Timelines for Facebook Pages Will Ruin Your Business - Not!


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Facebook announced a huge change to the way that Facebook pages look and work.

If you missed the announcement, then, briefly, on March 30, 2012, Facebook is disabling the ability for you to define a default landing page and will be creating a default landing page for you that uses the Timeline interface; you can choose to activate the new Timeline before March 30, 2012.

This means that whatever page you had as a default, while still available through an icon, won't be shown as the default page and, unless you take some action, Facebook will create a page for you. The best thing for you to do is to create your own Timeline page before the deadline.

Anyway, this is big news for online businesses who use Facebook as part of their sales and marketing and if you're not you should seriously consider doing so.

David Husnian, online marketer, has created a special report "Timelines for Facebook Pages Will Ruin Your Business - Not!" specifically for the March 30th upheaval.

So Read on and Discover How to Use and Profit from Facebook Timelines.

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Timelines for Facebook Pages Will Ruin Your Business - Not!

  1. 1. MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Presentation – Facebook Design Changes – Quick Look at the Timeline – New Administration Capabilities – Why People Are Scared? – Things to Like – What You Should Do Create a Timeline Live Q&A MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  3. 3. What’s Going On Facebook is getting rid of member defined default landing page on March 30, 2012 The online business community is flooded with negative commentary Floods of marketers are rushing to create new products to market Its very early and nobody truly understands the impact MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  4. 4. Facebook Design Changes Default Landing Page is a Timeline Less Control More Control – More Visibility Photos, About, Tabs Friends Activity Pinned and Starred Posts Milestones MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  5. 5. Facebook Design Changes MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  6. 6. Quick Look at the Timeline Photos at the Top of the Page – Cover Photo – Profile Photo MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  7. 7. Quick Look at the Timeline Cover Photo – Big Public Banner – 851 Wide by 315 Tall – Must be at Least 399 Wide – Big and Bold – Attractive – Emotional MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  8. 8. Quick Look at the Timeline Cover Photo Restrictions – Nothing Promotional – No Pricing or Purchasing Info – No Contact Info – No Call to Action – No “Like” Requests or UI Elements – Not Much Text MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  9. 9. Quick Look at the Timeline Profile Photo – Small Square – 180 Wide by 180 Tall – Scaled Down to 32 by 32 – Logo – You – Product – Memorable MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  10. 10. Quick Look at the Timeline About Section (also called Summary Box) – Quick Snapshot of Important Info – Put Contact Info Here – Put Hours of Business – Big Benefit – Be Terse MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  11. 11. Quick Look at the Timeline Views and Apps Section – Only 3 Custom Apps + Photos Shown – Up to 11 Custom Apps + Photos – Order Your Apps – Most Important First – Be Bright – Be Bold – 111 by 74 MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  12. 12. Quick Look at the Timeline Friend Activity – Visitors See Interactions Their Friends Have with You – Gives a Personal Feel – Get Easier Trust – Get Easier Distrust MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  13. 13. Quick Look at the Timeline Pinned Posts – Highlight an Important Post at the Top – No More Than 7 Days – Only One at a Time MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  14. 14. Quick Look at the Timeline Starred Post – Highlight Unlimited Important Posts – Is Highlighted Until You Unhighlight It MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  15. 15. Quick Look at the Timeline Milestones – Highlight (Unlimited) Important Events – Looks Similar to Starred – Has a Flag & Title – Can’t Change – Can Delete & Hide MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  16. 16. New Administration Capabilities Administration Panel – Manage Notifications, Messages, and More Activity Log – See all activity & manage posts MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  17. 17. New Administration Capabilities Administration Panel – Notifications – Show and Manage Notifications Including: Comments Likes Tags MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  18. 18. New Administration Capabilities Administration Panel – Messages – In Demand Direct Messaging (New Feature) – Show and Manage Messages From One Place MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  19. 19. New Administration Capabilities Administration Panel – Likes – Show and Manage Likes From One Place MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  20. 20. New Administration Capabilities Administration Panel – Insights – Mini-Analytics Tool – Shows How Many People Liked How Many People Talked Compare for Each Post MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  21. 21. New Administration Capabilities Activity Log – See Activity – Manage Posts, You Can: Highlight/Star Post Hide Post Delete Post Change Post Date MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  22. 22. Why People Are Scared? Cant Set the Default Landing Page – Biggest Complaint – Don’t Want Timeline, Want Their Own Page – Original Landing Page is Still There – Make It a Tab – Put It In a Pinned or Starred Post – Direct Link to It MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  23. 23. Why People Are Scared? Cover Photo Restrictions, You Can’t Have: – Pricing: “50% Off”, “Only $19.99”, “Get 2 for 1” – Purchase: “Instant Download at …”, “Drop By” – Call-to-Action: “Buy Now”, “Tell Your Friends” – Facebook Elements: “Like”, “Share” – Contact Info: Address, Email, Phone, WebsiteFacebook Says: "Note: This space is not meant for promotions, coupons,or advertisements. Your cover photo should not be primarily text-basedor infringe on anyone else’s copyright." MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  24. 24. Why People Are Scared? Loss of Investment – Spent Money for Page Design, Graphics, Programming, Getting Visitors, Optimizing, … Not So Much – Page is Still There for You to Use – Many Ways to Get People to the Page Tabs on Default Page Pinned and Starred Posts Direct Linking from Ads, External Sites, Google,… MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  25. 25. Why People Are Scared? It’s More Work! Yep, at the Beginning, But It’ll Be Much Better – but Will It Translate Into Money? It Should Get You More Loyal Customers & Fewer Freebie Seekers Who “Like” You We’ll All Discover How to Best Use It Like We’ve Always Done in the Past MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  26. 26. Things to Like Admin Panel (and Activity Log) More Control and Management of Posts Cover Photo More Personal Customer Engagement Direct Messaging Increased Social Proof Wider Tab Pages MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  27. 27. What You Should Do, Now! Set Up Your Timeline ASAP – 1. Create a Sensational Cover Photo – 2. Create/Update Your Profile Photo – 3. Update Your About Section Information – 4. Organize and Spruce Up Your Tabs – 5. Build Your Timeline Milestones, Remove/Move, Add New, Star, Pin Update Your Existing Pages MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  28. 28. What You Should Do, Later On an Ongoing Basis: – Post Regularly – Monitor the Interactions – Consider Facebook Advertising and Offers MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  29. 29. Let Convert a Timeline!!! Ready to See A Timeline Created, Live? MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  30. 30. Final Words Don’t Let the Changes Scare You Accept, Embrace & Profit; Let Your Competitors Complain and Wail While You Profit Visual Look and Graphic Design is Critical Now How You Share and Show Content Will Be Very Important; So Carefully Craft Your Timeline Share Your Milestones and Update Your Apps Consistently Pin Updated and Timely Content Stay on Top of the Interactions With Your Page Get Started Now But Don’t Buy Any Products, Services or Courses – Yet! MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com
  31. 31. Resources Introducing New Facebook Pages: http://Facebook.com/about/pages Introducing New Facebook Pages FAQ: https://www.facebook.com/help/pages/new-design Facebook Page Terms and Conditions: https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php Facebook Page Product Guide: http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Pages _Product_Guide_022812.pdf Learn About Facebook Pages Video Course: http://www.learnfacebookpages.com/ http://MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com/JoinMGM ☺ MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com