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IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2
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IMMACC Info Marketing Pt.2


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Your research is going to make or break your information product. If you don't do your research, then you may find your product doesn't make money. And, we'll go into that more as we go through this …

Your research is going to make or break your information product. If you don't do your research, then you may find your product doesn't make money. And, we'll go into that more as we go through this video.

So, what you are looking for is a group of people with a problem or a need that can be solved with an information product. So, you're looking for people who have a problem, people who need some help, people who want to achieve something but are struggling to do so.

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  1. IMMACC Presents: Who Else Wants A Proven, Step-By-Step, "Beginner Friendly", Training Program That Teaches You How To Make Money Online Selling Information Products? Part 2 0f 12: Research By Tod Dale Watch The Entire 12 Part Video Course Online By Clicking Here! NOTICE: You Do NOT Have the Right to Reprint or Resell this Report! You Also MAY NOT Give Away, Sell or Share the Content HereinIf you obtained this report from anywhere other than, you have a pirated copy.© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 1
  2. IMMACC™... Info Marketing Secrets Revealed© 2010 CopyrightThe content of the pages of this report is for your general information and use only. It is subjectto change without notice. • Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered in this report for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law. • Your use of any information or materials on this report is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this report meet your specific requirements. • This report contains material which is owned by or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions. • Unauthorized use of this report may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offense. • This report may also include links to related websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information. They do not signify that we endorse the website(s). We have no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s). • Please note we may not be associated with the companies mentioned in this report and that we acknowledge that products, company names and logos mentioned in this report are trademarks of their respected owners. This report is a resource containing details and price comparison information only. Watch The Entire 12 Part Video Course Online By Clicking Here!© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 2
  3. IMMACC™... Info Marketing Secrets RevealedIt is absolutely vital that you research your product. If you dont, how do you know thatthere is a market for your product? Seriously, how do you know? Many youngmarketers who dont do their market research are the marketers that claim thatinformation marketing doesnt work and they arent making money with it.If you do your research and do it properly, then its a breeze making money. If youdont, then its your own fault. You need to go out there and do your research. Dont belazy. Dont try and shortcut it. Get out there and do it.You see, many marketers create a product and then rush off to find someone to sell itto. That doesnt work. What you need to do first is identify your market and then createa product to meet the specific needs of that market. Anyone whos saying, well themarket for my product is everyone, is someone who probably isnt making money.You need to understand your target market. Who are they? What do they want? Whatstheir problems? How can you solve it? So, you need to find your market. And, thatswhat this video is all about. And then, provide them with a product that meets theirneeds.Basically, your research is going to make or break your information product. If you dontdo your research, then you may find your product doesnt make money. And, well gointo that more as we go through this video.So, what you are looking for is a group of people with a problem or a need that can besolved with an information product. So, youre looking for people who have a problem,people who need some help, people who want to achieve something but are strugglingto do so.© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 3
  4. IMMACC™... Info Marketing Secrets RevealedAnd, you have to make sure the market is there. You need to make sure that there areother people out there who are selling products and that these people buy products.There are markets out there, and Ive been in a few of them, where theres lots ofdemand, but theres nobody willing to pay any money for it. And, its a real shame. Itreally, really is. But, youve got to make sure the market is there and that people arewilling to buy products.So, where will you find product ideas? Well, the first place is to watch the news and thecurrent events. Whats going on around you? What problems are people facing? Therecession, foreclosure, economic downturn, mortgage problems. All of these arepotential ideas for products.If people are suffering in the recession with foreclosure, could you write a guide on howto survive a foreclosure or how to avoid foreclosure? Thats an idea, isnt it? So, watchwhats going on in the world around you.Keep an eye on whats in the stores, as well. You see, often the stores will havepromotions of its hottish products or the latest new things or things that theyre tryingto make trendy or popular. If you keep an eye on those, then those can be very, veryuseful to you because they could give you ideas for products.I mean, many times, my children have come home with things and theyve startedtalking gibberish about some little plastic card or little plastic toy and raved about it.And when Ive done a bit of research, Ive realized its actually a very profitable nicheand quickly Ive flung up some websites, made an information product or an authoritysite and earned from it.And, thats what you need to do. You need to keep an eye on whats going on aroundyou.© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 4
