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iKnow ISO Systems Diagram 2008

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I Know Iso Systems Diagram 2008.Vsd

  1. 1. iKnow Company, Context diagram Customer Order Request Advance payment Payment Advice Customer Invoice iKnow Company Order entry / Sales & Billing System Packed Products and Invoice Copy 3 Bill of Lading 2 (Shipping) Picked Products Finished Goods Common Carrier Warehouse RAYMOND R. KOH (ISO 2008rv3.1)
  2. 2. Sales Order Customer Mail order request Master File Master File iKnow Company, Customer Advance Payment payment Physical Data Flow advice Customer 1.0 Sales Order Credit advice Customer details Diagram Department Credit approval / 2.0 Credit acknowledgement Clerk rejection Department Supervisor Invoice Copy Completed invoice 4 (Packing copy 1 Invoice copy list) 1(Customer copy),2 Bill of (Billing copy) & original lading customer order 3.0 Shipping copy 1 Department Clerk Bill of lading File Invoice copy 3 4.0 Billing Department Clerk Invoice copy 1,2 Invoice copy & Original 2 & Original customer order customer Invoice Copy 4 Invoice order Picked products Copy 3 & Invoice copy 3 Invoice copy 3 Orders In-Process (Packing list) File Order Pending Product Price Shipped Order File list File Master File General Ledger Master File 5.0 Accounts Receivable Daily batch totals Clerk Monthly Sales Invoice copy 2 & Register Original customer order Carbon Copy Accounts 6.0 General Sales register receivable Master Accounting File File Office Packing slip, Finished Common Invoice copy 4 & Goods Carrier packed products Warehouse RAYMOND R. KOH (ISO 2008rv3.3)
  3. 3. Order Customer Requisition Master File Customer Advance Credit payment 1.0 process check iKnow Company, Advance payment request order Logical Data Flow Credit 2.0 Process rejection Credit Diagram Credit approval payment details 3.0 Prepare Authorise picking Invoice customer, billing & original order Packing invoice Picked products & invoice copy 3 4.0 Prepare Shipment Completed Order Pending shipping invoice Orders In-Process File File 5.0 Prepare Payment & Control Totals Bill of lading File Product Price list Daily File batch totals 6.0 Prepare Sales Accounts General Ledger Register receivable Master Master File Shipped Order Totals File - Master File 7.0 Reconcile Sales Register Sales register File Totals Finished Common Packed products & Goods Carrier Bill of lading Warehouse RAYMOND R. KOH (ISO 2008rv3.3)
  4. 4. iKnow Company Systems Flowchart Customer Sales order department Credit department supervisor Billing department Customer A Reviewed Customer order customer order Customer Original customer mails /sends copy Invoice copy 1 Order in- order Customer process file master file Invoice copy 2 Review Credit order check C A Product price list file P2 Advance payment Prepare D Prepare advice payment estimate advice A If credit is not approved Enters Invoice copy 3 current Prepare customer Approved credit prices Customer acknowledgement & estimated acknowledgement customer order Compare invoice copy 3 with original Prepare 4 standardised copies customer order sales invoice Original customer copy Invoice copy 1 Orginal customer copy D Invoice copy 1 Invoice copy 2 D A Invoice copy 2 Invoice copy 3 Invoice copy 3 Completed Invoice B copy 1 Invoice copy 4 P2 Daily C E batch totals Invoice copy 1 - Customer copy Order in- Invoice copy 2 - Billing copy process file Invoice copy 3 - Shipping copy Invoice copy 4 - Packing list copy P2 C F RAYMOND R. KOH (ISO 2008rv2.5)
  5. 5. Finished Goods Warehouse Shipping department Accounts receivable department General accounting office P1 P1 P1 B C E P1 F Order pending file Invoice copy 3 Invoice copy 4 Original customer Account copy receivable master C file Invoice copy 2 Monthly sales Daily register batch Invoice copy 3 Update totals Completed N invoice Pick packing list copy 3 & 4 products Invoice copy 3 Posts individual Total ledgers to Invoice copy 3 sales bookkeeping Completed Invoice copy 4 register machine packing list P1 D Prepare sales register Transmits invoice copy 3 The dashed line Prepare indicates manual bill of reconciliation of lading the batch totals Sales register file Carbon copy Pack sales register products Compare monthly Bill of lading and batch Bill of lading 1 file totals N Bill of lading 2 Resolve C discrepancie Prepare s if any monthly sales register General ledger master file Monthly sales register Common carrier C RAYMOND R. KOH (ISO 2008rv2.5)