORY -T.D
  6. 6. journey of Odysseus going back to their place after being punished by Poseidon ROMANS then believed that they are the MYCENAEANS who were lost that is why they are very brave.