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Master Class C: "Location! Location! Location! Location-Based Advertising"
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Master Class C: "Location! Location! Location! Location-Based Advertising"


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The Kelsey Group estimates the US location-based ad market is growing from $135B in 2010 to $145B in 2013. The digital segment alone is growing from $19B to $32B, with a 5 year CAGR of 18%, while …

The Kelsey Group estimates the US location-based ad market is growing from $135B in 2010 to $145B in 2013. The digital segment alone is growing from $19B to $32B, with a 5 year CAGR of 18%, while traditional location-based channels will decline 4.5%.

Today, people are demanding much more localized content as they spend more time on the go, creating a great opportunity for advertisers. 53% of the on-the-go audience is willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising and 46% is more likely to engage with an ad that is relevant to their current location. Just as brands were challenged on how to "socialize" themselves in the social media space, today brands need to think about how to "localize" themselves with their consumers.

In this interactive class, David Staas, SVP of Marketing, JiWire, Inc. and the General Motors brand Buick, will help national brands build a local advertising strategy. Staas will emphasize the importance of understanding the context of a location and new technologies to leverage the exact location of every ad delivered – from latitude and longitude to venue type and even venue brand for greater context. Buick will also provide insight on their best practices and experience along with insights on proprietary location-based data.

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  • 1. Location! Location! Location!
    Location-Based Advertising
    David Staas,SVP Marketing, JiWire
    John Gasloli,Creative and Integration Advertising Manager, Buick-GMC
  • 2.
  • 3. Birth of Location Media
  • 4. We are now Digitizing Everything!
  • 5. Location Can Now Be Digitized
    Creating New Advertising Oppportunities
  • 6. Three Types of Location Data
    IP Address
    Location Context
  • 7. Importance of Location Context
    Virtually Same Point on a Map
    Two Very Different Environments
  • 8. What Does the Consumer Think?
    51% Overall
    Are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising
    Range 50% - 57% for all age group demos between 18 – 54
    42% Yes
    58% No
    51% Yes
    49% No
    46% No
    54% Yes
    Source: JiWire Mobile Audience Insights, Q2 2010
  • 9. Creating Opportunity for Location-Based Advertisers
    45% More Likely
    to engage with location-based advertising
    Source: JiWire Mobile Audience Insights, Q2 2010
  • 10. Consumers Want More than Just Coupons
    Insight Express
    Smartphone owners who made trip to store after receiving a coupon
    What location-based advertising most appeals to you while on-the-go?
    Use mobile phone in a store
    Source: JiWire, Q2 2010.
  • “Locationizing” the Full Funnel
    Branding to D.R.
    In-Store Location Solutions
    Your Brand
    • Generating store traffic from a broad footprint
    • 14. Educating about products and services
    • 15. Driving adoption of in-store retail solutions
    Nearby “Check-In” Solutions
  • 16. Microsoft
    Location Messaging
    • Location relevant message integrated into the creative
    • 17. National brand becomes a NY brand, a Dallas brand, an LA brand, etc.
    40% Higher Engagement than Non-Location Campaigns
  • 18. Buick
    Location to Define Audience
  • 19. Buick
    Location to Define Audience
    Why Starbucks / JiWire
    Location Audience: Café Demo is perfect fit for Buick Regal as Buick targets younger more affluent consumers
    Location Venue: Brand association with Starbucks. It is the company you keep; Buick looks to associate with premium, credible recognizable brands.
    Location Offer: Digital experience (free WiFi) courtesy of Buick. Give consumers something they want, that they may not expect from a brand (Buick) that they may not have considered in the past
    23% In Market for a Vehicle
    • 77% Plan to Make a Big Ticket Purchase
    • 20. 66% HHI over $50k
    • 21. 27% Plan to Buy a New Laptop
    • 22. 46% 18-34 age group
  • Fedex Office
    Location Call to Action
    Geo-Fencing Approach
    Store Locator Geo-Fenced Zone
  • 23. Consumers Responding to Location Content
    100-120% Lift in CTR with Local Call to Action
    Localized Ad
    Standard Ad
  • 24. Starbucks & Foursquare
    Local Mobile Couponing, Near Proximity
    Standard Venue Check-In
    Nearby Offer Based on User Location
  • 25. ShopKick, BestBuy, NearbyNow
    In Store Location Marketing
  • 26. Why Digital Place based Media isImportant to Buick
    Reach new consumers
    Unexpected discovery
    Give consumers what they want,when they want it, where ever they are
  • 27. Buick - Tweet to Drive
  • 28. What It Is
    Tweet to Drive turns the traditional test drive on its head bringing the experience directly to consumers at atime and location of their choosing usingthe convenience and speed of Twitteras a communications platform.
  • 29. How It Works – Chicago Example
    To book a test drive, Twitter users @ reply the channel (@DriveBuickChi) and specify a location and destination
    Facilitating the test drives are three Buick Brand Ambassadors, Chicago-bred, social media power users
