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  • Hi my name is Eli Portnoy and I am the CEO of ThinkNear.When the first TV shows were starting to be made, people didn’t really understand what makes TV unique and so the first programs were just radio shows where you could see the person talking in a radio booth. It was only after we started to understand the nuances of TV that it become clear what was possible.Mobile is in the exact same place today as the early TV shows. We all understand the potential. But the fundamental question for mobile is what makes it unique and how do we leverage it.The answer is that mobile is a device that Is completely portable and people take it with them wherever they go. We use it 16 hours a day as we interact with the real-world. We use it at home during breakfast, when we are looking for lunch, and when it is raining.and this is precisely what leads to the opportunity. Knowing exactly where someone is and targeting them and talking to them based on precise and granular location is the opportunity.
  • We have the most precise location capabilities, allowing advertisers to target within 100 meters of any location. Not DMA, not Zip, Not 1 mile, but 100 meters. This level of precision allows for what we call Situational targeting. To explain it, let me give you an example: Have you ever been to NY and seen the street vendors on 34thst? They sell DVDs and sunglasses. But the amazing thing is that at soon as it starts to rain they all flip their carts over and start selling umbrellas. That is powerful and they do it by understanding where their customers are (NY City), what they are doing (walking outside) and what is happening around them (its raining) to deliver the perfect message.That is exactly what ThinkNear enables. We can help you target and message based on where your customers are, what they are doing, and what is happening around them. We call it Situational Targeting and it is exactly what Mobile is about – talking to your customers based on their real-world situation.
  • In the last 8 months we have run campaigns for some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world.I have a big announcement to make today. We have been acquired by Telenav, a public company with over $200 million in revenue!I am so excited about this because we can now combine our precise Hyper-Local Targeting with Drive-To Advertising.  What is Drive To Advertising? Telenav has developed a browser-based turn by turn navigation software that runs on any smartphone without requiring a download. So that when someone clicks on one of our ads we can point them directly to a full turn-by-turn GPS and drive them directly to your nearest location. This is not about clicks, we actually bring customers all the way to your stores. This is something that brands have been asking us for a long time. Everyone wants ROI and now we can not only provide it, but also measure it by how many people we drive to your business.So today I am announcing that together we are launching Scout Advertising, which will enable us not only to reach the right person at the right place, but also to drive them all the way to your location AND to measure ROI! Thank you very much for your time!
  • Next Wave Mobile Campaign Management & Analysis - ThinkNear

    1. 1. What makes mobile unique? The average smartphone owner spends 128 minutes, or over 2 hours, looking at their phones each day Source: The Huffington Post 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps Source: (Nielsen 2012)
    2. 2. Location At The Core LOCATION ACTIVITY CONTEXT
    3. 3. Announcing Turn left on 22nd