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1st year

  1. 1. UNIT 15. Vocabulanj " 63 Now test yourseti Look at thèse pictures. Can you identrfy the parts of the head and face? Write the word. -^ Use one of the words from exercise 3 to complète thèse sentences. a You need your . TUH c Your is at the bottom of your face. _ i Your "• j ^*mm protect your eyes. e Your f We use our to btte something. to kiss. are above your eyes. If yc wear contact lenses, you wear them in your k You need your to speak and to taste. 1 Your head rests on top of your .. ..._ m You need your to think. ' '• ^ In your Word Bank notebook draw a picture of the head and face and label ail the arts that ou know. Now the h ^
  2. 2. The body and what it can do A Parts of the body sho The outer par of the body is covereri in skin, e.g. Too much sun is bad for your skin. i B Physical actions People breathe through the nose or mouth, and breathe in and out 12-15 times a minute. People smile when they're happy, and sometimes smile at people to be polite. Funny things make people laugh - for example, when someone tells a jolce. People sometimes cry if they're unhappy or receive bad news. They yawn when they're tired or bored. People in some countries nod their head to mean 'yes>> an<l shake their head for 'no'. C Common expressions shake hands '^ith somebody 96 bite your nails fold your arms En^bVi Vocabulcry in Use (prc-interme^i^te & intermcdiatc) biow your nose comb your bair
  3. 3. 9 They yawn when Exercises 47.1 Find 13 more words describing parts of thc body, either across or down, in this Word square. à E L B H T 1 A 1 0 P C E C K i H A N K C H E C H E E (il O E Y E K S K W N A 1 L T A A R M H E E L 47.2 How much of the picture can you label without looking at the opposite page? 47.3 Match the verbs on the left with 1 shake -^ your arms a part of the body on the right to 2 bite your nose fonn common expressions. 3 comb >. 4 fold 5 blow 6 nod your nails your head ^—hands your hair 47.4 What do thèse actions often mean? (There may be several possible answers.) 2 They often breathe quickly after - EngkhVoœbulary in Use (pr-interiedkiw 4 intemwdiotj e n e 97