    Seed opportunity to test drive with their followers
    Speak to key features of the vehicle and the latestcultural happenings in Chicago
    Participants are eligible to receive special prizes to culturaldestinations in Chicago as a built-in incentive for their drive
  • 30. Tweet & Drive – Twitter Channel
    The @DriveBuickChi customized Twitter channel serves as the Tweet toDrive program backbone
    Since program launch in July, have garnered 330 followers, and over 500 @replies
    Within first 3 days alone of our launch of @DriveBuickChi, our ambassadors scheduled 6 drives and competed 2 (@nduhoski and @chowbelle) who boast nearly 4,000 followers between them
    Each drive received favorable reactions that praised the creativityof the program to bring the car to online users on their own termsleveraging social media
    What’s next – remain in a city 2-3 months
    Move on to Austin and Philly before end of year
    Focus on key share markets in 2011
  • 31. Media Coverage / Online Discussion
    Great deal of early chatter both on Twitter as well as on local blogs and broader mainstream media both nationally and regionally
    Outlets including BusinessWeek, Chicago Sun-Times and Northwest Timeshave mentioned the Tweet to Drive campaign, as well as individual blog posts and online media praising the innovative nature of the program and citing it as another example of how the Buick brand continues to evolve, court a younger consumer
  • 32. Buick – Regal Remix
  • 33. Goal
    To create fun, cool, no pressure consumer events that allow consumers toexperience Buick in a social setting on their own terms.
    4 events successfully completed (Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago and Boston), 2 more planned for the year (Miami and NYC)
  • 34. Format
    An evening concert sponsored by Buick featuring a local band, refreshments and vehicles at an upscale location
    Vehicles are at venue for consumers to sit in and view
    NOT an opportunity to sell vehicles or generate leads, but tocreate a positive buzz for the brand
  • 35. Who Is Invited
    Use the power of Location via ThrillistNation subscriber base to reach young professionals looking to discover the coolest things to do in their city during any given weekend
    Also, reach out to professional organizations in the area
    Social media club
    Public Relations Society of America
    Local businesses
    Chamber of Commerce and top corporations in the area
    Local media to attend event including top local bloggers, news stations and local papers
    Dealers can invite their “younger” new customers and prospects, not their traditional Buick buyers
  • 36. Why ThrillistNation?
    Growing online portal with millions of members who track daily the best of what’s new their respective city
    Has the ability to manage events (ie. tracking of invites and onsite logistics)
  • 37. How It’s Advertised
    Partner with local radio channels that fit our demographic of 30-45 male
    • Invite also posted on local event sites for subscribers to see(ie. San Antonio News Express)
    For example, local market Sports Clubs
    Electronic invitations and RSVPs so it can be easily forwarded by people.
    2-3 weeks prior to event, allows for online RSVPs, and actuallytrack who shows post-event (about 50% take rate on thosewho RSVP they are coming)
  • 38. Must Haves – Location
    Upscale venue that can accommodate a concert and4-5 display vehicles
    With the Buick target, the location that is chosen to deliver our message is almost as important as the our product itself, as they see it to be an extension of themselves
    Arrange for catering at location and create a special “Regal” drink by partnering with a beverage distributor
  • 39. Must Haves – Music
    Local musician that has a large/popular following in the community
    Buick is using more contemporary artists that have a regional flair (ie. Ben Kweller in Dallas, Bob Schneider in San Antonio and Augustana in Chicago)
    Hire local DJ to play and host event prior to band playing
    Purchase the band’s CD of the performing band at a discountedprice as part of the contract to give away to attendee.
    Includes a sticker thanking folks for attending and invited them tojoin us at or at
  • 40. Must Haves – Vehicle Interaction
    Display Enclave, LaCrosse and Regal for consumers to view and sit in.
    Have subject matter experts by each vehicle to talk about features of product. Not to sell, but to answer questions.
    Buick brand representative thanks attendees for coming, introduce brand and vehicles for them to take a closer look at
  • 41. Must Haves – Thank You
    All attendees received a business card inviting them to join us at or at @Buick on Twitter. Encourages them to visit their local dealer and gives them a person to contact to receive the GM Supplier discount
    • On average, post-event Buick is attracting 200-300 additional follower on Facebook and Twitter
    For event video and photo gallery go to
  • 42. Buick – Beyond QR Codes
  • 43. Search by Sight
    See something, take a picture, learn more
  • 44. Search by Sight
    Attaching a bar code to every physical object in the world is unrealistic.
    Google’s revolutionary new technology Goggles provides a pointer to the real world, allowing you to use your phone to discover information about the physical world around you.
  • 45. Location! Location! Location!
    Location-Based Advertising
    David Staas,
    John Gasloli,