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People looking for ways to earn extra income online find what they are looking for and much more with GR8O.

People looking for ways to earn extra income online find what they are looking for and much more with GR8O.

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  • Let us show you a list of the top 20+ this is a trend. 1 time Andrew Carneige’s, RockaFellasIndustrialisation age taught people how to even eat… 3 square meals, how to be good workers, there no supervisors, accountants, lawyers, they changed. Corporatisation then came along. Governtments owned most of the utilities, everything was corporatised to make things more efficient. It made key families around the world controllers of industries. Next what we are seeing, is Socialisation and the internet. People belief more from what they hear from social networks and asking opinions. 1 POST that started the revolution in the middle east that changed governments there…. TRUE FREEDOM is about the power of the community.


  • 1. This is a preview presentation only. GR8 Opp Pty Ltd is anAustralian website is being rebuilt and will be relaunchingJuly 2013
  • 2. 2006: 1.2 Billion Internet users globally2010: Every third person has an Internet access350,000,000New Internet usersin the last 12 monthsThis is more than 1,000,000 per dayGlobal Internet Users Statistics66 Million195 Million1 Billion2.7 Billion1995199920062013Hi,Do you have any services of creating firm multiple facebook account/profiles?
  • 3. The Social Revolution• Facebook: 1+billion• YouTube accounts: 320+m• Twitter: 505+m• Google+: 500+m• Habbo: 268+m• LinkedIn:200+ m• Beboo: 117+m• Pintrest: 100+m• Badoo: 146+m• Tagged: 100+m• Orkut 100+m• Friendster: 90+m• Qzone (China) 480+m• Sina (China) 300+m• RenRen (China) 160+m• Odnoklassniki (Russia)45+m200+ Social Networks worldwideclose to 2 billion members.Online Trends: Social Networking,Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Fundingand Social Trading are nowbecoming a real way to create anonline income!
  • 4. Social Networks built on Ad Revenue
  • 5. Spending on Social Networks!
  • 6. Do You Get Paid!Every time someone pays for aPOST to be shared with yourFRIENDS on FACEBOOK do youget PAID?Do you get paid for all theAdvertising that is shown to yourfamily, friends and colleagues onFACEBOOK and PINTREST?
  • 7. Millions are looking for an OPPORTUNITY!• Would YOU like to EARN fromPosting, Viewing and or Sharingthings that interest you?• You are most likely DOING thisalready but just not gettingPAID!• People are being paid on siteslike by people andcompanies every day to post toFacebook, Free Ad sites,Forums, Social networking sitesand even to send out emails.17 million+ monthlySearch queries forOnline Marketing,Home Based Business
  • 8. “To empowerpeople with theskills and toolsthey need tocreate powerfulresidual incomefrom online socialnetworking.”www.GR8O.comGR8O’s Driving Mission
  • 9. Headquarters in Adelaide, Australia.Established in 2008 the GR8O Grouphas shareholders from Australia withbackgrounds in:• Corporate Marketing• Social Media Management• Software Development• Digital Media• Investment Banking• Mining Resources• Stock Broking and Forex Trading• Property Development• Property Fund ManagementGR8O has its own independent and completein-house development team for all IT based inMalaysia and a Social Media team inAdelaide Australia called the Social Tree.GR8O – A Group of Companies
  • 10. We thought: Rather then payadvertising companies, Google,Facebook, Pintrest, Youtube,Twitter and all the rest thatsurely companies like ourswould prefer to pay peopledirectly anywhere in the world tohelp create online socialengagement and increase theirbusiness locally where it counts.So paying people to PostAds, paying people to Viewand Share Ads is really agr8 way to GO!
  • 11. SO HOW TO GET YOU STARTED!• You can JOIN for FREE: Post, View and Shareearn Rewards only OR• For a LOW COST become a companylicensed associate and get PAID to Post,View and Share as an online advertiser• Post, View and Share to EARN DAILY• Support us and our Advertisers with buyingfrom them with rewards and part of yourcash bonuses• Join our FREE social networks and earnadditional residual income and rewards• NO INCOME LIMITS
  • 12. The AdsRising Platform will deliver benefits to multipleconstituencies with benefits that they need and want.RewardsCashBonusesSocialReviews &CommentsDiscountCouponsAd MetricsWeb 3.0TechSocialNetworkGlobalPlatformMatchingBonusesLocal AdsEnd to EndSolutionsDriven by our Members, Advertisers, The General Public, Publishers & CharitiesCash PrizesFor Surfing AdsTo support our idea we will be launching a new initiative tosupport our businesses and others that want to advertise online!
