Australia immigration chartered accountant assessment process


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Australia immigration chartered accountant assessment process

  1. 1. Australia Immigration Chartered Accountant Assessment Process
  2. 2. Australia Immigration • If you are a chartered accountant interested in making a career in Australia, then, you should find out the different ways in which your dream can be fulfilled. The Australian immigration officials carry out assessment of your skill through two different processes. Hence, you have to apply for either of these two to be selected during the assessment.
  3. 3. Skill assessment processes You have to opt for the skills assessment process that suits your qualification. Out of the two, you need to follow one and submit your skills assessment documents to the concerned authorities. Although the process of application is almost similar in both the types of skills assessment, there is a lot of different in the requirement of supporting documents. If you interested in fulfilling the skills assessment process for Australia immigration for chartered accountant, you should select the Fast Track option that will enable the assessment of your submission in almost half the time that is required for regular assessment process.
  4. 4. Skills assessment for Tertiary or University assessment Candidates who hold overseas or tertiary qualifications can apply under this skills assessment process. The candidate must: Fill up the PASA form completely and also the Appointment of Migration Agent-Department Form 956 Include all the supporting documents and post the submission to: Customer Transactions Institute of Chartered Accountants GPO Box 9985 Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
  5. 5. Skills assessment for Tertiary or University assessment This assessment of skills is only restricted to the candidates who are members of the recognized accounting bodies or any other accounting bodies. In this process, as well the candidate has to completely fill up the PASA form and also include the supporting documents and post it all to the above given address. The documents that are commonly required for both the above skills assessment types include: •Application form •Work references for each role •Payment •Pay slip
  6. 6. Skilled employment assessment process • The skilled employment assessment process for Australia immigration for chartered accountant is assessed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. It works both ways. Either you can submit the application to get your qualification as well as the skilled employment assessed at one time or you can submit the qualification assessment at the start and can fulfill the other requirements after the earlier documents have been approved through assessment. • For a candidate interested in working in Australia as a chartered accountant, it is important to possess a Bachelor’s degree that can be compared with Australian degree. The candidate should also possess achievement certification of 9 out of the 12 given core knowledge areas.
  7. 7. Skilled employment assessment process • This means that you will be required to submit all your relevant qualification certificates, syllabus and the transcripts in your application so that your skilled employment assessment date is set at the earliest. It is very much necessary that all your submissions should be up to date so that your assessment result is positive. If you are not confident about your abilities to complete this process on your own, you should contact the established immigration authorities such as Abhinav Outsourcing for helping you out in this. • Australia offers good opportunities to the chartered accountants. However, the conditions for getting entry into the Australian land are very strict. Hence, you should find out all the relevant details of skills assessment and qualifications required so that you do not have to face rejection.