  5. IMMACC™... Info Marketing Secrets RevealedHave a look at whats selling well online. Were going to talk about that in the nextcouple of videos.But, think about what is selling and how you can tap into that market. You know, whatis selling popular in the weight loss niche, if you fancy doing that. Or, whats selling wellin the gardening niche? You know, have a look at whats selling.Listen to the people talking around you. Dont eavesdrop, obviously, but listen topeople talking. Quite often, they will give you clues and hints about the problemstheyre facing. And, you may hear people saying, oh, I really cant get rid of the aphidson my roses, its a real struggle, something like that. And then you go, oh, that might bean information product. Lets do the research.The first step in product research is to find the idea. Once youve found an idea, youthen have to test to see if its viable, which is what some of the other steps in thisformula is all about.You can go to sites such as eBay and Amazon and the other big online stores. Most ofthem will give you a list of whats selling and whats not. And, that will give you an ideaof whats popular and what you could create information products around.Now, what about if you get cards are popular, could you create something aroundthose? If I observed the Nintendo Wii is popular, could you create something basedaround that? Theres lots and lots of ideas.The other place to look and this is a very, very good place is in forums or in socialnetworking sites. Look for groups related to the niche you want to work in and just havea look through the forums and see what problems people are facing.© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 5
  6. IMMACC™... Info Marketing Secrets RevealedIf you see people keep posting the same thing, how do I do whatever, then thatspotentially a very, very good idea for an information product. You obviously then haveto do your due diligence and make sure there is a market, but its still a possibleproduct.So, how do you test to see if an idea is feasible? Well, are there any competingproducts? Go into Google, type in a few key words and see if anyone is selling any otherinformation products. If theyre not, then Id be worried. I mean, you may be jumping upwith joy thinking, oh, Ive found an untapped niche, Im going to be rich. I do hate to bethe one to burst your bubble, but actually youve likely found a market with no buyers.Most niches have some information on them. There are a few, but they are very, veryrare. So, if there arent any competing products, youve really got to do your marketresearch and make sure that the actual idea you have is feasible and there are peopleout there who are willing to part with cash for your idea.You see, a market with no product probably means a market with no demand. OK? Justremember that. Remember that when you find that market with no competingproducts.I mentioned this earlier on. There are some niches which are just dreadful on either nothaving money or not spending it. I mean, Ive encountered a few. A lot of the New Ageor New Age religion communities, those are great niches and theres a big demand forinformation or for information products, but theres very little willingness to spendmoney.So, a lot of them are either students or people that have shunned their worldly goodsbecause theyre into the spiritual life or whatever it might be, which is their choice,thats fine. But, as a marketer, for me, thats not a profitable market. Absolutely not.So, check the niche. Are they actually willing to spend money in that niche?© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 6
  7. IMMACC™... Info Marketing Secrets RevealedGo through Google, put in your key words, look at the AdWords ads. Thats always agood way to tell if a market is profitable. If people are willing to spend money onAdWords, advertising information products, then you know that there are sales beingmade. And if that is the case, then you know that theres possibly room for competingproduct.Hey, in fact, in any market, theres always room for competing products. Dont think,oh, I cant enter that market, theres too many products. Rubbish. Get out there. Createyour product. Make yours better. Make yours different. Target a specific niche.Whatever. Get in there and create your product. You can succeed.And, look out for other information products. If necessary, buy a couple. If youve gotthe money, buy a couple and see what content they cover because that gives you anidea on what to include in yours and tells you what you need to do better.You can also look for product reviews, as well. Look for people talking aboutinformation products. That might give you some ideas too.And finally, search the forums for reviews of peoples information products. If you gointo those, youre bound to find people talking about products. And if they are, then inall likelihood theres a demand for it. If the forums are dead quiet and theres nobodymentioning products, then it may not be the market for you.It may be that the market wont accept an information product and it needs to be aphysical product. It really, really depends.But, this process is one you have to go through. You have to first identify a niche. Onceyouve identified a niche, then you need to see is it feasible? Are the people spendingmoney? Are there competing products? And if you know that, then you can either© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 7
  8. IMMACC™... Info Marketing Secrets Revealedtarget your product idea further on. Is it for women, for children, for teens, for overfifties, for single men, is it for married women?You know, you can target in each further if necessary. So, you may think well, Id like tocreate a weight loss product, but theres loads of them. Well, you could say I want tocreate a weight loss product for men or for men over 50 or something like that. So, youcan always narrow it down the focus of the niche further.And the more you narrow it, typically, the more responsive the niche will be. So, its upto you exactly how you work it, but bear that in mind.But always, always, test your product ideas like this to make sure theyre feasible beforeyou go any further. You dont want to be investing money in creating products only tofind out that no one wants to buy it. If you spent $1000 with an outsourcer to createyour product and then you find out theres no market, youve just wasted $1000. OK?So, make sure you know theres a market there and then test that there is productselling. And then, you know to move on to the next steps of the Information ProductCreation Formula. Watch The Entire 12 Part Video Course Online By Clicking Here!© 2010 - All Rights Reserved. IMMACC Page 8