  • 13. Advertising Merchant Benefits we will beoffering include:WE ACCEPTWE ACCEPT• Potentially lowers advertising costs• Expands Customer base• Promotes Customer retention/loyalty• Creates Brand Awareness• Increases Core Revenue• Adds an Additional Stream ofIncome• Creates A Perpetual CustomerMedicalConsultingLaw OfficeAccountingCar WashRestaurantSpaApparelFlower ShopDentistMechanicCleaning ServiceTravelReal estateEntertainment
  • 14. Click to reveal the full display advertisementwith social sharing and reviews.The GR8O AdsRising Platform is being developed tomake it easy and fun to post, view and share ads.
  • 15. You will be able to search locally for promotions andoffers that you are interested in. Targeted ADS!
  • 16. YOU will be awarded g-Coins and may win couponsor other cool things after you SHARE!
  • 17. Premier Advertisers PackageIncludes Pro AssociatePro Associate PackageAssociate PackageAffiliate$1525Packages Advertising Rebate$625 350BV$225 125BV$25750BVGet Unlimited AffiliateMarketing Licenses tosell earn from $55 persale. $1000 in PVS Pks.$388 Advertiser MembershipGET Full Access to allAffiliate MarketingLicenses and make $50each. AdsRisingReseller.GET access to allAffiliate Licensesfor only $50 each.GET Full Access to allAffiliate MarketingLicenses and make $50each.* All packages include your $25 subscription and membership fee giveyou access to all GR8O products at a discounted membership price withother many benefits.Post View n Share 5Ads a dayEarn $5 in g-CoinPost View n Share 5Ads a day 5 days aweek and earn up to$6-$12* per weekPost View n Share 10Ads a day 5 days aweek and earn up to$35-$40* per weekPost View n Share 10Ads a day 5 days aweek and earn$35-$40* per weekGR8O AdsRising Packages
  • 18. 8 + 1 Ways to EARN!The GR8O MULTI-MILLIONAIRE PROGRAM1. Individual PVS Bonuses2. Fast Start Bonuses3. Team Group Bonuses4. Achievement Bonuses5. Matching Achievement Bonuses6. Group PVS Over-Rides7. Global Reward Bonuses8. Retail BonusesPLUS: Advertiser PVS Bonuses
  • 19. AssociateBuilder PkPVS DailyMaxMax PVS forweekWeeklyPayoutYearlyMaximum$225 5 25 $6-$12 $624Work from HomeGet Paid daily toPost, View and SharePro AssociateBuilder PkPVS DailyMaxTotal PVS forweekWeeklyPayoutYearlyMaximum$625 10 50 $35-$40 $2080Income 1: Individual PVS Bonuses
  • 20. • 10% BV on allPurchasesLEVEL1• 5% BV on allPurchasesLEVEL2Nb: Affiliates also earn Fast Start Bonuses however they are paid into theirPurchases Wallet and can use the funds to upgrade their membership.Become an Associate and you can be entitled to earn Fast Bonusesimmediately. You are paid on your personal Direct Level 1 Sales andany Level Two sales also. All bonuses are paid out based on BV(Bonus Volume) awarded to a purchase. Calculated Daily paid Weekly.$35 on Pro-Packs$12.50 on Associate$17.50 on Pro-Packs$6.25 on AssociateIncome 2: Fast Start Bonuses
  • 21. To qualify for TeamGroup Bonuses you needto be an Associate. Youwill then to havesponsored 2 others thatare also Associates. 1Left and 1 Right. Whenyou have done this youare eligible to earn.SALES BONUSESare CALCULATEDDAILY and paid intoeWallets on a rollingWEEKLY basis.350BV 350BVAUD$50EARNINFINITEDEPTHIncome 3: Team Group Bonuses
  • 22. 125BVAUD$200 ($50 x 4 Steps)LEFT RIGHTTotal: 1750BVHow we Calculate: Full Payout125BV350BV125BV350BV350BV 350BV350BV350BVTotal: 1425BV350BVLeft: 1425 BV - (4x350) = 25 BVRight: Carry over 350 BVASSOCIATERight: 1750 BV – (4x350) = 350 BVLeft: Carry over 25 BVNO FLUSHING ON EITHER SIDE EVENIF THE DAILY MAX INCOME ISREACHED. ADDITIONAL SALES BV ARECARRIED FORWARD TO NEXT DAY.350BV
  • 23. Global Director:$2,500 DailySuper Associate:$2,500 DailyMaster Associate:$1,500 DailyGrand Associate:$1,000 DailyLead Associate:$750 DailyPro Associate: $500DailyAssociate:$250 DailyAchieve Global Director: 20 Direct Pro-Associates.Accumulate 5,000 Steps. Bonus $25,000Achieve Super Associate: 15 Direct Pro-Associates.Accumulate 2,500 Steps. Bonus $10,000Achieve Master Associate: 10 Direct Pro-Associates.Accumulate 1,500 Steps. Bonus $5,000Achieve Grand Associate : 8 Direct Pro-Associates.Accumulate 1,000 Steps. Bonus $2,500Achieve Lead Associate: 4 Direct Pro-Associates.Accumulate 750 Steps. Bonus $2,500Achieve PRO500:2 Direct Pro-AssocAcc 500 Steps.Bonus $2,500Earn $500 DailyAchieve PRO100:2 Direct Pro-AssocAcc 100 Steps.Bonus $1,000Earn $500 DailyAchieve PRO250:2 Direct Pro-AssocAcc 250 Steps.Bonus $1,500Earn $500 DailyIncome 4: Achievement Bonuses
