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Science Parent Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. ScienceFCAT Parent Workshop By: Maria Vogel
  2. 2. FCAT Science
  3. 3. ScienceIncludes approximately 60 multiple choice questions *Multiple choice = 1 point*Low 10%-20%*Moderate 60%-80%*High 10%-20%
  4. 4. Scale Scores for Science
  5. 5. Test Dates Tuesday, April 24 Session 1Wednesday, April 25 Session 2Both sessions are 80 minutes
  6. 6. Science: What do Students have Trouble with?• Multiple choice questions on the following content topics: – Energy transfer through a food chain – The effects of forces on objects – Erosion and weathering and their results – Relationship between the Earth’s tilt, the amount of direct sunlight, and seasons – Adaptation in animals and plants in relationship to survival needs – Repeating experiments to validate results
  7. 7. Topics To Be Covered
  8. 8. Everyday Science Opportunities:• Ask Questions• Review Science home learning• Read Science Book• Try Science experiments for fun• Review Vocabulary words• Websites
  9. 9. A. MixtureB. Solution C. CompoundD. Pure Substance
  10. 10. Benchmarks: SC.B.1.2.2, SC.B.1.2.3, SC.B.1.2.4-5, SC.B.1.2.5 and SC.B.1.2.6 F. Electrical G. Heat H. Light I. Mechanical
  11. 11. A. Earth’s ShapeB. Earth’s GravityC. Earth’s MountainsD. Earth’s Atmosphere
  12. 12. A. Sandy flatlands C. Underground cavesB. Offshore islands D. Mangrove swamps
  13. 13. F The shape of the orbitG The closeness of MarsH The presence of a moonI The distance from the Sun
  14. 14. A bones C heartB ears D lungs
  15. 15. F Alligators destroy sawgrass.G Alligators feed on sawgrass.H Sawgrass helps the alligator travel.I Sawgrass and alligators depend on each other.
  16. 16. Why Do We Call Them Gizmos?We call them Gizmos because virtual manipulatives is too difficult to say! Allkidding aside, the use of the word Gizmo to describe our multimediaactivities goes back to the origins of ExploreLearning.Dr. Raman Pfaff first coined the term "gizmo" to describe the new learningtool he created while he was a graduate student in nuclear physics. WhenDr. Pfaff joined ExploreLearning (employee number 2), the name Gizmoscame with him and it stuck.We like the name Gizmo not only because it sounds fun, which the Gizmosare, but also because it implies that the Gizmo is part of a larger machine —the whole of the teaching and learning process.
  17. 17. Test Taking Strategies• Read the directions carefully. Ask your teacher to explain any directions you do not understand.• Be sure to fill in the answer bubbles correctly. Do not make any stray marks around answer spaces.• When you have finished each problem, reread it to make sure your answer is reasonable.• Check each answer to make sure it is the best answer for the question.• Relax. Some people get nervous about tests. It’s natural. Just do your best!
  18. 18. We Want CALM Students!• As a parent you are in the greatest position to prepare your child to succeed in FCAT testing.• During the weeks of testing please try to calm, encourage, and reassure your child. Tell them that they are great! Also, that they will do great on the TEST!
  19. 19. Helpful Websites: Florida Achieves-Focus Brain Pop Study Jams
  20. 20. Thank you for coming!!!“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein
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