WORDRPESS AMAZON STORE PLUGINReviewazon is an Amazon review plugin for WordPress which automatically adds Amazonproducts a...
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Wordpress Amazon Store Plugin


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Wordpress amazon store builder. Amazon review plugin for Wordpress that automatically posts Amazon product reviews based on keywords. Start your profitable product review site by using this Wordpress Amazon product review plugin

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Wordpress Amazon Store Plugin

  1. 1. WORDRPESS AMAZON STORE PLUGINReviewazon is an Amazon review plugin for WordPress which automatically adds Amazonproducts and reviews of them to your blog. It is a kind of WordPress autoblogging plugin whichgrabs Amazon products with reviews of the costumers based on keywords. The Amazon affiliateprogram is still one of the best way to make online income and an Amazon products review siteon a niche is the most effective way to earn more. With this Amazon review plugin forWordPress you can simply have a professional review site that automatically fills itself withuseful content, manage your affiliate links and builds complete blogs in no time.Advantages of this WordPress Amazon Review Plugin  It can display over 25 different pieces of product content at the same time if you wish like customer rating, product description, customer reviews, pricing, manufacturer, product details etc.  It is a totally automatic Amazon review plugin for Wordress, you set it up and let it to run. You can have more time to concentrate on the promoting of your website.  You can use it on unlimited domains – Start as many review sites as you want and earn more!  Built-in Ajax driven product search dialog screen lets you to search on Amazon by product category, custom sort parameter and product keywords to find just the most related products for your niche.  Support for all the Amazon Affiliate programs – These are Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan.  Integrated Youtube option – This Amazon review plugin for WordPress lets you to add product review videos easily.  Built-in custom Sidebar Widgets  SEO friendly image and product URLs  Tabbed product listing interface - Display product details in a tab layout instead of the normal vertical layout.To sum up, if you find a good (hidden-niche) Amazon product group to promote, with thisWordPress Amazon product review plugin you can set up your automatic Amazon productreview site in minutes and start to earn with Amazon affiliate. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND FOR DEMOS scriptech.net