  • 24. $25,000ACHIEVE GLOBALDIRECTOR in 12 monthsand GET and extra
  • 25. • You can earn Matching Bonuses on the Achievement Bonusearned by your personally sponsored Directs• You can earn this bonus on up to 2 levels of your referral tree ineach line of sponsorship• Every person you personally enroll creates a new line ofsponsorship.Level Associate ProAssociateLead Grand Master Super GlobalDirectorPREMIER1st. 5 % 10 % 15 % 20 % 25 % 30 % 35 % 20 %2nd. 5 % 7.5 % 10 % 10 % 10 % 10 % 10 %Income 5: Matching Achievement Bonuses
  • 26. Eg: You Sponsor 8 Associates that Sponsor 5 each who earn $10 in PVS per week.What if everyone in your group was earning $50 per week inPVS Bonuses… Well you would be earning close to $1million per week in Group Over-rides.Income 6: Group PVS Bonuses
  • 27. Sell one of our selected AffiliatePackages from $67• Trading Forex like a Pro• ControlYourDestiney• HomeBusinessSecrets• Facebook Marketing Secrets• Social Marketing 1 on 1• Fancoder WordPress ProtectorAnd more…………What you get:• REPLICATED Website• Affiliate Products• Lead Capture Sales Pages• Shopping Cart Processing• Direct Payment to your eWallet 14days after purchaseWhen you purchase an AssociatePack you will be given access to aselection of Affiliate MarketingSystems as part of the offer that youcan use for yourself and even sellearning from $50 per title.Income 7: Retail Affiliate Bonuses
  • 28. Income 8: Global g-Coin Rewards3% of all Company Sales BV is beingaccumulated and allocated into thecompany Rewards Program.Every time you complete a PVS, everytime you register a new person free orpaid, every time someone joins yourteam to infinite levels in the GR8Onetwork you will accumulate g-Coins.You can use these g-Coins towardsredemption of products, services, forfunding into new opportunities andmuch more. g-Coins will have a dailyconversion value given to them.
  • 29. Purchase a $625 Pro-Associate Pack and you cansell our Advertiser AdsRising Access for $388.You can earn $238 per Advertiser Pack you sell toAdvertisers and add 75BV to your team group BV.GO FULL TIME with this INCOME!How does this work:In order to have their ads posted, and or viewedand shared on the GR8O AdsRising Platfromindividuals, businesses, corporates andorganisations must purchase an AdvertiserAccess pack and also lots of PVS to use. Or theymust register with our $1525 Premium AdvertiserPack.They will be then given a CODE that they need touse to be able to create their ADVERTS and makesuch available to members of the GR8O networkto Post, View and ShareOther ways to earn:1. Purchase PVS packsWHOLESALE and Sell themRetail up to RRP 75c per PVS.Earn the Profit. Each PVS packis made up of 10 x 100 PVScoupons. Allowing you to sellin 100’s more easily to businessclients.2. Allow GR8O to help you Sellyour PVS and split anyCOMMISSION PROFIT 50:50with GR8O appointed SalesReps. Minimum profit of 25%targeted to PVS Pack holders.3. Lots will be extinguished inminimum amounts of 100PVSif sold via GR8O.4. Earn Revenue Sharing whilstholding your PVS packs forresale.AN EXTRA ADVERTISER PVS BONUS
  • 30. LotPVScostPacks 1000PVSPackBV perPackLot PVScostPacks 1000PVSPackBV perpack1 5c 50,000 $50 10 6 30c 150,000 $300 602 10c 80,000 $100 20 7 35c 120,000 $350 703 15c 100,000 $150 30 8 40c 100,000 $400 804 20c 120,000 $200 40 9 45c 80,000 $450 905 25c 150,000 $250 50 10 50c 50,000 $500 100PVS ADVERTISER Credit Packs for purchaseAs a PVS Advertiser you can earn Daily Revenue Sharing which is accumulatedfor the first 60 days. You can use your Daily Revenue Sharing to purchase morePVS Packs, to do online Shopping or withdraw it. When you purchase 5 PVSPacks you get double BV.
  • 31. GR8O will be launching its own Travel Portaland members will be able to book or REDEEMaccommodation at amazing locationsworldwide with their g-Coin Rewards.
  • 32. Get PAID to BUILD extraRESIDUAL INCOMEAs part of this programyou can get to join allGR8O opportunities andcreate additional incomeand no extra cost!We help you to BUILDNetworks that pay YOU!