Video Sharing Script to Build Youtube Clone Website


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Best video sharing script to build Youtube clone. Youtube clone script that comes with many powerful features to build video sharing or any niche video sites. Premium video sharing script review.

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Video Sharing Script to Build Youtube Clone Website

  1. 1. VIDEO SHARING SCRIPT TO BUILD YOUTUBE CLONE WEBSITE The Youtube clone script I would like to show you is a premium video sharing script that comes with many great features that are not only used for adding videos, but also let us to create a social networking site. This script is made by DZOIC creators of a prefect Facebook clone script, but they make a special version of it called Clipshare that is made for building video sites. This Youtube clone script is an all in one solution since it not only have the must have functions that are need for video managing, but also have great possibilities for monetization and community building. Check out the demos here Advantages of this Youtube Clone Script This script beside the built-in, let’s say must have options, allows us to use plugins which helps to enhance the whole site for many purposes. By using them we can offer more options for the users. Now lets the best plugins that you can use. Video Ads Plugin This plugin allows us to display ads at the bottom of the videos, as you can see on Youtube. This way monetization is easier and much effective. You can display typical advertisement types such as banners, but the greatest thing is that video ads can be used, too. The ads can be tweaked to be displayed before or after the videos and mid ads can be used, too. I think this is a really powerful plugin of this video sharing software. Video Grabber Plugin This tool helps us to bulk add videos from the well-known video sharing sites by simple adding the url of the video. This can be useful since our video sharing site can be started by videos. Best Features of Youtube Clone Script  Member options – Customizable member questions, members can create special channels, video organization and many
  2. 2.  Video functions – This Youtube clone script comes with many options for managing videos both for the admin and for the users. Some of the most important ones are: videos are automatically converted to FLV, automatic thumbnail generation, Ajax based commenting and rating and many others. It also supports more than 20 video formats.  Nice looking video player with many options, plus logo if you want.  Groups – Members can create groups with special access.  Social bookmarking options.  Membership packages – You can create free and paid membership packages with different access types. You can check out all the features here This software is a good solution to build a general video sharing site with many categories, but keep in ind once your site grows big you should have powerful resources to host your site. In my point if you building a general video sharing site is not the best project since it hard to compete with the great ones like Youtube. Therefore, I suggest you to build niche video sites which will contain videos about a certain topic. These sites are loved by members since they can find the relevant useful content and this way it will be preferred by search engines, too, meaning higher and more ranking for the related keywords and this means more free, targeted traffic for you. All in all, if you need a powerful video sharing script to build any types video sites, you should give try for DZOIC Youtube clone script. GET MORE INFO & TEST IT