9 Social Media Advertising Methods - Inside the $16.9 Billion Advertising Machine


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Social Media has quickly become a huge, and possibly overwhelming industry buzz word. Advertising options can seem numerous, and knowing where to start is key. There are many mediums of advertising online that are conducive to various objectives. In this presentation we give an overview of the many options of social media advertising. This presentation is meant to be educational and a great reminder on the many avenues you may choose to advertise in.

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9 Social Media Advertising Methods - Inside the $16.9 Billion Advertising Machine

  1. 1. 9 Social Media Advertising MethodsInside the $16.9 Billion Advertising Machine
  2. 2. Agendao Social Media Advertisingo Social Media Growtho Social Media vs. Digital Marketingo Advertising Methods
  3. 3. Social Media Advertising Promoted Videos
  4. 4. Social Media Growth
  5. 5. Social Media Vs. Digital Marketing Social Media Digital Marketing o Engaging o Search Engine Optimization o Used to Create Buzz and Build o Web Design Brand Image o Social Media Marketing o Connecting with Target o PPC Campaigns Audience o Email Marketing o Large & Niche Social Networks o Mobile Marketing o Link Building
  6. 6. Advertising Methods o Mobile o Promoted o Social Gaming o Banner o Social Video o Online Commercial o Press Release o Pay-Per-Click (PPC) o Pay-Per-Impression (PPI)
  7. 7. Mobile o On-site Banners o In-game Banners o Apps
  8. 8. Promoted o Paid Media o Allows Content to be Visible to Mass Public Promoted Videos o Effective o Expensive
  9. 9. Social Gaming o Branded Games o In-game Product Placement o Engaging o Very Expensive o Effective
  10. 10. Banner o On-site Banner o Flash Screen Banner o Pop-up o Inexpensive o Less Effective o Hard to Break Through Noise
  11. 11. Social Video o Social Component o Organic o Informational o Shows Products and Specifications o Inexpensive o Effective
  12. 12. Online Commercial o Handled Through Each Medium o Expensive o Effective • Change in Consumption • No Fast Forwarding
  13. 13. Press Release o Social o Catered to Audience o Free o Effective
  14. 14. Pay-Per-Click o Set Price Limit o Choose Link Destination o Social Ad o Inexpensive o Effective
  15. 15. Pay-Per-Impression o Set Price Limit o Choose Link Destination o Social Ad o Inexpensive o Less Effective
  16. 16. Organic o High Quality, Relevant Content o Value Added for Users o Builds Online Community o Conversation, not Advertisement o Engaging o Sharable o Free o Effective
  17. 17. Paid SocialMust be MixedWith Value AddedContent
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