5 Steps to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing


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Having an optimized social media marketing presence is essential to maximizing your customer base and Digital Marketing ROI. In this presentation we talk about how Social Media fits into Digital Marketing, the projected growth of Social Media and Digital Marketing. We also talk about how to optimize your social networks through the use of 5 simple steps.

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5 Steps to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. 5 Steps to Optimize Presentation Title Social Media
  2. 2. Agenda1. W Opt hy imize?2. Socia M a Digit lM r ing l edia nd a aket3. 5 St t Opt t eps o imizaion
  3. 3. “If it can beit can be optimized. searched,
  4. 4. Why Optimize?
  5. 5. Social& edia M Digital Marketing Socia M M r ing l edia aket Pa PerCl y- - ick Seach E Opt t r ngine imizaion W Design eb L Buil ink ding E ilM r ing ma aket M e M r ing obil aket
  6. 6. Social& edia MDigital Marketing
  7. 7. Social& edia MDigital Marketing
  8. 8. Social& edia MDigital Marketing
  9. 9. 5 Steps toOptimizeYourMedia MarketingSocial
  10. 10. Link
  11. 11. Keywords Tl ites Body Images Ha a sht gs
  12. 12. Brand Vs.
  13. 13. Brand
  14. 14. Social MediaBreadth
  15. 15. Share
  16. 16. No Guess WorkCompetitive Intelligence ReportBenchmakingt show t stengt a w knesses ofcurentDigit lM r ing r ool ing he r hs nd ea r a aketStaegies v t tofcompet or rt s. ha it s.
  17. 17. iMi AssociatesWhat We Do Or nic Seach E Opt t ga r ngine imizaion SE Consuling O t W Design &Pr a eb ogr mming Pa PerCl y- - ick Socia M M r ing l edia aket Bl Consuling og t L Buil ink ding E ilM r ing ma aket
  18. 18. Free Competitive Intelligence Report At ofoura eciaion foryourat nce oken ppr t tenda Name Company Tl ite Cit y St t ae ZIP Phone E il mdohery@imia ma : t ssociaes.com t
  19. 19. Presentation Title w w ssociaes.com w .imia t