Preface:                                                    Immad@Heyzap.comThis	  is	  the	  best	  order	  to	  build	  ...
The Start:                                           •  Who	  you	  are	  &	  what	  makes	  you...•  Total	  size	  of	  market	  –	  more	  than	  $1bn	  is	  ideal	  •  Major	  market	  trends	  •  How	...•  Do	  a	  live	  demo	  •  Keep	  it	  simple,	  interesting	  and	  engaging	  •  Showcase	  your	  pro...
The Middle:                                        •  Graphs	  are	  the	  best	  way	  to	  con...•  What	  are	  your	  current	  user	  acquisi;on	  channels	  	  	  •  How	  do	  those	  channels	  sca...•  How	  will	  your	  business	  make	  money?	  •  Should	  have	  some	  revenue	  forecasts	  backing	...•  Can	  help	  demonstrate	  the	  size	  of	  the	  market	  	  •  Reinforce	  your	  differentiating	  a...
The End:                                   •  Spend	  10	  minutes	  +	  talking	  about	  fund	...
Epilogue:                                            You	  have	  now	  shown	  you:	           ...
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A Deck, Deck.


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A Deck about what should be in your Seed or Series A presentation deck to investors

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A Deck, Deck.

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Preface: Immad@Heyzap.comThis  is  the  best  order  to  build  your  deck  and    retain  good  flow:   1.   Team   5.   Distribution  Strategy     2.   Market     6.   Business  Model   3.   Demo     7.  Competition   4.   Traction     8.  Fund  Raising  Status  
  3. 3. The Start:•  Who  you  are  &  what  makes  you  extraordinary  •  What  makes  you  the  right  person  to  execute  this   idea  •  3  key  points  on  each  key  team  member         e.g.   2006  -­‐  Computer  Science,  Cambridge     2007  -­‐  Founded/Sold   2008  -­‐Founded  
  4. 4.•  Total  size  of  market  –  more  than  $1bn  is  ideal  •  Major  market  trends  •  How  the  market  is  relevant  to  your  idea  •  Put  the  investor  in  a  multi-­‐billion  dollar  market   mindset  
  5. 5.•  Do  a  live  demo  •  Keep  it  simple,  interesting  and  engaging  •  Showcase  your  products  strength  and   differentiation.  
  6. 6. The Middle:•  Graphs  are  the  best  way  to  convey  traction   numbers.  •  Pick  the  most  relevant  metrics    to  show  growth.  •  Exponential  or  “hockey-­‐stick”  growth    =   investors    dream   e.g.  Hockey-­‐stick  growth  from  twitter  
  7. 7.•  What  are  your  current  user  acquisi;on  channels      •  How  do  those  channels  scale  •  New  distribu;on  channels  to  explore  •  Distribu;on  is  an  exact  science,  you  must  have   credible  data  to  support     each  channel’s  success  
  8. 8.•  How  will  your  business  make  money?  •  Should  have  some  revenue  forecasts  backing   it  especially  if  you  are  not  seed  stage  •  Preferably  have  parts  of      the  business  model      tested  with  data.  
  9. 9.•  Can  help  demonstrate  the  size  of  the  market    •  Reinforce  your  differentiating  aspects  •  Ideally  within  the  startups  in  your      market  you  should  be  a  market       leader/top  3  
  10. 10. The End:•  Spend  10  minutes  +  talking  about  fund  raising  •  How  much  you  are  raising  and  at  what  valuation  •  Who    were  your  previous    investors  •  Who  has  committed  in  the  new  round  •  Go  for  a  close  if  investor  is  interested  
  11. 11. Epilogue: You  have  now  shown  you:     •  Have  a  Great  Team  &  have  a  great  product   •  Have  ability  to  executing  in  a  large  market   •  Are  receiving  amazing  traction   •  Have  a  sustainable  distribution  strategy   •  Are  going  to  make  a  lot  of  revenue   •  Are  Superior  than  your  competitors   •  Are  Getting  a  lot  of    momentum  in  your  fundraising  
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