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    PP Present Tense PP Present Tense Presentation Transcript

    • Present TenseBy:-Ali Al-YaqoubiMaher Al-RashdiOmran Al-BalushiSection:20
    • Lesson Objectives Students identify present tenses. Students apply present tenses in their daily life. Students better use present tenses.
    • Simple present Present Present perfect
    • Simple Present1. It expresses general statements of factsand timeless truth.E.g. The world is round.2. It expresses habitual or every day activities.E.g. I study for two hours every night. HOME PAGE
    • Present Progressive1. It expresses an activity that is in progress at the moment of speaking.e.g. John is sleeping right now.2. It expresses an activity that is in progress this week, month or year.e.g. I am taking six courses this semester. HOME PAGE
    • Present Perfect1. It expresses the idea that something happen(or neverhappened) before now, at an unspecified time in thepast. E.g. Have you ever visited Mexico? Adverbs that are frequently used: ever, never, yet, still and just. CONTINUE
    • 2. It expresses the repetition of an activity before now. E.g. I have written my wife a letter every other day for the last two weeks. Adverbs that are frequently used: so far. CONTINUE
    • 3. It expresses a situation that began in the past andcontinues to the present. E.g. I have been here since 7 o’clock. Adverbs that are frequently used: since and for. Check this video HOME PAGE
    • Present Perfect Progressive1. It indicates the duration of an activity that began inthe past and continues to the present. e.g. I have been sitting here since 7 o’clock. It’s used with time words as for, since and all morning. CONTINUE
    • 2. It expresses a general activity in progress recently. E.g. I have been thinking of about changing my major.3. It occurs with certain verbs: work, live and teach. e.g. I have lived here since 1995. HOME PAGE
    • Thank you for your attention.For further present tense tutorials, checkout this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hcJECNQDlc